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October 16 2018

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Thread Author: GeeseTheDuck
Thread ID: 1639
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There are 6 posts in this thread, and it has been viewed 1970 times.
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Kyo or K' Dash
The Orochi arc main man or The Nests arc main man?
I'll go with K' based on style and the fact that he eats beef jerkySmile

Damn, i forgot to put a poll.
Edited by GeeseTheDuck on 05. April 2009 00:05

I'm gonna have to go with K'.

I'm a Kyo Man myself, BUT only in 95, 97 & as his alterior 'Kusanagi' persona in later titles through to 03 & beyond (thats right SNK... you should NEVER have changed him so dramatically!) I also 'happily' play as Kyo as a prime pick in 03, NGBC & KOFXi too... lately they made him much more playable than his NESTS iterations... even if the NESTS outfit totally rocks, I struggle at times with perfectly inputting his 3 hit strings at times and I can get frustrated at times (no buffering I think 99-02?).

I also play K', but only lately have I really 'got' him (thats right... 10yrs after his debut Roll Eyes ) I always saw him as a bit of a Sol Badguy-esque characters, and my friends tended to play him that way as a Ken/Sol kinda character. After experimenting with him more since receiving 02:UM I have realised his potential for both offense and maybe more so, defense.

TO THE POINT... I have NEVER been happy with the fact that SNK have never settled on a specific style for KYO... as the 'main man' I have always found this an undermining factor for his character. KYO's constant 'evolutions' have always pissed me off! EVEN between 03 & XI they had to change him AGAIN... FUCK he was perfect in 03 too! PLUS they killed him in 97?? Then chickened in 99 and quickly got him & Iori dropped right back in. They should've dropped Kyo, not Iori and brought KYO back in 03 ONCE they were finally settled on a style and moveset for him. Ah well...

IORI has always been solid (always, since 95!)... only NOW in XII have they decided to alter him... heh... this maybe a mistake as no doubt he too will now become one of SNKs guinea pigs, but lets hope not!

K' again has always been the same... I LOVED the fact that SNK realised that by 03 he needed a re-draw to address issues (I found anyway) with his core fighting style - like the 10year roundhouse for example... Ryo still has that problem now BUT I kinda respect the fact that they stuck with it, weird I know (the move connects on the wrong frame! It needs to be more like Takumas close-standing HK really)

Robert Garcia, like Kyo, has always frustrated me how they couldn't stick with just one iteration... By 03, IMO they had genuinely cracked it with Robert... he is absolutely AWESOME in that game, but alas, that game alone unfortunately as NGBC & XI saw him take yet ANOTHER form, again good, but it's NOT Robert - I did not like him between 99&02 - for a start the stance with the bouncing medallion knocks me sick! 94-95 & 96-98 were fantastic... WTF happened for 4 years!!

So yeah... based on history and politics, NOT player character preference...


Edited by NeoGeoNinja on 05. April 2009 13:38
Wild Tengu
Forget that arrogant bastard Kyo and screw that lame homo K'...

It's all about KIM KAPHWAN. He'd teach Kyo and K' a lesson or two.
What about Ash?


Okay seriously now. I always liked the fact that Kyo changed all the time. That's one of the reasons I love SNK, they're not afraid to change things up a bit now and then. Think about it, the main complaint against Street Fighter 4 is that it's more of the same (plus Focus). I can't disagree with that! Look at Ryu and Ken all the way back in Street Fighter 1 and they still look exactly the same. How many games have they appeared in now? There's a reason I play as Sakura more than anyone else in SF4, because I never played as her much before so she feels a bit new still.

SNK avoids this by changing the look and feel of some of their most popular fighters all the time. Kyo and Athena are the two most obvious examples of this and it's not a coincidence that they're two of the most popular characters. I look forward to playing as new Iori in XII because as someone who's played as Iori since KoF '95 I welcome the change of pace!

With that said, I pick Kyo over K'. K' is still cool as hell though.
I still find Ash strangely attractive - maybe I should be worried. lol

I have to go for K' because I have almost never played as Kyo. I thought he looked pretty cool in KOF02 in his white jacket but in some of the earlier games he looks like a bit of a girly kid. I think its the floppy hair with the headband that does it.

K' can pull off wearing a whole leather outfit without looking gay (nothing wrong with being gay of course - just saying its an acheivement), and he is very aggressive with awesome fire attacks. He also makes KOF01 have an incredibly awesome box cover, and he makes the 02 box look pretty good as well.

So yes K' for me Smile
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Hmm this is an interesting topic indeed. And darn! I thought I was the only duck in this town! Smile

As much as I like Kyo, I think K' wins by a slight margin in my opinion. I tend to use K' more than Kyo.
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