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November 13 2018

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Thread Author: STE C
Thread ID: 1712
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There are 16 posts in this thread, and it has been viewed 3550 times.
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This thread has probably been done before but ive noticed lots of new members including me joining up the last few months so i think its worth a go again. Its probably not gonna happen now ( apart from the Garou 2 rumours & KOF ) to any older or more obscure SNK titles you like but what game would you liked to have seen a sequel to during SNKs prime or even early 2000s . By all means pick a few and explain why you WOULD have liked to see it regardless of the success of the original. Its was actually not unusual for sequels to be made in the past for games that were not big , for instance Prehistoric Isle, Irems Gunforce , & various SNK titles had follow ups released for games that were not big, below is a few i would have hoped to have enjoyed

GAROU ( yes the obvious one which we all still hope for )
ROBO ARMY this is my fave of the early scrolling beat em ups & i reckon a sequel released around the time of Sengoku 3 would have rocked.
CYBER LIP a game which although is not held in high regard a sequel in the late 90s would have maybe given Metal Slug a bit of competition
LAST BLADE i know rumours exist of a 3rd game before SNK went bust but i always thought the series died to young & im sure the game would have pushed the NG just that little bit further.
there is others i could mentuion but i shall leave that to you guys hope i look forward to hearing your comments * LETS KEEP IT A SEQUEL ON NG HARDWARE ONLY* somebody can do a thread in the future on sequels on new platforms*
Edited by STE C on 18. May 2009 19:39
I want to see an all new fighting game by SNK. Would be rad.
eccentric cat
Pochi and Nyaa! It died so young, and faded to obscurity. T_T
Without love, the truth cannot be seen.
Last Blade 3... only if some of the original people were involved though!

Other than that I would love to see another AOF game but it seems very unlikely to ever happen!

I would have loved to see Garou 2 and Last Blade 3, but only by SNK of the late ninties!! and only for the NeoGeo. Especially for Garou its sad that there is only one game. A follow up would have been beautiful. But all together I am very happy with what we got Smile

I would've liked to have seen:

SVC2 and Real Bout 3

perhaps also...
MOTW2 (but RB3 preferably!)
Ninja Masters 2... ADORE the first game! It's very very good! If you haven't played it, you MUST!
and maybe a 'real' SS6 on Neo Hardware?!

There's probably more, but can't think right now and...

Yes Ste! There has been something similar not that long ago, but I think it was a poll Kaz had set-up a while back as opposed to a thread. I tried to find it for you to look at, but I couldn't find it. Maybe ask Kaz about it? Hmm

SVC2 & RB3 were what I voted for Headbang

It would be fantastic if they decided to release a new metal slug specifically for the neo geo aes and cd.
Don't mention the war! - Basil Fawlty
I always wish Snk had released a third game in the Fu'un series for the Neo Geo. With some new characters and even better graphics this could have been amazing. It would have been nice if they had brought back the plane system from Savage Reign.
Edited by merlin on 20. May 2009 21:49
I've always wondered what it would have been like if SNK had taken the concept of SNK Gals Fighter for NGPC and made a proper NeoGeo fighting game out of it. They should call it Neo Gals Fighter and it should feature many of the newer girls who weren't in the original as well as maybe a few female characters who haven't appeared in a KoF before.

Also, and most obviously coming from me, Waku Waku 7 needs a direct sequel.
Neo Beast
I just wanna see Last Blade 3 and MOTW 2 put out by snkplaymore.
I agree with STE on Cyber Lip. That game would really be improved by a sequel. Also like mojo I would like to see another game in the Waku Waku series. It would probably be a new one like how Waku was new compared to Galaxy Fight.

I would also like to see a new Nam game - maybe called Cyber-Nam 4000 featuring robots!
Mini-Reviews of films I have just watched :
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They did do a completely different follow up of sorts to Waku Waku 7 in Astra Superstars. That's cool and all, but what I want is a direct sequel with the same characters and a bunch of new ones. I have all kinds of ideas for the story and characters and once my WW7 comic gets off the ground I may eventually write the story for what I want the sequel to be. Hopefully anyway... gonna be a lot of work.
Good one Ninja RB3 would have been great although im not sure how much further the hardware would have stretched but SNK always seemed to just push things that little bit further every time. I can see why sequels to Garou & Lst Blade 2 are wanted so much i was playing them again on Wed evening whilst enjoying a fine wine, they really are the absolute cream of 2D fighting i honestly feel that I will play these games for the rest of my life.
haha...STE C that sounds so like my evenings, cause every now and then I play Last Blade, Garou and Samurai Shodown and have some wine with it Smile
Then I sit there and also think that these games will just never bore me.

I would have also loved to see a Last Blade title for the Hyper Neo Geo...
Right Yao wine & fine games its a oerfect night for me
Beer and games!
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