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February 23 2019

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Thread Author: STE C
Thread ID: 1686
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There are 53 posts in this thread, and it has been viewed 13575 times.  There's also files attached.
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The Day The Arcades Died
Wild Tengu
Not even Turd Strike can warrant a $1 credit price. I don't think there is any arcade game out there that could, especially if it's a fighting game where you can lose so quickly. Keep it 50 cents and under please.
Sounds like London has a lot to pick from for arcades... comparatively speaking anyway. Nickelworld that I mentioned before is about an hour away so I don't go often. It is a pretty cool place and from the sound of it I should be pretty happy that they have Knights of the Round. Did I mention that it's one of the games on the Freeplay wall? It costs $5 to get in, that's how they're able to have games from free. It's definitely worth the price of admission though. Next time I go I'll see about taking some pictures if I can. Granted, I know most of you guys probably won't find yourselves in northwest Ohio anytime soon, but it still might be interesting.

EDIT: And yes, $1 for a game that has the possibility of ending in 60 seconds is ridiculous.
Edited by reelmojo on 04. May 2009 14:41
Wild Tengu
reelmojo wrote:And yes, $1 for a game that has the possibility of ending in 30 seconds is ridiculous.

reelmojo wrote:And yes, $1 for a game that has the possibility of ending in 30 seconds is ridiculous.

You see, to us (in the UK) this is how we see it, not just in terms of Arcade Games but everything in the US really.

You get things cheap. Fact. Which is a GOOD thing by the way. We're only jealous. However...

To you guys a $1 to you is a 1 to us. A $25,000 a year wage is only a 15,000 a year wage to us.. which isn't great btw... BUT 25,000 a year wage here ain't bad at all really.

So to us you saying $1 is too much has two sides:
1) the so-called equivalent to us is paying 1 a go... which is steepish, but the norm really in Arcades over here (I mean, ppl pay 2.50 for a pint of beer for gods sake... that's the 'norm' and that's around $4.00 in the US!!) and...
2) to us... $1 is only 60p UK currency, which seems reasonable in our eyes. However I appreciate that to you guys, it feels like you paying a 1, err, even though it's not?.... I hope this makes sense?! Hmm

THIS IS WHY BUYING FROM THE US IS SOOO GOOD... because we walk into, say... Footlocker and see a pair of Nike Air Jordan for $100... our eyes light up! Because to us, these babies will cost us 100 back home as they, by equivalent, will only cost us 60 in the US! But to you guys $100 is like a 100 to us... so it works out well for both of us really. Same happens with 2nd hand games online too (like eBay). Someone in the UK will charge 80 for something another seller in the US is charging $100... I'll buy it from the US because 1) I'm getting the game cheap and 2) the seller feels he's making a big profit! We both win Thumbs Up (so long as the shipping isn't rape-tastic)

It's all relative I guess.

Yes Ninja is right - thats why I don't play in my arcade that much. Most games are a 1 - which is far too steep - considering you can buy most of them pretty cheap anyway!

Even playing pool or air hockey now seems to cost a fortune compared to 10 years back.

Buying stuff from the US used to be great esp when it was $2 for every 1. It was Neo Geo heaven back then. Within a year it has got really bad (the pound/dollar exchange rate). I rarely buy Neo games now:( Blazing Star i(AES) s fast becoming unobtainable......
Mini-Reviews of films I have just watched :
Mini-Reviews of ZX Spectrum games :

Real Sad

Used with the kind permission from their creator "Shiny"
I find that picture very sad is that real or is it a mock up priest it looks real to meShock
Edited by STE C on 04. May 2009 21:04
That's really sad Priest.:(

This thread's name reminds me a name of movie

The Day The Arcades Stood Still Grin

Here is the poster:
STE C and ZAKATEK: Hard to say but I think Photoshop had a finger in that pic, but agreed thats really sad:

This is the site where that pic came from, WARNING SOME STRONG PICTURES AHEAD

I give you "HELCADE"

Edited by priest on 04. May 2009 21:18

Used with the kind permission from their creator "Shiny"
Check this out, managed to get this 1 pic on its my cab that arrived today, its a bit rough round the edges but works fine. Just need to organize my games room & get somebody to help me lift it upstairs lol. Well folks i got to see a jamma cab after all , in fact i get to see it everyday now yippe time to hunt for some pcbs
STE C attached the following image:

Edited by STE C on 04. May 2009 23:18
I was at Chinatown fair (NYC) and UP (Philadelphia) six months ago or so when that SF4 thing was new, those machines were $1 each (WITH a six win limit to boot) and they had no shortage of players... obviously by now I'm sure the price is down but I think whats keeping arcades down is really something besides just price.
STE C: I like the design of your cab, it looks a bit like my ELECTROCOIN FULLSIZE NEO GEO CAB which is from the UK. Congratz on finally owning oneThumbs Up

You should replace those buttons and sticks with some new ones however. Hows the monitor are there any burn-ins? I see the coinbox cover is gone are you going to "manufacture" a new one on your own?

What strikes me as a bit odd about this cab is that the marquee in named: Video wizard
The monitor screen: Video star
and the controlpanel: Video master?

Anyway I hope that youll have fun with this cabSmile
Edited by priest on 05. May 2009 06:48

Used with the kind permission from their creator "Shiny"
Wild Tengu
That cab really needs a new stick and buttons, and the button layout needs work too. I can't imagine playing KOF on that thing.
Edited by Wild Tengu on 05. May 2009 07:34
I assume the southern seaside resorts such as Brighton, Bournmouth ect are the same but please tell me otherwise if anybody lives there.

I live in Bournemouth, and unfortunately it is the same situation. The old Sega Park arcade used to have Tekken 5, SvC Chaos and briefly an Atomiswave cab but they've pretty much been muscled out by countless amounts of fruit machines. However it's always been a shadow of its former self for over a decade. The only games really in arcades now are shooters and racers.

It looks like the competitive gaming of the arcades is starting to find a new home on the internet now with the widespread use of online play. It's always nice to see an old cab though. Cheers for showing us yours Ste C. I hope it brings many countless hours of gaming fun!

The nostalgia of seaside amusements returns once again, the joys of sunlight counteracted by darkness and then the blinding light of the post-gaming sun lol. (It gave something to do at the beach come wintertime too though)
Edited by phry on 05. May 2009 18:19
tony starks
priest wrote:
Good to hear from you again Tony StarksSmile

Im looking forward to read your future "report" from Trocadero. If its not to much to ask (and its allowed) Id apreciate some pics from the inside of Trocadero and of some of the games...PleaseSmile

No doubt I'll take some pics on the sly maybe even get some video footage if I can Cool
Starks is always out
Oh Tengu you are such a charmer , yes Priest it has a little screenburn but this is not noticable when playing games. The buttons & stick are actually in great condition as they were recently replaced by the guy who sold it to me, the game in there on the pic is an obscure rally game that i dident buy with the cab , the only pcb i have is Hexa a fun tetris stlye game that came free with the cab. Im not gonna go mad buying pcbs as im more into my MVS but Yie Ar Kung Fu & some Capcom games Black Tiger, Knights Of The Round are on my shopping list in the future. I do intend to try & polish it up , paint , new marque or stick some MVS advertising sticks on it at some point . The cost for it was 120 which aint bad really but apart from collecting MVS now im really gonna have to curb my spending as my loyal & understanding girlfriend deserves a medal ** she would probably prefer ring on her finger lol** .
Edited by STE C on 06. May 2009 16:03
I live in the 4th largest city in america and the only place to play Street Fighter IV before it hit the consoles was at least 30 minute drive. Yeah, arcades are dead and from what I seen computer gaming is also declining...a computer place already shut down in my has gotten to where you dont need to go outside your house to play games. sad really.
I met up with fellow NGFL member Powerwave yesterday in London for some arcade gaming at the Casino arcade on Tottenham Court road and had a really good time. I always heard good things about that arcade and I was pretty impressed with what I found. Darius Burst was particularly cool. The cabinet vibrates and you can play with up to 4 people. Just thought I would list which games they have at Casino for anyone who has never been. It's possible I might have forgotten a few or made a mistake. Planning to go back later in the year and hopefully a few more people from NGFL will come along too. Next time I'll try and take a few pics or make a video if possible. Still need to check out Namco Station too.

Ground Floor

2 pinball tables - Iron Man and another one I can't remember
Darius Burst
some racing game for 2 players
a Time Crisis game think it might have been TC4


DoDonPachi Dai Ou Jou
Mushihime sama
Raiden Fighters Jet
Strikers 1945 Plus
Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo
another cab with SF2 can't remember which version
Street Fighter Alpha 2
Street Fighter Alpha 3
Third Strike
Super Street Fighter 4 - six linked cabs
Marvel VS Capcom 1 or 2 can't remember
Guilty Gear XX Accent Core
Tekken 6
Demolish Fist
Chaos Heat
Mighty Pang
Puzz Loop
classic games compilation including Galaga and Pacman
unidentified pool game

YouTube Video
I was really gutted i couldnt make it but im glad you guys had a good time. I was worried about you having to wait around as well. I really hope I can make the next one. Darius Burst does look very cool - you couldnt play that at home! the multiplayer mechanic sounds interesting too.

I was also a bit shocked when Merlin told me, that the Funland arcade in the Troccadero, London has closed down. There has been an arcade there for years - it used to be Sega World and had a different name before that. maybe it will re-open under a different operator? i hope so.

Some great games there at the Casino Arcade Merlin Thumbs Up. Interesting to see they have KOFXII too. Were there many people in the arcade? Did they have any Multi game MVS machines at all?

I did make it down to Littlehampton (a very small seaside resort on the south coast) early last week and played very briefly in the arcade there. It had Mario Kart GP 2, Ghost Squad (a Sega gun game), Some kind of new Hydro Thunder Game called H2. Daytona 2001, 2 Fast2Furious, Namco link up tank game and some other gun and driving games.

I only had time to play Air Hockey and Ghost Squad. Ghost squad seemed a bit uninspired for a Sega gun - you were in a squad shooting terrorists, but it was fun for a quick game. nice recoil on the assualt rifles too.
Edited by RiKo on 14. August 2011 14:50
Mini-Reviews of films I have just watched :
Mini-Reviews of ZX Spectrum games :
RiKo wrote:
Some kind of new Hydro Thunder Game called H2...

you're referring to a game called H2Overdrive? It's a game I brought up in discussion a couple of years(!) ago. I encountered it in my Arcade Crawl I did around Blackpool's arcades in Summer '09. It was a great game actually, and the true successor to Hydro Thunder, as opposed to the 360 XBLA 'Hurricane' a year or so ago Smile

Also, are you sure you saw Daytona 2001 in the arcade? I'm NOT saying you didn't, I just hadn't realised that it ever saw an Arcade release!

RiKo wrote:
Ghost squad seemed a bit uninspired for a Sega gun - you were in a squad shooting terrorists, but it was fun for a quick game. nice recoil on the assualt rifles too.

an excellent game actually. It's certainly the best lightgun shooter on the Wii, and that console has it's fair share of great gun titles imo. In fact, it's probably one of the best gun games I've played in years - along with Raizing Storm (Arcade).

Obviously, there's no recoiling rifle or fire rate switch at home though Grin

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