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May 27 2019

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Thread Author: reelmojo
Thread ID: 1623
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There are 106 posts in this thread, and it has been viewed 65535 times.  There's also files attached.
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Samurai Showdown Sen
Black Shroud
New exciting news: Console version of Sen updates character models with glitches in real time. Observe J's feet: http://www.youtub...GA#t=1m51s
SNK finally managed to make a game that delivers just in every aspect Clap
Edited by Black Shroud on 26. February 2010 13:16
And yet another (yes, another) vauge update, SS: Sen is now up for Pre-Order in the States at the MSRP for $49.99 and a suggested release date of 3/30/10. Hoping that this may be true, or it may be pushed back?


What do you guys think?
NeoStrayCat attached the following image:

Edited by NeoStrayCat on 27. February 2010 05:25
is he invisible because hes feet disapiered or its just me?
Black Shroud
SNK Playmore Press Release

“The SAMURAI SHODOWN series was a pioneer in the weapons-based fighting genre when it first took arcades by storm over a decade ago, and will now be bringing that same kind of innovative spirit as the series is reborn in 3D with online play."

The Samurai Shodown Sen was a pioneer in bringing arcade operators closer to bankrupcy when it first took arcades by shitstorm over a year ago, and will now be bringing the same kind of derivative spirit as the series will struggle in 3D with usual crappy netcode. Nothing can save you from what is becoming a grim reality. Abandon your hopes and dreams. Prepare you wallet. Samurai Shodown Sen comes. The date - spring of 2010. The platform - Xbox 360. The end of Samurai Shodown you know.
With love, SNK Playmore.
Edited by Black Shroud on 07. March 2010 08:13
LoL, SNK Engrish! Grin

And on top of that SNKP finally updates their site with the one look from SNKP JP.
Edited by NeoStrayCat on 07. March 2010 08:22
3-D would've been cool... 15 years ago. Additionally, they're behind a decade re. the online aspect.
YouTube Video

Doesn't matter if its good/bad, I'll still play it, I've played the Anthology (Not including the HNG or the other 3D SS.), but I'll have to try this out for myself someday.
Edited by NeoStrayCat on 31. March 2010 17:39
Black Shroud
Giantbomb site has a "great" quick lookup of Sen.

For those who would like to download it instead of watching on site, heres the direct download link

Btw someone should rename the thread, as the "Edge of Destiny" name was dropped before release.
OK Shroud, you've got your request done and done.
Edited by NeoStrayCat on 05. April 2010 01:28
Edited by bojan4o on 05. April 2010 19:09
Black Shroud
Courtesy of GameFAQs

rockstar28 wrote:
IGN gave it a 4.9. when did i start enjoying bad games?

i guess bad games are the new cool thing, if titles like deadly premonition and samurai showdown sen have anything to say about it. but i would say a lot of gamers are living in the past in regarding fighters. the samurai showdown series has always been about depth as any other fighters from the past. ever watch videos of street fighter 3 or king of the fighters where 1 combo can literally destroy you. i truly wish i had that much time on my hands to learn that stuff but unfortunately i don't.

nowadays companies are sacrificing depth for accessibility, which i find is not a bad thing. even alot of rts games and rpg's are catering to the quicker, faster, get to the point gameplay. i find samurai showdown sen, an extremely fun game. how people are coming to the conclusion that this game is crap is even beyond my comprehension. i could understand if the games fighting engine was slow, unresponsive and difficult to fight, but its not. i have played some battles with friends and talk about some epic fights. i even took a shot online and won a few matches with no clue what i was doing. that to me is the mark of a successful game. because somewhere down the line, i will figure out what i am doing and kick butt as i play it more. but how many people have played a game, where you first turn the thing on and got whooped to the extreme by someone who eats, sleeps and breathes a game and the only way of ever standing a chance is to sacrifice living a normal life(girlfriend, job, guitar, etc) by memorizing fighting game jargon- d,qc,a,x,u,abcedefg, etc.

the only downside is the load times which isn't really all that bad. the samurai showdown on the live arcade is slow to load too, but that must be an snk thing. i turned on samurai showdown 2 which is suppose to be one of the best in the series to be slow, and really ugly to look at nowadays but thats where the depth lies beneath, i guess. its a fun series but man i forgot half the move lists as i played so many fighters over the years.

get a couple of your casual gamer friends over and see how long the samurai showdowns of the past stay turned on. i have tried it and not very long as the controls take a long time to master. when i game, i like to play them with friends. wheres the fun in a game if everyone can't pick up and play it.

i would say that one game that got it right is the new street fighter 4. its pretty accessible but deep enough for the hardcores. but the truly hardcores got fortunate from a game like blazblue which is massively deep. i don't even go online in that game as i tried it a few times and as soon as i got hit once in the air, i don't think i touched the ground, till i was dead. its a fun game but wow....this game was made for the tourney types.

i give SSS a 8 out of 10. yeah its not the samurai showdowns of the past and its not trying to be.its a bloody fun fighter. everybody hated the king of the fighters: maximum impact series as it was a button masher but i loved was fun. same as the bloody roar series which i still think they should bring back, as that was fun too. the key word is fun and thats what games are about people.

wow, long winded post. i need a coffee.

What do you think about arguments in the post I quoted? It seems after 10 bad and no-fun games Samsho franchise is finally on the right track? Roll Eyes
Edited by Black Shroud on 06. April 2010 15:35
Well that depends on the person.
Black Shroud
I repost one of my Gamefaqs posts, because I think some people may be interested

I'm having trouble figuring out where the Lesphia Kingdom came from. Since Golba wants to use the Lesphian army to take over the whole world, I would imagine that Lesphia would be a large or powerful enough kingdom that it would've been mentioned in another game before, so why is this the first that we're hearing of Lesphia.

Lesphia was introduced in Sen only. Its supposed to be located in Europe, but Golba is a veteran of American War of Independence, thats why his arena and army are located in USA. Golba first weakened countries around the world with various exploits, and then aimed to conquer them, but he needed Suzuhime's sword as symbol of Lesphia's ruler (to become one), thus hunt for Suzuhime. He is also her uncle and the one who killed her parents but you probably know that already.

Theres a list of events regarding Sen, which can be found here:

And also summary regarding Golba's actions around the world:

To put short, it says that Lesphia kingdom is a small country in Europe, which faces the sea. Since Golba's brother became the prince chosen to be the future ruler (apparently the king - their father - was still alive then), Golba tried to make a coup d'etat, but it failed. Instead of being executed he was exiled from country, hence he came to America and became an officer in american army. During that time he managed to gather some amount of people under his command and also formed an assassin organisation of which Angelica is a member. Next Golba assaults brother and his wife (Suzuhime's parents) during their sea voyage which leads into the events of Sen. Golba retreats back to USA after failing to obtain Suzuhime's sword (without which he cannot rule Lesphia). As he also wanted a strong military commander for the Lesphia nation, he also wanted to lure some strong warriors and so arranged most of events mentioned in Sen's characters storyline intros. During that time he also weakened countries around the world using his military connections and various tricks.

Golba's objective is to protect Lesphia, then supply it with military power and then conquer the Europe. This is because his participation in American War of Independence made him believe that creation of such powerful nation can become a menace to Europe. Golba does not pay much attention to Asian region since Europe is his main interest.

(The japanese author also states that he thinks putting such boss as Golba in SS series which have many japanese characters is a glaring mismatch)

Sen's storyline is pretty much seperate from the other games, so no. It also takes place during the same time period as The Last Blade, so all the characters jumped ahead a half century or so!

Timeline goes like that:

Main one: SS1-SS3-SS4-SS2-SS64-SSAZ-(skip 20 years forward)-Shinsho(PSX game)
SNKP one:
-Insert SS5 before SS1
-SS6 is alternate universe based on SS1-2-3-4-5 events
-Insert Sen shortly after SSAZ. Sen is not connected to either storyline aside of miscellaneous things (Kazuki already being separated from his clan, Sogetsu aiming on being his clan leader, Ukyo already witnessing Kei marrying other man, etc)

So basically
1786 - SS5
1788 - SS1, then SS3, then SS4
1789 - SS2
1789~1790 - SS64
1790 - SSAZ
1791 - Sen
1811 - Shinsho (PSX game)
1863 - Last Blade
1863 - Last Blade 2

Thus we see that Sen and Last Blade games are not exactly located in same time period.

Isn't J supposed to be Lesphian?

Suzuhime, Claude, J and Golba are Lesphians storyline-wise.
Black Shroud wrote:
Suzuhime, Claude, J and Golba are Lesphians storyline-wise.

the clarification and breakdown of the plotlines behind SSSen 'Shroud.

Like you say, seems that there is a heavy dependency solely on the new characters, Golba and Lesphia. Also, based on what you have said regarding the other SS characters, and they're role in SSSen... it sounds as though, in a round about way, SS has gone a bit 'KOF' on us... would you agree? Also, being a 'Lesphian' is a bit odd... considering we refer to a homosexual woman (here in the UK at least) as a 'Lesbian'!

Well, hope these new characters can live up to their grand new expectations!

Also, I was intrigued to see that the SS storyline suggests/implies that SS5 is indeed BEFORE SS1... *just clicked* as it is called SSZero I guess. How confusing! It makes sense though now, as to why it isn't as good as 3 or 4 Pfft

eccentric cat
I never realized SS64 was that far ahead in the timeline, I always thought SS2 was the latest in the timeline. o.o
Without love, the truth cannot be seen.
Black Shroud
Even after SSAZ OVA where you saw in flashback Amakusa and Mizuki first, that giant black ball with eye in Mizuki's stage second, then it cracked or something, and arrival of Yuga third?

Also SS64 specifically states that Mizuki's demon dog was created by Yuga, and later after Mizuki's defeat it brought a piece of Haohmaru's flesh back to Yuga, which allowed the creation of the male Deku
I picked up Sam Sho Sen earlier this week. I've played a fair bit and I can honestly say its not as bad as I'd heard it was and was much better than I expected. I kinda went into it blind, seen a trailer or two, but didn't really follow it, but knew I'd buy it when it came out, if you follow me. Its has a very different feel than I was expecting, as its more "realistic" than a typical sam sho, it still has the dragon punch style commands, and some quick back- forwards + an attack button to start some combos. The new combo system is very far removed from any sam sho before it.

Once you sit down with it tho, many of the things that make a sam sho game feel like sam sho are there in feel and game play. There are no fireballs for the most part, some light exceptions, but you won't be getting into fireball wars, that's a promise. For example, ninjas have kunai attacks and the sub boss has a gun. What is kinda interesting is that when Haohmaru/ Genjuro does his/their dragon punch attack, he doesn't jump 30 feet in the air, instead its more of a"realistic" jump and still recognizable enough that you can tell what the moves are. Everything is much more of a subtle affair. More so than the game its being compared to, the very flashy Soul Calibur. I put the quotes on realistic, cause fighting with swords and getting hit more than once with a clean katana strike would = death, but to compare it to traditional sam sho it is the best way to separate the two games.

I find the Soul Calibur comparison strange (on the surface, they are both weapon based fighters in 3D) as they are very different in pace and speed as well as game play, sure they both share horizontal and vertical slash and a kick button as well as a throw (throw is Y button on 360 and Soul Calibur has a block button, while you still pull back to block in Sen) , but otherwise couldn't be more different in actual game mechanics. Sen is much more deliberate and Soul Calibur, while at times it can have a similar pace, is a much faster more mashy experience ,like tekken, I only say that cause every time I've ever played tekken or soul calibur online,I know there are huge move lists, combos , parries, throws etc, but I see people with hundreds of fights under their belts do the same moves over and over, mash , mash , mash!!! But I digress... In Sen, you still have your rage meter and can do a desperation finishing strike , done with a half circle toward and the A + B buttons. Galfords dog still shows up for some attacks and shows up in win poses, but isn't beside him all the time, so it is still very much a sam sho game, just taken in a more "realistic" direction for the series.

The game looks fine graphically, yeah it doesn't look all super shiny its not as pretty as soul calibur or cartoony 3D like SF4, but still looks ok. More than playable. Sure the games look is slightly dated, but it doesn't look like a ps2 game, like I've seen mentioned here and there, but it shows it wasn't made this year for sure. I think the backgrounds look good as do the textures on the characters clothing for example and has clean and smooth animation as there wasn't anything that made me go WTF?

If you a "fan" of sam sho, you should dig this game, if you are an insane "fan" person who hates the genre they claim to love or sam sho 2 is the best and nothing will ever be as good as that game is in your head, well I can't help you.

To you I say you are missing out on a solid game, not amazing, but if you enjoy fighting games and are not stuck in the mid 90's you could do a lot worse than this. Not that there was anything wrong with the 90's.
To everyone else who has a 360 I'd say check it out.

But that's just my opinion.

Man, I could have just went deeper and reviewed this lol.
Edited by Bullet on 10. April 2010 04:54
Bullet wrote:
...if you are an insane "fan" person who hates the genre they claim to love or sam sho 2 is the best and nothing will ever be as good as that game is in your head, well I can't help you.

LOVE this X

Bullet wrote:
Man, I could have just went deeper and reviewed this lol.

YOU pretty much did Grin

for the overview Bullet. Based on what I have read about your background (here and there) and your preference for Tournament level combat... and loads of other stuff along the way, I trust everything you've said there/here.

I for one have never played Sen, but beforehand, I was also confused about the Soul Calibur references. It just didn't add up to me. In truth, I sort of had SSSen pegged in my head as some sort of 'good' Toshinden... if that makes sense.

Anyway, regardless of the fact I will never own this game, cheers for the insight... I'm sure the guys here will appreciate it Thumbs Up

Black Shroud
The word "realistic" would be ok if not for those insane long juggles in Sen. It has loggest juggles and most unrealistic gravity out of all samshos. "Toned down" seems to be the right word now.

Kunai arent "real" projectiles, they are "fake teleport then attack area 1 step ahead of you" moves. The only fullscreen projectiles are Draco's bullets, Galford's dog, and Hanzo's exploding dragon projectile (which is something used very rarely, being a rage technique in a game with uber short rage duration)

Also, I dont like implementation of elemental effects, which are all merely effects on normals. Galford, Kazuki, Sogetsu, Haohmaru etc just punch/slash with elemental effects. Compared to previous games, this just feels a very poor attempt to display characters' powers.

Dragon punch attacks all have neutral motions in them, like in Tekken; so they are not too user-friendly.

Soul Calibur comparison comes from "vertical slash can be sidestepped; horisontal slash can be ducked under" type of gameplay that Sen has, add there lack of decent jumps and ranged game, and abundance of juggles and game formula seems very Namco-ish. Sen even has (many) just frame attacks right out of SC.

Rage implementation is poor as well. It removes actual multi-feature Rage Explosion mechanic from all previous games - in favor of manual activation of Rage dubbed "Rage Explosion". Although manual activation adds some strategic element, actual duration of Rage in game is very short compared to others (5~6 seconds).

Game has no weapon flipper/desperation etc moves per se, instead having "Rage Techniques" which are analogous to Rage Enhanced special moves in SS4-64-AZ, and are basically bonus moves you can only access while raged, which do not drain rage even if they connect, and do not flip weapons. Their is further confirmed if you look at the stuff characters do as their Rage Techniques. Charlotte does Rage-enhanced version of her Splash Fount, Galford - of his Plasma Fist, Genjuro - of his Triple Linked Hack, Haohmaru - of Kogetsuzan (yes technically Tenha Fuujin Zan used to be a super in previous games, but its still a multi-Kogetsuzan), Hanzo - of Explosive Dragon fireball (always was a usual move and not the super), Nakoruru - of Annu Mutsube, Ukyo - of Snowfall Slash, Wan-fu - of Whirlwind Slash, etc.

All in all, since many gameplay elements were removed and characters (and their abilities) are not as different from each other as in previous games, gameplay of Sen is univerally recongnized as less deep and more shallow, yet easier to get into, and you can master a character faster than in previous games. Removal of some things was just weird, like the removal of nearly all Sogetsu's abilities (aside of teleporting)
well i was going to buy 360 just for this game and kof XII and kof XIII well i am still going to buy it just for those games no matter what the others says
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