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January 15 2019

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Thread Author: STE C
Thread ID: 1686
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There are 53 posts in this thread, and it has been viewed 13400 times.  There's also files attached.
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The Day The Arcades Died
This thread will probably apply more to UK members but everybody please read as we would like your sympathy. Ok this thread may have been done before but after reading the Blazblue forum i was surprised to find that other members had played the game, after some research i discovered it actually came out in arcades last year which i really should have known. I recently had a day trip to Blackpool ( the biggest seaside resort in the North of UK & was once the gamers holy land) if any non UK members were wondering , and despite going in all the major seafront arcades i was unable to find even 1 jamma cabinet or 2d game. The latest game i found was the new Afterburner & Rambo ( dedicated cabs) which is fine as they are there to make money off casual gamers. I had not been to Blackpool in 18 years which i know is a long time but recall neo geo & 2d games were everywere.I realise that times have changed and i was not expecting to find much , but to find not 1 cab in a major seaside town was heartbreaking. I very much doubt that even 1 Blazblue coin op exists in the UK unless somebody can verify. I assume the southern seaside resorts such as Brighton, Bournmouth ect are the same but please tell me otherwise if anybody lives there. Tengu & Raiken are enjoying Blazblue ( lucky sods lol) but our first play will be on our consoles. Arcades are now sad places here in the UK all bandits & quiz machines, we would love to hear about what things are like in other countries.
What about Trocadero in London? When I was in England a couple of years back they had several candy cabs. Things might have changed since then.

Good to hear that you are doing your part in preserving the JAMMA cabs in England since you are getting one, STE CSmile

In SWEDEN you rarely stumble across an arcade worth mentioning much less an actual JAMMA cab. I guess there are some arcades in the bigger cities but unfortunatily the cabs are often badly maintained since the owners often lacks the interest / lacks the knowledge to service and repair their cabsReal Sad
Edited by priest on 03. May 2009 10:51

Used with the kind permission from their creator "Shiny"
Wild Tengu
I am not enjoying BlazBlue. There are no arcades near me that carry the latest games, plus it's impossible for me to enjoy BlazBlue because I hate Arc System Works gameplay mechanics. Pfft

Arcades are just about as dead in the US as the UK. But seriously, fuck arcades. They are too EXPENSIVE these days. Way too expensive.

Console gaming ftw.
Easy answer for you Tengu if you aint enjoying Blazblue then dont play it ( and mind your language) myself & im sure other members love Arc games and will no doubt be enjoying the game very much come June. Maybe i m showing my age Tengu but arcades were great places in the 80s & early 90s i suspect a lot of people like me got bitten by the gaming bug the first time they entered one which for me was Blackpool 1979 YES i was only 5
Edited by STE C on 03. May 2009 11:04
Wild Tengu
Arcades were great in the 80's and 90's, because they were cheap and everywhere. But now, unless you live in Japan/Latin America/Asia/Big City, just not worth it anymore.

Emulation and consoles = Win.
Its not about winners or losers Tengu this threads about me being interested in the state of arcades worldwide and receiving some informative feeedback like what Priest has done.
Edited by STE C on 03. May 2009 12:45
The arcades near me are pretty pitiful. There's one called Nickel World where everything costs a nickel and there's a whole wall of games set to Freeplay. That place is really fun but there's no way they're ever going to get anything new. They mostly have older games like Knights of the Round and X-Men. I think Tekken 3 is their newest one.

Other than that there's a mall with a few machines in it, but it's all DDR and ticket machines. I don't even go in there anymore. I actually know of two different restaurants nearby that have NeoGeo cabs set up in them. One with Metal Slug and Super Side Kicks, the other with Metal Slug 2. When I have the money I plan on talking to the owners and seeing if I can buy either one of them.
Hey Guys!

Like Priest has already mentioned, the Arcade scene still exists in 'down south' in places like the Trocadero and Casino arcades. I'm also know that there's a dedicated fighting scene there too, with a large group of guys playing all manner of fighting games on a regular basis. A lot of these guys (from what I can gather?) are tournament level players. It's good to see that there's still an enthusiastic arcade scene... even if it is only in one part of the country (UK).

AS FOR MORE MAINSTREAM ARCADE GAMES... no doubt there will be the latest & greatest knocking about in places all over the UK (like Coral Island in Blackpool - stuff like TCrisis4, Rambo etc) BUT as you say Ste, no Jamma/MVS to be seen I'm afraid. TRUTH is, the new generation of arcade could've-beens don't want to play old 2D games... they want big nxGen 3D games. Which you don't really find in the Arcade.

As games have 'evolved'(?) so have the children playing them. Kids today surely aren't interested in playing stuff like Shinobi when Halo 3 & Fable 2 exist. If you will, 'actual' games are in pretty short existence nowadays. The PC got the ball rolling in my opinion, followed by the PS1-era. Consoles turned their attention to PC style games (and indeed console style games too!) by reinventing everything in 3D or making PC ports, like Wolf3D, Doom, C&Conquer etc. However the consoles could never really truly keep up with PC gaming - especially in terms of expandability and graphics. NOW in particular, having the 360 & PS3 really just feels like playing on a consolized PC. Everyones gone graphics and hours-length mad, and sadly, 'games' seem to be nowhere in sight nowadays really, save the few here 'n' there. Actual games are resigned to XBLA or PSN or indeed, the occasional Wii, DS or PSP release. I can probably say the PS1 & Saturn knocking out near-arcade perfect conversions probably didn't help much either (Games like the Tekken & Ridge series on PS1 and Capcom, SNK & SEGA conversions on Saturn) as ppl would probably just wait for the console releases of the games.

The casual arcade gamer is nowhere to be found in the current generation of gamer, save the occasional individual, like our member ATOMDUCK for example. He's a 15/16yr old lad still at school who has a very VERY respectable taste for old school gaming of all types, most notably, NEOGEO games,a rare breed indeed! The world needs more gamers like him Clap

AS WITH QUITE A LOT OF THE MEMBERS HERE... if you want the Arcades, you have to have your own, in your own home... unless you live in Japan or London of course. No doubt the US will have it's Arcade hotspots too!

I love arcades and all the arcades here are closed Shrug But i think here (10 km away where i live) are still a few arcades but only open in summer. I should go there i think they got some mvs and cps games i can take some pictures too.
Atom is also very good at Blazing Star!

I was in Bournemouth couple of weeks ago. I wasn't really in game mode - seeing as it was so sunny and the beach was so nice. Its not really as good as it used to be. It has always been a big Sega Arcade down there, and it seems a bit run down now. they have Daytona, Time Crisis 4, Tekken, HOTD etc. I have some photo from there from a few years back, but i don't really want to post them. A friend took the photos and she thinks she is a bit arty, so she took all the photos from weird angles, and some of them end up being upskirt shots - which is a bit disturbing.

I have been to Littlehampton as well a couple of months back and it has a few arcades too nothing very good just the usual Fast and Furious and HOTD (again!) , Ghost Squad, Daytona. It was interesting - all the people in the arcade were playing the slot machines - not the games.

Have a nice arcade in my home town near Guildford - which is Sega arcade - I was telling Ninja other day - Ferrari 355 (3 screens), Manx TT, House of Dead (again!!), Daytona (2 player), Outrun 2 SP (2 player), Ghost Squad, Time Crisis 4, Island of Spice, Sega Race TV, DDR, Fast and Furious, Silent Hill and some other games I forget. Did used to Afterburner Climax hydraulic cabinet, but hardly anyone played on it, so it went. I play on it when I pass through since it is on the way to the pub, but most games are 1 a go, which just seems too expensive. I mean my copy of Xbox Outrun 2 cost me 3.75, it is nice to play in a cabinet sometimes.

I was in Brighton end of last year and they had a Sega Star Wars racer machine, which was great for me cos I never played on one before. tekken 5 was there too. and Crazy Taxi - which was great to see. Afterburner Climax was there too.

Apart from that like people say - London - has The Troccedero (has 2 or 3 floors and a bar) - haven't been for a year, but I played a couple of 2D shooters, Raiden was one. Has Virtua Fighter 4, Puzzle Bobble and an obscene amount of Outrun 2 machines. Great DDR players there too and Bemani - gets a lot of Japanese visitors. I like the Aliens light gun shooter too.

Also in London is Namco World - when last went had tekken 5, Chase HQ - new version, Outrun, lots of Namco games - was only there quickly because someone was waiting for me. Its next to the Aquarium right near the Millenium Eye (the big ferris wheel)

Kaz knows a secret arcade in London where there are Metal Slug machines, can't remember where it is. There's quite a few slot machine arcades with a few arcade games mixed up with them like Initial D games and similar.

Was in Blackpool quite a few years back but the arcades were awesome then. Had big 18 wheeler machines, HOTD games, Time Crisis.

Best arcade expience ever was in Troccadero (before it was Sega World even) when I was showing a French person around, and I managed to slyly get them into the arcade. They had all the VR machines then, but best of all they had a full size Ridge Racer machine with the full size car you sit in and the huge screen. You can't imagine how amazing that was then! There was a crowd of people - probably about 30 all standing watching in awe! I recently read how expensive that set up was - I don't think they sold many.

Arcades are dying - games look better at home - people need something spectactular to get them to the arcades. Outrun 2 seems to be the most popular out of all the games. and people will always love DDR and light gun shooters,

Mini-Reviews of films I have just watched :
Mini-Reviews of ZX Spectrum games :
Blackpool does have a lot of the usual suspects HOTD series Outrun 2 ect which are great games , but i was really looking forward to playing Sega Race Tv which looks fantastic but it was nowhere to be seen. Riko did you have a chance to play it whats it like dude. Its not that Blackpool or any of the mentioned seaside resorts don't have new games because they do, its just the fact that not even 1 jamma cab was there is what kinda shocked me. I did enjoy playing my old faves like Daytona 2 Sega Rally ect and really enjoyed the lonely Afterbuner Climax , christ remember when you had to que to get a go on games like that. I know that new 2D games are very rare and would probably not make any money at seaside arcades but it would be interesting to know how profitable that arcade is were these tournament hardcore fans play as im sure the operator would not keep his 2D games there if he wasn't making a profit off them. I would love to see pictures or vid footage of that place and im glad to hear that it exists it gives a little hope. But good point Ninja i suppose when you look at our ages most of us are 24+ apart from young Atomduck i suppose we are a dying breed as we recall just how much fun arcades once were and most people under that age were probably brought up on PS1 ( the day the consoles caught up) . What i really miss is playing new Sega & SNK coin ops and knowing that a very good conversion of that game was on its way to my Saturn , Outrun 2 is great on Xbox but whats the chances of Sega Race Tv coming to PS3 or Xbox ** zilch chance** it was a surprise that Virtua Fighter 5 made it but i suspect that could be the last arcade conversion. What the fu*k am i talking about we got the new KOF & Blazblue coming in the summer its just a shame we couldn't check them out first in the **ARCADES** lol
No I haven't got round to playing it yet - I'll give it a go next time I pass through. I haven't really heard much about it. I think they should have made AfterBurner a full 360 cabinet like G-Loc was - that used to have massive queues - probably more for the novelty. Actually that was in the Troccedero many years ago - see arcades used to be exciting then!

Someone told be they have an F-Zero GX cabinet in the Troc now sometimes, but not all the time - I'm not sure why they would take it out! maybe it gets worn out. There was a Mario Kart Arcade (last year) there too actually if there are any Nintendo fans out there.

Looking forward to KOF too! Grin
Mini-Reviews of films I have just watched :
Mini-Reviews of ZX Spectrum games :
I know how you feel STE C. I feel exactly the same. I have fond memories of going to the arcades in the 90's and really miss them.

If possible I would highly recommend you make a trip to Japan in the future. Of course there are loads of reasons for going there besides playing games but the arcades in Japan really are incredible! They are numerous and also larger than I would have imagined. You would love it there! It's easy to find older games there too.

With regards to the UK well they are very few decent arcades around. I don't know of any close to where I live.

I'm very interested in going to London for a trip one day to check out some of these places that Priest, Ninja and RiKo have mentioned. I have been to the Trocadero but that was a very long time ago when it was Sega World. I've heard that they have Guilty Gear there. Also Namco World sounds worth a try. The Casino sounds like it could perhaps be the best of all with Cave shooters and BlazBlue and other fighting games. RiKo I think that arcade Kaz mentioned was just off Oxford Street but I've never been there so don't know if it's still around or not. When I make a trip to London in the future I'll take a note of all the games they have in these places and post about it in the forums.

As a big fan of the Afterburner games I really really want to play Afterburner Climax. I remember RiKo said they have it in the Trocadero so hopefully it's still there.

Reelmojo I wish I had Knights of the Round in an arcade near me! That would be awesome!

Recently the Ninja told me about http://www.neoemp... which I had never heard of before. It's a UK forum for fighting game fans. They meet up for tournaments sometimes and go to arcades too. I could be wrong but I think they play Guilty Gear at the Trocadero. I'm quite excited about this forum because it's a way of finding opponents in games like Guilty Gear, Hokuto no Ken etc. I might have to practice some more first though because I think they are pretty advanced. They have some forum threads which discuss various UK arcades. Thanks Ninja for telling me about this site. Thumbs Up
Edited by merlin on 03. May 2009 17:24
Anyone in UK played KOF XII in UK? There are videos on youtube taken from UK arcade.
Thanks for posting that Zaktek i suggest anybody who lives in London search the area, and good on Ninja for sharing that site with us it looks very good not sure if i would fancy meeting up with them guys i suspect they are in a different league to me in terms of gaming skills. I unfortunately live other side of country so its not an option for me to visit London at present , if i won the lottery this weekend i would have bought that Taito arcade board & a copy of the new KOF rented a swanky hotel for you guys and invite you all for a session. Mojo i like the sound of that nickel arcade Knights of The Round is a game i play lot fantastic. Im really enjoying reading the feedback on this forum maybe il do another one titled ( When did the rot set in) i suppose it could go back to even 1988 when the Pc Engine had its gobsmacking arcade conversions such as R-Type & Vigilante thats probably the first time i believed in arcade quality at home when i saw them in CVG . I remember when i got my Jap Megadrive xmas 89 and felt really smug after leaving the local arcade with my pals knowing that my copy of Golden Axe was in the post & they would be playing it at my house rather than the arcade the next week. Immature i know but i remember feeling very powerful at the time because after years of playing poor conversions on 8 bit computers the arcade had now came home.
Edited by STE C on 03. May 2009 20:46
tony starks
Great thread STE C Smile

I know I have not posted in a while but seeing this thread made me want to post my two cents. Yes indeed arcades are in decline , though there are a few places you can go if you are lucky enough to live in London like myself. There is a Blue Blaze cab in a place called Casino in central London, check out this thread for the details:


@ Priest, yeah Trocadero still exists, I think I'll have to go down there sometime and give you guys a report on what they have. I remember places like Blackpool and Margate used to be arcade heaven in the 90's but I guess things have changed.

@ Tengu Arcades may be expensive but you can never beat the experience Headbang
Starks is always out
Good to hear from you again Tony StarksSmile

Im looking forward to read your future "report" from Trocadero. If its not to much to ask (and its allowed) Id apreciate some pics from the inside of Trocadero and of some of the games...PleaseSmile

Used with the kind permission from their creator "Shiny"
eccentric cat
Wild Tengu wrote:
Arcades are just about as dead in the US as the UK. But seriously, fuck arcades. They are too EXPENSIVE these days. Way too expensive.

Yes, because everyone knows 1-4 quarters are oh so hard to come by these days. Roll Eyes

Unless you're buying the actual cabinet, I don't think you have to worry about prices.
Without love, the truth cannot be seen.
Wild Tengu
I'm talking about the price of the cabinets. You seriously think arcade operators/owners want to spent $16,000 dollars on a Tekken 6 cabby?

Also, when I played Street Fighter 4 at an arcade (Which probably ran the operator up a good $10,000 dollars I bet), it cost $1 for one game. Thats BS.
Edited by Wild Tengu on 04. May 2009 11:37
I actually agree with you this time Tengu to pay $1 for a game on the overrated SF4 is to much SF3 on the other hand is a different kettle of fish and well worth $1 and i don't even know what a $ is worth now against the
Edited by STE C on 04. May 2009 12:03
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