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August 21 2019

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Thread Author: Atomduck
Thread ID: 1671
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King of Fighters!!!... Shoot em' up game??
Wild Tengu


DS and celphone games are a HELLUVA lot cheaper to develop and bring to market than a fighting game. It's quicker, easier, and less riskier, all befitting such a (now) small time company. Don't get me wrong, I'm with you on the playmore hate. The only game they ever made that I think I like was XI. And the whoring out of their intellectual properties in the form of endless collections has got to change in favor of actually making decent (and new) software. But who really cares how many pachinko games they make (and make money off of, for sure) when those sales are what's keeping the company afloat? I seriously doubt it's their console/arcade gaming department.
If you don't know where you're going, any road will take you there.
Basashi King
any chance we can exterminate some of these f*cking bot parasites?
Basashi King wrote:
any chance we can exterminate some of these f*cking bot parasites?

On it. Been a lot of them recently...
Kusanagi, Orochi Iori, Omega Rugal, Goenitz, Orochi Yashiro, Orochi Shermie, & Orochi Chris seem to be enemies. Orochi Saga storyline anyone? I'll bet Orochi himself is the final boss. Also, this post wins the award for most usage of the word "Orochi."

New videos:
YouTube Video

YouTube Video

YouTube Video

The third video is interesting in that it seems to be showing a versus mode of sorts. It appears that in this mode characters can build up attack bars (the circle around each character) by killing enemies and once the bar is full they can attack each other. For example, Kyo attacks Athena about 25 seconds in by placing a big fireball on her. Looks interesting to me. I never thought about how to have a scrolling shooter with competitive multiplayer (unless you count just playing for score).

Also, I wonder if Goenitz is going to be as big of a bastard in this as he is in SvC Chaos. Angry

EDIT: Preorder the PCB, anyone? Unfortunately there's no pricing information so I don't see how they expect to get too many preorders.
Edited by reelmojo on 25. November 2009 00:09
I'm a big fan of shmups, this look pretty bad. It seems very slow (What's up with the very slow bullets and the downright cataconic enemies) and the graphics (both from an artistic and technical point) are very unispired. SNK would be better off making a sequel to uh, Bermuda Triangle.
looks decent if u ask me Headbang
Two links for your viewing/playing pleasure!

Official Site - All sorts of stuff here.

SkyStage Blog - Obviously it's in Japanese, but still worth checking out because there's a little Flash game on the side! Fun to play for a bit, and it even has an ending!
New trailer with clips of all playable characters and even a few bosses.

YouTube Video

Personally, this trailer makes me anticipate the game more than ever!
Wild Tengu

Also, Mai's new voice is horrible.
I can add is that Rugal looked and animated in quite a cool fashion. The use of special moves is cool (and should be expected to be included anyway), especially the Genocide Cutter. I also like how his projectile 'sphere's' either side of him is the Globe from KOF 95! Cool.

well, my opinions haven't changed. Even without the so-called KOF inclusion, it still looks terribly generic... generic being something that SNK(P) ARE NOT famous for. From that 'end' screen it would appear that SNK are not actually developing this either. I saw the MOSS logo, which would indicate to me that their developing it. Considering what Raiden 3 was to the series (Raiden, 2, DX, Fighters series) I wouldn't expect much from this. Raiden 3 was mediocre at best.

I do appreciate that (for some reason?) PPL are looking forward to playing and enjoying this game. It's just not for me (and I'm a KOF nut and a Shmup obssessor:( )

Basashi King
saw it in the arcade tonight and only had time for a quick credit - it was a laugh though! ill write again when i play it some more!

i chose terry (had to - first go n all) but i feel he may not be the best character.
Awesome! I'm looking forward to hearing more feedback.

Damn, I really wish arcades were still alive in the US.
Basashi King
heya mojo, i had a chance to give this another quick play today.

as before, i died on the second level - i really am cack at shooters, and therefore not really the best bloke to give you the lowdown!

this time i chose kula diamond as her attacks have a wider blast range than terrys - i was surprised to note occasional slowdown though, when the screen got crowded with bullets.

there do appear to be two modes to select - each time i selected what i presume to be the default one - it has some kind of speech bubble icon next to it; as i wasnt with the missus i couldnt translate all the kanji and just wanted to get on with the game.

3 buttons are used: the first is for standard bullets - just hold it down and youre away. the third button is the standard bomb attack that clears the screen - each character has a slightly different animation, of course. the centre button is connected with the three guage power meter, like the ones we know from the fighters.

concerning the meter, when you hold down the button, it cuts off the standard attack. quickly, the bar will begin to fill. when you release it, the special attack is launched. regarding kula, her level 1 attack is an ice rock that is pushed out just in front of her, which will destroy bullets and inflict damage. her level 2 attack is a giant snowman, which lands on the screen and scatters bullets radially. the level 3 is a spikey, multi - directional ice attack.

i chose kula because the other day i saw a player who looked pretty useful with her. terry seems stronger however, although im not familiar with his special attacks.

the boss characters are from the kof series, of course; characters such as ryo and geese make cameos as icons which can be shot at for points.

i spent most of my all too brief gaming time today on sf4 and then samurai shodown zero (which i want to buy after payday!), but the skystage is a laugh and i hope to play it more next week.
1st Super Tobalman wrote:

That's what I said... or was it 'Gash'?

Thanks Basashi! The special attacks sound very interesting to me. And I'm glad you picked Kula because I'm sure that's who I'll pick first. I don't know what it is about her exactly, but she's definitely one of my favorite KoF characters.
I dont wanna see too much of this game because of its release on xbox live arcade but it looks awesome! I love it where there is barely any room on a shooter for you to move lol...They tried this kinda thing with Tatsunoko vs Capcom but that is really bad lol hope this is better

No release date for xbox live arcade yet?
Klarkus wrote:
I dont wanna see too much of this game because of its release on xbox live arcade but it looks awesome! I love it where there is barely any room on a shooter for you to move lol...They tried this kinda thing with Tatsunoko vs Capcom but that is really bad lol hope this is better

No release date for xbox live arcade yet?

I know this thread is dated, but you'll be happy to hear that it's now available for XBLA. 800M$pts.

And its really kinda good, English Story/Text/Voices, but the En. Voices may cringe to some people, Although you can change it on the dashboard for JP. Voices and such, and the difficulty is rather tame, so yeah.
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