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August 23 2019

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Thread Author: Harmik
Thread ID: 1603
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There are 16 posts in this thread, and it has been viewed 4698 times.
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Hello Need Advice On Buying A New System
Hello I am looking at buying a new AES from Moero Shop is there anything I should look out for. Ie don't get Pal because *********** or don't get US because ********** ,I live in Australia but my TVs can run NTSC. Also do you think they are new I thought they have not been bade in years. They come in a white box not the usual one I have seen.

Also they have a Gencode 4964808100019 what dose that stand for.

Any help you can give me would be appreciated they are not cheep and I don't want to mess it up Smile
Hello and welcome to NGFL, HarmikSmile

You should go for a JAP or US AES since these run the games in 60Hz and full screen. Unlike the PAL AES which has black borders on top and bottom of the screen. There is relatively simple way to mod PAL machines into running games at 60Hz and full screen though. I have done this to my PAL AES (works perfectly) and if you want some advice on how its done Iīll be happy to tell you...

Moero shop is quite expensive though why donīt you try EBAY for an AES?
Edited by priest on 14. March 2009 11:41

Used with the kind permission from their creator "Shiny"
Thanks for the reply I hate the Pal borders so I will go with the U.S. system. I chose Moero Shop because I am looking for a new system most on ebay are used but I will have another look, and whats with the white boxes is that ok.

I will be modding for Svideo or Component video any advice there.

Thanks again Smile
Will you be doing the mod yourself or will you send you AES away to have it done?

If you want this done by a pro then NEOTROPOLIS can help you. A friend of mine ordered a conzolised 2 slot MVS motherboard from them, and heīs really happy with their services.
See link:


You donīt have to worry about the box its an original

I really like your Burger time avatar by the way Thumbs Up
Edited by priest on 14. March 2009 13:41

Used with the kind permission from their creator "Shiny"
Thanks for the complement but that avatar is not my usual one, I tried using my normal one it said successfully updated but would not show.:(

I would get the mod done buy someone Neotropolis looks like the man Smile

Do you know what the Gencode 4964808100019 stands for.
My guess about the Gencode would be that its a number used by the Moero shop to keep track of whats in stock. Each Item has one of these individual numbers. So this should not have anything to do with the AES serial nr which is also shown on one of the pics. "Gencode" short for "Genrecode"

If you want to be completely sure you should email Moero shop about this.

Why donīt you write an introduction of yourself, see link:

Edited by priest on 14. March 2009 15:16

Used with the kind permission from their creator "Shiny"
Personally I also think they're quite's pretty easy to find a cheaper AES. Also why buy a new one when there are a lot of really nice secondhand systems floating around...most people who own an AES, treat their system really good, unlike many other cheaper systems. If you're about to buy an AES, try to get one with a low serial number, as they have a better RGB picture.
A great site with the whole RGB thing explained:
My arcade stuff

"ph'nglui mglw'nafh Cthulhu R'lyeh wgah'nagl fhtagn! Ia! Ia! Cthulhu fhtagn!"
I know just something about it being new, but I still dont get how they have so many new systems after all this time. I know it happens I have gotten new Intellivision's, Colecovisions and I just got a new Vectrex. But you usualy have to wait a long time.

And thanks for the link I will have a read. Smile
I know most people here go for the Jap AES, but I have a US one and have been very happy with it. Yes, on some games, you do have some minor censorship, but the upside is that all the carts run in English. If you are after re-living your old arcade days, then having the carts in English makes perfect sense. For instance, I have fond memories of "Fatal Fury" not its Jap title. I know some will disagree, but it is just my opinion.
Go forward for make away as joystick. Push A button for approach of enemy. Break of enemy for A and B. Make high score for break get together - Neo Mr Do!
If you have a US system you can use a Unibios chip to switch regions - to get non-censored versions.

Something which I did was to get a system with a serial number under 070000 (I think). Mine is 054309 and it has excellent RGB. You may have to pay slightly more but you get a superior RGB output - especially if playing on a large TV. I am told this is because the earlier NG models carry a more expensive Sony RGB chip. I'm not sure what the exact serial number range is but you can probably find out on There are some threads on there about it.

Do you have to use Svideo by the way? - because I think it is inferior to RGB.

Also check that the Neo Geo gold logo on the front of the machine has not been scratched off - and the same on the joysticks. Some idiots obviously got bored and scratched the gold off - there are so many Joysticks with it missing. Why would you ruin your expensive system? I don't understand these people.

I got my Jap AES from Ebay - there are loads to choose from, so the prices tend to be more competetive. Just check the photos carefully and ask the seller questions.

I hope you manage to find an AES system you like. The main reason I went for a Jap system was because I liked the Jap cover art better on the games. Of course you can play Jap games on a US system (I think)anyway, so it was strange reasoning Smile
Mini-Reviews of films I have just watched :
Mini-Reviews of ZX Spectrum games :
RiKo wrote: you can play Jap games on a US system (I think)anyway, so it was strange reasoning Smile

The AES isnīt "crippled" with a regional lock so like RiKo says you can play any cart from any region on either a JAP / US / PAL AES without a problem. What changes is the language and some things maybe censored. Like mentioned before this can be solved with a UNI-BIOS.
Edited by priest on 15. March 2009 21:02

Used with the kind permission from their creator "Shiny"
Thanks for every ones help so far I tend to agree with Kurisu I would like text to be in English, even though Uni Bios will solve that. As for S-Video we don't have RGB TVs in Australia, I will be running it on a new Sony 21" CRT TV that has S-Video and Component. Tossing up between them because Neotropolis has a Mod that keeps the back clean with S-Video and I want to keep the hacking of the Motherboard to a minimum.

On the RGB banding on later S/N units I am on the AtariAge forums and the Atari 7800 & 2600 has or had the same problem with S-video mods. But Longhorn Engineer has solved it maybe take a look at that a similar thing might be able to be done for the Neg-Geo.
Yes you can get get RGB mods which will fix any problems with the output. Best of luck Harmik Smile
Mini-Reviews of films I have just watched :
Mini-Reviews of ZX Spectrum games :
I got my new AES today thanks for every body's help Smile Don't get me wrong I am happy with it, but I must say considering the unit cost about $600.00 when it came out. I expected the build quality to be better. When you look inside the cart slot the MB is exposed, most other systems are covered with some sort of plastic shield. Also there is no RF shielding, and when you press around it, there is movement just from the plastic being a bit thin. also my one wobbles on the desk, my Mega Drive thats made in china feels a lot more solid. But I guess its got it where it counts none of the others will look as good on screen. Smile
I will have to take back some of what I said I just opened the unit up to have a look, and there is RF shielding its attached to the housing its self. And the mother board looks very well made. As for the wobbling that just because there is a stupid bump in the middle of the bottom half of the case, and they did not make the rubber feet thick enough to give it clearance. I should be able to fix that. Smile
Congratz on getting an AES system, HarmikThumbs Up

And donīt worry the AES is pure quality, built to last!

Used with the kind permission from their creator "Shiny"
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