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December 11 2019

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Thread Author: reelmojo
Thread ID: 1622
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There are 19 posts in this thread, and it has been viewed 4837 times.
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Guilty Gear series.
So I bought Guilty Gear X2 #Reload a long time ago, played it for a few minutes and never touched it again. I just couldn't get into it for some reason. Lately I've been eyeing Battle Fantasia as the next game I'm going to buy but being made by Arc Systems I was afraid it might play a bit like Guilty Gear. I've read that it's much closer to Street Fighter style gameplay than anything else, but if any GG got in there would I still like it? So I decided to load up GGX2#R again to see how I feel about it now. Once I found a few characters whose move sets I liked I found myself really enjoying the game. Right now I'm only playing as Sol and Jam which fans of the series probably could have predicted since they have move sets that wouldn't be too out of place in Street Fighter.

I have to commend Arc for trying new things to keep the 2D fighting genre alive. Some may not like the air dashing + long combos style gameplay, but to me it feels like a fresh change of pace. GG won't replace any of my favorite fighters, but I'm still having fun with it. I'm 100% sure that I'm going to buy Battle Fantasia the first chance I get now. Also, BlazBlue (which is even set in the GG universe) looks interesting.

I know if I posted this somewhere like Shoryuken I'd get hundreds of people saying "GG series is god! Where have you been newb!?" But this forum is full of more traditional fighting game fans. What do you guys think of the series? Is their any other entry in the series that I should pick up?

EDIT: I have the XBox version. My gamertag is Caleb Kinkaid. I haven't been able to find a match online at all.
Edited by reelmojo on 30. March 2009 00:42
Reelmojo! Don't you know? GG series is god! Where have you been newb!?... heh.

I have to confess... as a fighting game FREAK, I actually have all the GG's on the PS2, both the PAL & JAP versions, indeed all the PAL releases & all the JAP releases (I know... it sounds like I'm bragging, but having loads of versions of what is essentially the same game is NOTHING to brag about).

Personally, I found that GGXXAC (& AC+) was the best variation... without going into too much detail. HOPEFULLY... AC+ was the last iteration of GGXX(GGX2) as they kinda took the piss with the amount of iterations that exist (GGX, GGX+, GGX2, GGX2Reload, GGX2Slash, GGX2AC & GGX2AC+... oh, and GGIsuka too... more or less a 4player GGX2 with a final fight style mode too!) and to think ppl slag Capcom for all their game revisions!

If you don't have A PS2 to play 'AC' on, I know that (oddly?) it came out on the Wii... probably cheap as chips now too! Worth a look if you have the facilities.

INTERESTINGLY... (or not) out of all the GG's I own, I still like the original GG on PS1 the most... perhaps a little less OTT than than the later versions. It's also very accomplished for a fighter made back when the PS was about... good looking and quite tech for its time IMO.

Yeah I have a PS2 and I figure I'll probably pick up AC+ eventually since that is allegedly the last GGX game. I read that the PSP version of #Reload (called Guilty Gear Judgement) has a side scrolling beat'em up mode in it too so I may pick that up since I need some good fighters on my PSP anyway. Plus widescreen seems like it would be a great addition.

BlazBlue is supposedly set in the same universe 10 years later so I'd assume it'll have very similar gameplay. Since I haven't found too many characters in GG whose playing style suits me (yet) I'm hoping I'll find more in BB. Wouldn't be surprised if some GG characters show up in it when they start making revisions too.

And I've definitely heard talk of the original GG still being favored by some players.

One thing that needs mentioning about this series too is the soundtrack. Long before I was into GG I was listening to it's music. Fans of melodious guitar rock simply need to listen to some GGX music. BlazBlue's soundtrack is amazing as well. It definitely follows in GGX's footsteps nicely.
For me, actually Accent Core is my favorite. Just plays great, Sol (my main, also Order Sol and Chipp) got some awesome new moves, and there are some great new stages and tunes it.

I do own the first on PS though, which is imo a great game, but I think the series started to get really good after X.

I own: Guilty Gear, GG X, GGXX, GGX#Reload and GGAC (all on PS/2). I still want to get Slash, one day, but I could care less for Isuka (unless it's 5 bucks for display on my shelve).

Also, the GBA Guilty Gear is surprisingly pretty good for a handheld fighte
Edited by Midian on 30. March 2009 11:59
I enjoy playing Guilty Gear X on the Dreamcast - once I got it to run at full speed that is! I play as Sol a lot because I like his flaming attacks. I only play it casually, and I haven't worked out all the super specials yet. Can someone tell me if there is a move where some kind of big guy picks up his opponent and swallows them? - then you see them passing through his insides. I definitely saw something like this happen on Game Network in the UK once, I'm sure it was a Guilty gear game. I don't think I am remembering it exactly but something like this.

The music is great in this game. I like that they bothered to make Hires sprites too. Capcom I'm looking at chu!

I got Guilty Gear X2 on Xbox but I prefer the DC version - I think its more vibrant!
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ReelMojo - Not surprising, I felt exactly the same the first time playing GG. As a fighting lover (not fanatic), I wanted to try all fighters highly praised in japan, so I checked and bought a copy of GGXX and got GGX instead by mistake (there is a fucking X crossing the logo and an X after guilty gear name, X plus X, could only mean XX, at least that's what I thought..) I was glad anyway. The gameplay is brutal, fast paced, strategic, never tried anything similiar to it before, but in the end, never got into it. The game is weird, plays weird and feels weird. There's no denying, GG is ACE, I love everything about it, wouldn't change a damn thing. I do want to get into GG.

A few months ago Battle Fantasia was announced, I'm impatient to try it out, from what I've seen so far, it plays simplier and I think it's a good warm up till' Baz Blue.

Midian wrote:
... but I could care less for Isuka (unless it's 5 bucks for display on my shelve).

Oh the irony, that's what my 5 bucks isuka went for right next to GGX. =P

Anyone still interested playing me on SFIV? Common..
Edited by DevDan on 30. March 2009 20:57
I'm rather fond of Guilty Gear Petite

Never played the other versions, although I remember the original one creating quite a ruckus upon its release (10 or so years ago).
Edited by shion on 31. March 2009 04:31
I love the guilty gear series. Sadly I quit a couple of months ago and I'm rather sad the series has come to an end. It's spiritual successor Blaze Blue looks kind of interesting though.
I really love the Guilty Gear games especially Accent Core. I love all the characters without exception and it just plays unbelievably well. My favourite characters are Ky Kiske, Dizzy and Chipp. I'm definitely not an expert and would really like to get better. I found a guide at the Dust Loop forums so I'm thinking about spending a month playing it really intensively to try and improve.

Although it's a shame I can't play Accent Core online I have been thinking about other alternative online Guilty Gear ideas. I've already been playing the first Guilty Gear on a playstation emulator over kaillera. Only single player so far just to test it but it worked fine. Also I figured I might give this a go some time even though it looks like it might be a bit complex. You can play GGXX Reload (PC) online if you patch it. Has anyone here ever tried this?

I just bought Isuka recently but haven't tried it yet. I've always been intrigued by this game. It just seems a bit of a strange idea for a game and I've heard very mixed opinions about it but as a fan of the GG games and because it was pretty cheap I figured it was worth a go.
Edited by merlin on 01. April 2009 21:15
Problem with Isuka imo is the turn around button. It works really shitty if you ask me, especially since the new Melty Blood also has a 4 way fighting mode which plays great without the button.
IK+ (Amiga) is the best multiplayer fighting game ever! - even the bonus rounds are great. Very playable! I love the way you can wind someone with a well timed body punch, and they fall down collecting their stomach.

Was Yu Yu Hakusho (???) a multiplayer on the Megadrive - I heard that was meant to be quite good. May have got the name a bit wrong though.

Can anyone help with my Guilty gear move? - I'm sure I saw it in a Guilty Gear game Smile
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I really want to like Guilty Gear, just because it looks and sounds awesome. And I've tried to get into it many times in lots of it's incarnations but, like SF3TS (blasphemy!), it just leaves me cold. I can see why it's so popular and I'd never say they're bad games but I'll never part with actual currency for the privilege.
No idea what that move is RiKo. Perhaps someone else will be able to help.

1st Super Tobalman mentioned Guilty Gear Petit. I agree that's a really great handheld fighting game. The graphics are very nice and it plays really well but unfortunately the Wonderswan controls aren't as suited to fighting games as the NGP so special and super moves are difficult to pull off, well they are for me anyway. The sequel which I don't own yet is supposed to be even better.

I've just been playing Isuka and really enjoyed it a lot. I see what you mean Midian about changing the direction you're facing. It does feel a bit awkward. The Boost mode which is like Final Fight makes me laugh for some reason. It just feels strange to be playing a side scrolling beat 'em up with Guilty Gear characters.
Wild Tengu
I like Guilty Gear's characters, and the music, the graphical design and artwork and all, and I'm happy it's an easy game to combo with and link together supers, but I dislike how they try to make the gameplay compex with roman cancels and false roman cancels, and so many gameplay mechanics. I liked it when Guilty Gear was a more simple fighting game in X and XX, but has they churned out more XX editions, it just got... harder and more ridiculous.
Wild Tengu wrote:
I like Guilty Gear's characters, and the music, the graphical design and artwork and all, and I'm happy it's an easy game to combo with and link together supers, but I dislike how they try to make the gameplay compex with roman cancels and false roman cancels, and so many gameplay mechanics. I liked it when Guilty Gear was a more simple fighting game in X and XX, but has they churned out more XX editions, it just got... harder and more ridiculous.

i AGREE WITH SOME... of what your saying there. BUT:

I have only recently noticed that I'm not really arsed about any of GG's characters! I like Chipp best (Since GG1) and recently took it upon myself to learn someone more standard, so I upped my proficiency with Ky (Sol feels too cheap to me, kinda like the 'Ken of GG'?) which helped me a lot against the plethora of overpowered Sol players (usually inexperienced, but not always!) as Chipp tends to be a lot of hardwork to use (LITERALLY Chip-p damage upon connection!) Other characters of interest (used) are: Anji Mito, Johnny and Venom OH... and Sol is obviously good... I just tend to feel a tad dirty using him.)

I'm surprised you like GG W-Tengu... when I read your posts you usually first mention how you hate games with ridiculous juggles and games that are 'broken'. GG is the king of BOTH these IMO (or maybe its just ArcSys?)

WHAT YOU SAID... about it getting Harder & more Ridiculous - I know what your saying, but I wouldn't have said Harder... just more ridiculous!! Maybe like yourself, each time the latest iteration came into being, the back cover'd start bragging about Roman Cancels, False R-Cancels etc... maybe like me, you'd tend to just think "yeah, yeah, here we go - yet more bullshit!"

BUT the frustration for me comes in the form of NOT WANTING to learn all this new shit every few months! Ultimately that leads me to feeling at a psychological disadvantage, in that I feel that because I cannot be bothered learning it, DOESN'T MEAN THAT IT DOESN'T ALL EXIST and that indeed, it 's all probably now a core part of the gameplay - much like ignoring Rolls in CVS2 or Parrys in SF3 - you can't play the game properly without learning most of the core stuff. As a result I tend to play them more casually, and not take the game seriously... maybe because overall I can't be bothered understanding?

If they spent more time (back in the day) on effective balanced systems that work simplistically AND more time on more characters per iteration, ArcSys could've probably 'counted me in' back in the day.

SORRY FOR GOING ON... but my brain just wouldn't stop my hands from 'talking'!

Wild Tengu
Maybe BlazBlue will turn out to be an effective substitute for Guilty Gear when it gets released on consoles this summer. It has alot of similiar mechanics from GG, just renamed, but it seems alot more simplified this time around.
Wild Tengu wrote:
Maybe BlazBlue will turn out to be an effective substitute for Guilty Gear when it gets released on consoles this summer. It has alot of similiar mechanics from GG, just renamed, but it seems alot more simplified this time around.

PROBABLY LIKE YOURSELF... I certainly hope so! A 'toned down' GG with less emphasis on how OTT the system is (for GG, 'Dust' was the first step in this silly direction from memory?) and more emphasis on delivering a balanced enjoyable game experience. Interestingly I found Basara X on the PS2 was a step in this direction. 4 buttons: 3 for attack, 1 for 'striker' and a not too OTT combo system too. From what I've 'played' (not seen on youtube for example) Basara X felt like it had its feet more so on the ground than say GG or FOTNStar... which is an insane game!!

OK. DOES ANYBODY ELSE... relate to what I'm about to say? Well, can't exactly put my finger on it but does anyone else feel this way; that, when playing an ArcSys fighter 1) the characters feel 'floaty', light and paper-like? Also, I feel that even when landing a devastating Kick or Punch... I don't get that feeling of 'Impact' that you get from say SF or KOF? Lets just say you do: Mr Karate's 'Dragon Punch' in SVC or Leona's F+LK in '98... *BAM* they felt it... and you did too! Say you do Sols standing HS in GGX-GGXXAC+... I 'feel' nothing... even with most of the specials, like Chipps QFx2+K... IT LOOKS COOL, but feels empty... how odd? Hmm

THE ONLY GAME SNK... have made that feels similar IMO (interestingly) is Kizuna E. I get the same 'light' vibe from that too! MUCH MUCH prefer it to GG though and it doesn't affect the feel of the game too much, like GG for example... PLUS I much prefer Kizuna ANYDAY over GGX onwards... still love GG1 though Grin

NeoGeoNinja I do understand what you mean by that 'floaty' feeling. Arc games do have a characteristic feel about them and it's certainly not to everyone's taste. I personally like it and think for the sake of variety it's good that Arc games have this different feel from Snk games.

I'm glad you mentioned Basara X. There's not been too much discussion here about that game but it really is a pretty amazing game. Also I think it's one of the best looking fighting games I've ever seen with very detailed, colourful, interesting backgrounds and some of the best sprites I've ever seen. The intro sequence and accompanying song are very cool too.
Wild Tengu
I didn't care for SBX, character designs were weird, and I don't like the assists. The only thing cool about the game is the Basara K.O theme. Pfft
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