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January 18 2019

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Thread Author: Will
Thread ID: 1676
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There are 4 posts in this thread, and it has been viewed 2651 times.
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Super Feature: Dress up Neo characters
There is a super feature I think would suit the site and give members a thrill and amusement. It would be nice to add a flash, a java or some other kind of game on the site where you can dress up various characters (both males and females) in certain clothes. For example Mai Shiranui is revealed in her classic clothes but she can be changed to other clothes (even men's clothes and childish clothes for a twist). The list of features are by my suggestion:

Headwear: Hat, Hood, Tiara, Crown, Headband, None.
Hairstyle: Pigtails, Ponytail Princess, Plaits, Curly, Frizzy, Original hairstyle.
Makeup: Eye Liners, Lipstick colours, Blushers, Remove makeup.
Neckwear: Pendant, Necklace, Charm, Bauble, None.
Hands: Gloves, Gauntlets, Knuckledusters, Rings, None.
Top: Shirt, Sweater, Trenchcoat, Anorak, Sleeveless shirt, Bullet-proof vest, Original Top.
Bottom: Trousers, Shorts, Boxer Shorts, Miniskirt, Skirt, Original Bottom.
Legs: Bracers, Tights, None.
Feet: Just socks, shoes, trainers, high heels, boots, Original Footwear.
Accessories: Umbrella, Belt, Badge, Carnation, Carnival Mask, Feathers, None.
Full Suits: Tuxedo, Wedding Dress, Army Uniform, Cop Uniform, Bikini, Original full suit.

The idea of the game is that you create Neo-Geo characters moods and change of portrait. Anything short of indecency and its a good game. You could make other female characters than King (Art of Fighting) looking like men. If you're wondering why I added gauntlets and bracers is simply because they are armour pieces that Wolfgang Krauser wears. Such a game could take months even years to develop but, pictures of different clothes the characters wear would be nice.Wink

So what do you think?
Sounds like an original idea Will. I can see it could be pretty amusing. Choosing from your suggestions I'd like to see what Geese Howard with pigtails, lipstick and wearing a tiara, necklace, anorak, miniskirt, tights and high heels looks like! Grin

The only problem is I'm not sure anyone here has any experience of implementing an idea like this and it would like you say take a lot of work.
I'd like to see Mai in a cop uniform with a whip. Terry definitely needs some more looks too, since he has spent most of his career in red cap and denim. He could go punk for a year, and shave his head maybe.

It might be cool to ninja-fy some of the characters, and to have masks.

You have put a lot of thought into this Will. I think you should have tatoos and piercings as options too.
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Just out of interest if you go on youtube & type in J.C Chasez Blowin' Me Up (with Her Love ,you will see the former N-SYNC member dressed up in this 2004 pop video pretty much identical to Terry( half way through vid mind). hes maybe a SNK fan but one thing for sure hes a complete Kn*b you wouldent catch Terry in a boyband. In fact does anyone dare to start a new forum ( what 4 SNK stars would you choose if you were a record company starting a boyband ) i dare some one
Edited by STE C on 25. April 2009 18:23
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