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October 17 2018

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Thread Author: merlin
Thread ID: 1661
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Unreleased Neo Geo games
So basically, the "news", if you can call them that, were just a ploy to expose the lies of Chris and Dion? I thought that was already done years ago.
I was pretty disappointed when I found out there was no ROM, would have been fun to play a pinball game on the Neo. Razoola mentions a usenet upload in the same thread, turns out to be a conversion of Final Romance 2 (Neo Geo CD > Neo Geo ROM?). If anyone without usenet access wants it, send me a PM.
I did enjoy reading that thread at Thumbs Up

I thought it wwas weird people got so excited about that game anyway- i mean its unfinished. yes it would be *nice* if it was released but not amazing.
Mini-Reviews of films I have just watched :
Mini-Reviews of ZX Spectrum games :
As some of you probably already know there has been a bit of news recently about Ninja
Gaiden 2. Nothing to get all that excited about yet but I thought it was worth a mention. Shou, a well known PCB collector, found out from an ex-employee of Tecmo that the location test version is backed up:

So I had drinks with someone who worked at Tecmo back in the day, after much alcohol, it was revealed that they threw out a bunch of classic stuff during a power outage one day including an Argos no Senshi belt used for promos!

However, I did get that the Neo Geo game is backed up but only accessible by PC98s. Since I have a PC98, I've asked to see if I can recover the code....

Also 'Shito' mentioned that the game was on location test in July 1994 at an arcade called 'Conan' in Ochanomizu, Tokyo. Some text translated by Shito from a blog:

This is related to the arcade version of "Ninja Ryuukenden", but in summer '94 a location test was held for a secret sequel, in the form of a NeoGeo title. The game contents was that of an ordinary scrolling action game, but Ryuu Hayabusa was in leather jacket and jeans, sword attached to his shoulder hips, sporting someway the look of an 'older buddy' (an image just like Hayato, the Dragon Might protagonist); with a MaoMao-like female character (a famous idol), and something like a macho soldier, the contents had been driven in a direction of mood the was in the total opposite of the original title (smile). I'm sorry to say that since the game balance (meaning: damage level) was terrible, (the game) went just to be shelved as it was, yet it's puzzling that "Eight Force", that was on location test at the same time, despite being totally bashed apparently made it to arrive in actual sale.

I was recently in a Mandarake store in Nakano Broadway and saw Warlocks of the Fates on
display. I wanted to take a photo but there were two members of staff very close to where the display cabinet was and I heard photos aren't allowed. I wonder if we will ever get the chance to play it.
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