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October 21 2019

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Thread Author: RiKo
Thread ID: 1594
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My Mission to Watch Every Video Game Film Ever!
I liked the original Prince of Persia, when it came out, was groundbreaking in its animation and style of play. I played the PC version but i think i heard the SNES one was the best. i havent really played any of the other games, but everyone seems to love Sands Of Time the best.

Anyone remember the very first Prince of Persia 3D game? (before Sands Of Time) no didnt think so haha

If I cant get into the story line in a game I usually wont bother with them unless you can do dumb crap like a GTA game or slaughter large numbers of bad guys like God of War. From a story line perspective GOW and Uncharted are nothing special and way way over hyped in their game play. Great looking sure but still just the standard linear run and gun from start to finish that gets really boring quickly if you don't give a hoot about the story

I never really play games for the story, i did really like the original Metal Gear Solid when that came out. I know the story was a bit convuluted but just the acting and Snakes humourous comments and that communication device all worked really well. I know so many people who love Final Fantasy 7 but i dont understand how they can like the story or dialogue - it's like it was written for 7 year olds. Maybe it lost something in the translation. i hope so. I think games are best when you tell your own story through your actions and interactions in the games world - i guess a bit like GTA, but i think something like Portal really does a good job of telling a little story by weaving it into the game fabric too.
Mini-Reviews of films I have just watched :
Mini-Reviews of ZX Spectrum games :
I was wondering does anybody of you knows about if there is kof the movie on youtube? and if pls send me the link?
A shitty looking question for a shitty looking movie lol
bojan4o wrote:
I was wondering does anybody of you knows about if there is kof the movie on youtube? and if pls send me the link?
A shitty looking question for a shitty looking movie lol

Check PM. It's indeed horrible, I still can't believe how much they messed it up. But some scenes are hilariously bad, Rugal made me laugh a few good times. LOL
Thanks again
I was watching KOF a couple weeks ago on Netflix and I ended up shutting it off.
Hey any chance you guys can write a mini review of KOF? Might be some time before i get to it and it's good to have other people's opinions too. Feel free to give it a score too. Review doesnt have to be a work of art (see mine!)- just your opinion on what was good and bad and how you felt it could be improved etc etc. thanks. Thumbs Up

EDIT :The review I had of Tron Legacy here was so bad I replaced it with a better one!

Tron Legacy (2010)

I half loved the original Tron, it was a striking looking film and was built around an interesting concept but to be blunt it did get boring around the halfway mark. Tron Legacy however is much better. Visually and aurally it is easily the equal of the original. There is a stark minimalist beauty to the new toned-down visuals as laser-like beacons of light contrast sharply with the surrounding darkness. The music is also superb and it combines with the visuals to elevate the film to a level above the quality of itís story.

The film follows Sam Flynn (Garret Hedlund) as he attempts to find his father and hero of the first film Kevin Flynn (Jeff Bridges) who is now lost somewhere in The Grid (the computer world). Sam is aided by the beautiful Quorra (Olivia Wilde) who is a new type of emergent AI lifeform. At the same time he must also avoid the murderous intentions of CLU (Kevin Flynnís clone) who was originally created to do good in the electronic world.

The updated light-cycle sections are predictably superb as are the games that Sam must participate in when he first arrives on The Grid. Todayís CGI is finally able to do justice to the 1982 originalís vision. Sam although capable and the hero of the film is not all powerful and his vulnerability creates interesting situations in which he must rely on Quorra and his fatherís help.

The only slight disappointment for me is that (necessarily) there is so much exposition that there isnít much time left for the charactersí journey to the ĎI/O Portalí (their only way back to the real world). They meet a David Bowie look-a-like (Zuse) and I hoped this would just be the first of a number of such encounters but instead they jump on a ĎSolar Sailerí, a kind of airbourne express train and pretty much end up at the portal immediately. Also the less said about the CGI version of the young Jeff Bridges the betterÖ

Great action and drama with a striking aesthetic and superb music. Itís really a 7/10 film but it gets an extra point for the visuals and music, which really do add an extra dimension to the film . Much more enjoyable than the original 8/10
Edited by RiKo on 15. January 2014 19:39
Mini-Reviews of films I have just watched :
Mini-Reviews of ZX Spectrum games :
Actually bought this on DVD on release but I didn't watch it until it appeared on normal TV a few weeks ago. I really wasted money on that DVD! I reviewed this on my little film blog recently but I rewrote the review here to make it less arsey.

Indie Game : The Documentary (2010)

More of documentary than a movie. This follows 3 independent video game developers. Each has a game at a different stage of the development process and each has poured their heart, soul, time, and money into their game.

The games are Fez (by Phil Fish, at the time of filming, midway through itís development), Super Meat Boy (created by Edmund McMillen and Tommy Refenes, fast approaching itís release date) and Braid (by Jonathan Blow, which had already been released to critical acclaim). I don't think it's a spolier to say all turned out to be pretty good games. I have Braid and Fez but typically haven't really got around to playing them properly! but I really like the graphics in Fez especially. It does look very charming.

I would say overall this is not as good as The King Of Kong which despite (allegedly) sacrificing accuracy for drama, cleverly made use of a more standard film structure and featured both a good guy (Steve Wiebe) and a bad guy (Billy Mitchell). The result was increased drama and tension as we routed for the good guy (Wiebe).

Although this is much drier subject matter than The King Of Kong the director still manages to get some emotion and drama into the film. It's really made clear how important it is for each game to succeed and emotions do run high at times. Phil Fish gets upset as Fez constantly crashes on it's game show debut, Tommy Refenes gets desperate when Super Meat Boy is not listed on Xbox Live Marketplace on it's launch day. As for Jonathan Blow, he goes a bit crazy and searches out online reviews for Braid and then posts comments to anyone who dares call it prententious - berating them for misunderstanding the game and ironically coming across as quite prententious in the process!

6/10 Worth watching if you are interested in video games and to get an understanding of how much work goes into them. It will also make you want to be a bit nicer to the peope who make them - you cruel bastards! That's directed towards people who make all those nasty YouTube and Twitter comments not NG4L!
Edited by RiKo on 15. January 2014 19:48
Mini-Reviews of films I have just watched :
Mini-Reviews of ZX Spectrum games :
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