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January 22 2019

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Thread Author: STE C
Thread ID: 1651
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There are 12 posts in this thread, and it has been viewed 3751 times.
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Negative vibes off your hobby
When i got my first Neo Geo in 1992 ( AES which i had to sell a year later) it caused a very negative response in my family, let me explain. At the time i was working in a sawmill , my brother had got me the job previously as he had also worked there. I hated the job but was kinda trying to stick it as i was saving for AES until i realized that I had accrued nearly a years holiday pay. This sounds crazy but i worked out that if i resigned from my job my holiday pay owed to me would just about let me buy a AES outright. So rather than waiting i just quit without having another job , got my holiday pay and bought a AES with Fatal Fury for about 599 ish. It was JAP so it would not work on my old portable so I went and bought a new TV same day, this was back in the day Panasonic portables were 300+ but i still have it and the pictures great. My brother was informed by my parents about what i had done and duly confronted me with the words * you little fu**er i got you a good job and you left and spent 600 quid on a daft computer thing you should be out chasing girls you pufta** he was drunk at the time and gave me a headbutt for my trouble. Has anybody else ever had a negative NG experience , maybe losing a girlfriend or going to,prison for debt ect
Edited by STE C on 12. April 2009 12:53
Ha ha! Love your story. Just had to share my exploits throughout my life where my gaming has got me in grief. The best occasion was when I bought myself a mega-cd which I tried to hide from my parents, I used to play it and afterwads I would hide it under my bed, this would have been about thirteen years ago when I owned about four different systems, 3do, snes, megadrive, game gear, lynex etc... and my parents were well stressed with my choice of hobby and my decision to spend all of my sainsburys wage on my gaming habit. the mega cd was kind of a final straw, me and my dad had a massive row, which ended in him calling me a wastral for about two weeks,I remember him spitting whilst arguing with me about it, he wouldn't talk to me either for a week either, I didn't recieve any violence however. Do you know what... sonic cd was worth every minute, oh so was final fight cd.
Wow, what shitty reactions you guys got for just buying and loving your consoles. All it did for me was, getting an addiction (maybe a bit more like an obsession) that costs a lot of money.
My arcade stuff

"ph'nglui mglw'nafh Cthulhu R'lyeh wgah'nagl fhtagn! Ia! Ia! Cthulhu fhtagn!"
Well, my roommate made fun of me when I first told him I bought a Neo Geo. He said I could've bought a 360 with that money. That would've been a stupid decision if I would've done so. If I bought a 360 the only game I would play on it would be Pac-Man Special Edition, ha ha.

Then when he didn't recognize the Neo Geo and I told him it was an arcade motherboard which has been turned into a console, he made fun of me for that, saying I should've bought the console instead because it was more collectible. When I compared for him the price of just one of my games, Metal Slug X, for the arcade vs for the console, he reluctantly agreed that maybe it was better that I got the arcade version.

Today when he told me that I shouldn't have bought Disney's Pinocchio because I could've just downloaded it, I pointed at my Neo Geo cartridges and I told him that I have already copied every single one of my Neo Geo games and I still wanted to buy them. He said that was "retarded."
STE C: You prove that collecting / playing NEO GEO is a way of life with that storySmile

david414e: Yea this sounds a lot like my youth.

Ghaleon: I understand what you mean and think you made the right decision buying the Neo geo instead of the "360" Thumbs Up

My story:

I especially remember when I bought a Sony Playstation: Ever since I laid Eyes on the first RESIDENT EVIL / BIO HAZARD game I knew I had to get me this game and a Playstation. So I saved up the money and secretly without telling my parents went to the gamestore and bought these things.

When returning to my home I had to sneak the things into my room. Luckily at that time I already hade some consoles so my parents didnt really keep track of my collectionSmile

I have never gotten myself into an aggressive argument with my parents because of my hobby. Its just that like most parents they thought that their kids spend too much money or time on the games.

So I guess Im making up for this now as an adult and buys all the "toys" I want and can affordWink

Used with the kind permission from their creator "Shiny"
Very interesting stories. Thumbs Up

I always enjoyed videogames since I was about 8, my parents were not very keen on me playing on them really, it was always noticable I never got any games for Christmas or birthdays after a certain age.

Something which really affected me was that we got this game Citadel the the BBC Micro, and I think I got it on Friday and I just played it constantly all weekend. On Sunday night I felt sick and whenever I shut my eyes all I could see was the game. I didn't sleep that night and I remember walking to the bus stop (for school) on Monday morning feeling sick and still seeing the game. I vowed I would never play a game obsseseively like that again. I never did. I am kind of pleased I had that experiene because if you're not careful to you can find yourself 'having just one go' but actually enjoying it anymore, but you keep doing it anyway. I guess that's addiction.

Something funny was that one of my friends wanted to buy an N64, when he was still living at home. He bought it and then asked me and another friend to pretend we had bought it for his birthday! just because he knew it would p*ss his mum off. He must have been in his early twenties then.
Edited by RiKo on 26. April 2009 13:39
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It was interesting reading about your experiences guys.

STE C it's pretty funny you gave up you job to play Fatal Fury. I like it! Thumbs Up

I never really had that much in the way of negative reactions but like many people I guess my other family members did say I was spending too much money and time on games. When I bought my first AES console in 1994 they did think it was a pretty crazy thing to do. I had to buy a new TV at the time too and the total cost including World Heroes 2 was around 630! It definitely seemed worth it to me though.
Dead Tea Master
Hey all,

None of you know me. I've haunted around this site rather infrequently for the past six months or so. I'm not sure why. I think it started when I became utterly obsessed with The Last Blade and Last Blade 2. I never had any intention of signing up and posting here. I just revisit now and again to look things over. But this thread seemed too fitting to pass up. I've got a story to share, and while I still play a lot of NeoGeo (Last Blade and Metal Slug religiously), this negative experience comes out of my PlayStation gaming hobby. Hope that qualifies.

About ten years ago I fell in love with a girl, and she with me. We were both just kids then, not even in our twenties. In reality,I guess we weren't always happy together, but my memory always fools me into thinking otheriwse.

I remember we once spent a whole Summer playing Final Fantasy 8. Now I know the Final Fantasy franchise is big, and so maybe you already know, but as Ghaleon stated above that he'd only use a 360 to play Pac-Man (crazy NeoGeo diehards Smile), I'll assume some don't know that the games are intricate RPGs usually featuring a love story, and FF8 had a love story a bit more central to the plot then some others. Well we played it all Summer long. I worked nights at the time, but when she would come over I'd stay up as long as I could into the afternoon with her, playing. The sun would spill in through the window and we'd lay in it, loving that game. I'd eventually succumb to sleep in that warm sun, but I'd wake up now and then with her laying over me; she'd be fixated on the screen with her jaw half dropped, trying to figure her out her party setup or something. We made it last all Summer, and it's probably one of the happiest memories I have, but it's equally as sad. After some five years she broke my heart.

I don't much mourn the loss anymore, time's passed, but damned if I can't ever play Final Fantasy 8 again. It's too sad. Again, we weren't always happy together, but the memory of the time we played Final Fantasy 8 is so beautiful, that it's just too sad to experience again, knowing now that it's gone. And I can't help but experience that memory again when I play that game. Though Square Enix (the Final Fantasy publishers) has pretty much managed to rope me in as customer for all the other Final Fantasy titles, because after having real love get tangled up with a fictional love story... well it's like a misunderstood kid who picks up a copy of The Catcher in the Rye. I relate to, and am sucker for, it. Just so long as it's not VIII. That hits too close to my heart.

Sort of long post, but it'll probably my one and only, so I hope it was manageable. And thanks for letting me wander through my memories via this thread. Damn Final Fantasy 8.
Edited by Dead Tea Master on 26. April 2009 22:57

Persecuted for your love of gaming eh? I've never really experienced anything quite as extreme as some of these case (family fall outs etc). I suppose I've made some fairly negative gaming decisions which WERE right for me, but not for others... for example:

The Megadrive!
I had one of those friends who had everything on release. 'We' didn't have that kind of money, so I was always in the backseat and had to wait to 'update'. My Mother always tried her best to keep me up to scratch with my friends interests etc. To be honest, she never failed (clothes, technology etc). However she couldn't fund games & consoles etc mid-year and I had to wait either for Xmas or Birthday money to buy anything.

My friend got the MD on release. We played it a lot. I only (only?) had the C64 at this point. The MD was a significant leap in Arcade quality games at home. As a kid you go home from your playtime and go on about how you played Altered Beast, Alien Storm, Sonic etc 'at Marks'. Over time she'd take this on board. By Xmas the following year, sure enough, I too was fortunate enough to be graced with a shiny New MDrive, L.E. box-set with Sonic AND Streets of Rage! Very nice indeed.

But what did 'Mark' get for Xmas?
Thats right. He got a SNES with SF2 and SMWorld didn't he? This of course created a dilemma for me. After playing on this beast with its glorious, responsive 6 button pad and the mighty (never played before) SF2... well, I was SERIOUSLY blown away! Maybe next Xmas for one of those then? Or maybe not...

'Anthony' who lived down the road had been bought a SNES for Xmas (with the Scope 6) and had made his feeling known to me that it was indeed the MD he wanted. Hmmm... I told him I wanted his SNES and in exchange I would swap him my MD. After all, it was a fair swap! I told my Mum about how I felt and that I NEEDED a SNES like a spoiled brat etc etc and she allowed the exchange. Now 'I' was happy. To be honest, the SNES for me, was the way forward so I have never looked back... until later in life

Particularly when I brought it up in conversation with my Mum, in jest, years later and she explained that she had gone to massive trouble to locate a MD back in the day, as they were near-impossible to locate that near to Xmas, especially with SORage. She also explained that she saved up throughout the majority of the year to ensure that I would have what I wanted for Xmas, and in turn, of course, giving her pleasure in the knowledge of my receiving the console I'd been dreaming of. After learning this of course, I was pretty crushed really. As a kid I just took everything for granted. I wasn't brought up that way, I think it's simply because of the kind of friends I had around me, they wanted for nothing. My Mother did her best to keep up with that. I can only imagine and appreciate how difficult that must've been. Only with age could I really comprehend what she must've felt when I told her that her Xmas gift wasn't good enough for me??! I'm sorry Mum :(


NeoGeoNinja: *Hugs* to your kind motherSmile

...Friends cant live with them and you canbe without them...Whoever owns the most things when he / she dies wins...etc...Wink

Used with the kind permission from their creator "Shiny"
Ninja i really feel bad for you about your Mother ouch, you would have had more fun & pleased your Mam if you kept the MD i was always a Sega man. And Dead Tea thats a great story about FF8 & broken hearts i had a girl in 2001 who i was crazy about and she watched me enjoy and complete Shenmue 1-2 as even she was fixated by the games, i still think about her a lot as ive never had another girl since whos really been into gaming , although my current one is a diamond , my ex she was a special girl
Edited by STE C on 27. April 2009 20:05
Welcome to the site Dead Tea Master - feel free to post a thread about yourself in the Arrivals/Departures section - hopefully you will stick around Smile

Great story. I was reading a letter from an old magazine (Arcade) last night and the guy was complaining that he had no sex life because his girlfriend only ever wanted to play Sonic on his Dreamcast for hours at a time. Hoping to get some favours from her he was buying her games. Then she went to university in a different part of the country and he was sending her games still! He was like her Dreamcast pimp but was still getting no love:(

Ah Ninja - I feel bad for your mum now too:( I remember the days at school when me an my friend Chris both had Amiga's and then the Megadrive came out and he used to have this mad rows with the Megadrive owners about the Amiga being better. I told him to leave it Smile It was all about sound channels and number of colours etc - even though it was the good old days peoples were just as obssesed with Gfx, and flashy music then!
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