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September 21 2019

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Thread Author: merlin
Thread ID: 1636
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There are 114 posts in this thread, and it has been viewed 65535 times.
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Wild Tengu wrote:
There was nothing special about Battle Fantasia's characters really, alot of them were pretty cliche I think, just a bunch of RPG rejects. KOFXII's characters though, they have been around for years and are alot more developed and fleshed out, and they were pretty unique back in the day, and SNK manages to keep their characters fresh with their gameplay. I mean just compare Ryo in KOF94-95 to how much he's changed in 98 and then how much more he developed by XI where his movelist changed a great deal and became capable of new combo's. Not many developers out there change their characters around that much (*cough* Capcom *cough*). Then we have the new Iori, a much anticipated change for such an old character that never changed much.

I will give BlazBlue a chance this summer when it gets released and I get my next-gen console, however my expectations for it are very low because it's an Arc Systems game. I want to like Arc Systems fighters like Guilty Gear and all, but I just can't get used to the feel of the game or their mechanics.

That's fair enough Tengu. I hope Kof XII lives up to your expectations. I understand Arc System Works games aren't going to appeal to everyone. The gameplay feels so different to any Capcom or Snk game and I guess it feels strange for people used to those other company's games. Also because Arc games tend to be fairly complex and require a big investment of time that probably puts people off too. Something like SFIV is much easier to get to grips with. Well at least you are going to give BlazBlue a try and perhaps you'll have fun playing as Takaoka.

I will be trying Battle Fantasia for the first time this week and really look forward to that.
New footage from the US console version:
YouTube Video

Nice footage Reelmojo. I think the boss V-13 is pretty cool.

It's only a little over three weeks to go! Grin This is the most excited I've been about a new game for a very long time.

Here's a nice 5 round match video of Ragna vs Jin:

YouTube Video
merlin wrote:
Nice footage Reelmojo. I think the boss V-13 is pretty cool

TO ME...
V-13 looks like a cheap ass... sorry!

merlin wrote:
It's only a little over three weeks to go! Grin This is the most excited I've been about a new game for a very long time.

Heh... not feeling this myself if I were honest. I'll buy it and give it a go but I won't stick with it for the sake of it. Roll Eyes

This is ALSO the most excited I've been about a new game for a very long time... NOT BlazBlue...

King Of Fighters XII!! Headbang

Im really hyped up for this game along with KOF XII this should make up for the lack of decent next gen titles
All of these great new fighting games coming out this year... it really feels like the 90's again. BlazBlue, KoFXII, Tatsunoko Vs. Capcom... and those are just the big name ones!

It's possible that I'm more hyped up about KoFXII than BlazBlue, but BB looks incredible. I fully expect to be horrible at it due to my inexperience with the Guilty Gear series though, so online play is going to be a massacre at first.
Two weeks away and I'm freaking excited already. I did just pick up Guilty Gear Judgment to help hold me over though.

The other day I had a BB wallpaper on my computer and my girlfriend read it and asked "What's Blaz Blue?" The thing is, that's exactly how she pronounced it. Not Blaze. Blaz. Which begs the question... how is it actually supposed to be pronounced? I've always said "Blaze Blue" but obviously there's no reason from the spelling alone that "Blaz" is incorrect. I've never actually heard anyone say it out loud unless I said it first (like at Gamestop, where I was then asked what kind of game it was by the fucking manager).

I'm pretty sure that even if it's Blaz, I'm gonna stick with Blaze because it sounds better... and blaz is not a word.
That's an interesting question Reelmojo. I have to admit I've got into the habit of pronouncing it in the same way as your girlfriend. However I think it's supposed to be pronounced 'Blaze' and most people I think say it that way.

Interestingly if you look at the way BlazBlue is written in Japanese they haven't included a katakana character to add a 'z' sound so it's written like it would be pronounced 'BlayBlue'. I wonder if people in Japan all say 'BlayBlue' rather than 'BlazeBlue'. Hmm

I can't wait till BB comes out. My plan is to spend at least 3-4 weeks practicing the game intensively offline (with Jin and Noel) before playing online. I'd recommend people to check out the Dustloop forums because there is a colossal amount of BB strategy information there.


E3 HD trailer.

My plan is to play it constantly for exactly one week, then try out KoFXII and decide which one I want to get into deeply first. Hopefully the differences in play style will make it easier to learn both games simultaneously. I haven't picked a character yet because I see no way of really knowing who I'll like until I play it. Sure, Arakune looks awesome but I don't know if his play style will suit me yet.

And that video makes me wish there was a BB anime series coming out.
I think today is the official release date in Japan for the console versions with the US version being released on the 30th June. Only about a week to go before I get my hands on it. Grin

Here's the full version of the great opening song from the console versions.


BlazBlue cosplay.


Very nice cosplay there.

My friggin PS3 decided to break 3 days ago(fucking piece of shit). It'll turn on and everything but it no longer reads any discs(just sits there with the load bubble forever). Luckily a friend of mine who is currently abroad said I could borrow his till he gets back. Personally I'm pretty excited to try this along with KOFXII.
Anyone got the game already? My pre-order has been shipped and I can't wait to play it. Grin
That sucks about your PS3 Raiken. Like with Reelmojo that couldn't have come at a worse time. One of my friends has exactly the same problem in that his PS3 won't read discs. I hope this is a rare problem.

Not received my copy yet but it should be arriving in the next few days. I am VERY excited about it. I think even my cat is excited about BlazBlue.
Just picked mine up. The packaging is amazing...

I also dropped off my 360 at UPS, so the wait for the return of my console begins.

I'm anxious to hear how good the net code is.

EDIT: When Gamestop called me to tell me it was going to be in today the automated voice pronounced it "Blaze Blue" so that's definitely what I'm calling it now.
Edited by reelmojo on 30. June 2009 19:12
Got this game (after one day of shipping, pretty good Gamestop!) and played some versus matches, a bit of arcade and some online. Maining Ragna at the moment, and I also like to play as Jin (though I don't like to play Ky in GG). I might get into some other characters too (Noel).

I like how the game is a big homage to Guilty Gear in some sense, but still plays different. The graphics and characters are awesome and so is the music.

Also the artwork book is great, gonna check my bonus disc when I have the time.
Wild Tengu
**** BlazBlue

YouTube Video

Just Arc Systems being obnoxious with their shitty broken gameplay mechanics again.
Edited by Wild Tengu on 02. July 2009 04:42
Wild Tengu wrote:
**** BlazBlue

YouTube Video

Just Arc Systems being obnoxious with their shitty broken gameplay mechanics again.
i agree it's crap to me it's just another guilty gear with new fighters in it i went to gamestop yesterday saying that it is a sequel to it.
Wild Tengu
Won't stop me from buying this game still though.

Just gotta be smart not to get caught in something so stupid.
wow...this is awesome in HD...I like this game.

someone play me.
Edited by ROBOTRON on 02. July 2009 21:50
Fight Like A Robot!
I don't really see what the big deal is with that Carl 'infinite'. Looking at the comments on that video people are saying that it's hard to do and also it's possible for the other player to break out of it.

I predict when you start playing this Tengu you'll have a great time especially with Taokaka. Burning Punch it really is a great game you should give it a chance. I can understand it's not going to appeal to everyone so if you disliked Guilty Gear you might not enjoy it. The game does not play exactly the same as the GG series though.

My copy finally arrived today! Grin It's every bit as awesome as I remember it. I'm just messing around on the easiest difficulty setting experimenting with different characters. Noel is definitely going to be one of my two characters and I'm going to choose which my second one will be over the weekend. Possibly Rachel Alucard. I'd say out of all the Astral Finishes her's looks the most impressive.

Robotron I'll gladly play you once my offline training is complete.

YouTube Video

Edited by merlin on 03. July 2009 04:10
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