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September 24 2018

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Thread Author: priest
Thread ID: 1588
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There are 92 posts in this thread, and it has been viewed 25728 times.  There's also files attached.
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Blues Journey / Raguy: NGFL High Score Challenge
Well. Tomorrow I return on this game, I re-study all from the beginning. But with calm, because I have max 1h for day to training this game.
I'm in training, if someone want challenge me i'm ready. At the end of my training (2 months maybe) I release the video.

This is my max score after world 1:

Time remaining 113, so you can be sure that I not use the "infinite pattern".
Edited by Gemant on 26. September 2012 06:39
Thanks for the reply and info Gemant. Good luck with your training, hopefully you'll be able to reach 550,000. Yes I can understand why you don't want to share all your secrets. Would have been interesting to see your tactics in a video though. By the way what's the highest recorded score by Japanese players?
merlin wrote:

By the way what's the highest recorded score by Japanese players?

Scores from Japan for Raguy are not available, because the games with infinite pattern are always banned. In Japan referee (as Twin Galaxies) not exist, and the last screen with score is the most important proof. But in games with infinite pattern you can't understand if the player use "infinite pattern" during the game or not, so in doubt the game is banned.
Edited by Gemant on 26. September 2012 08:56
So....Whats the deal here, which entries should I update the scoreboard with? I think I read somewhere that Gemant will be back with an even greater score soon...

Ill update as soon as I hear from either Daraku or Gemant...ThanksSmile
Edited by priest on 26. September 2012 20:07

Used with the kind permission from their creator "Shiny"
473.130 is wolfmame replay, so you can use this score for now. I playing this game now, but I'm not sure if I can made a new score, because free time is no good.

However I play for 600.000.
Today I completed my work about theory and pattern in all the game. 612.000 pts is max score with my knowledge. Tomorrow I start with training from the beginning.

In my previous post I mistake about the 1up items. With my pattern is possible obtain only 16 1up and not 18. In 16 1up there is also the golden cocoon random from lottery after Starge Space. In a real play there are few chance to win this item.

The problem of this game is the lottery. Extra hearts are very useful, and play the entire game with 2 hearts only is very dangerous.

New WR, 541,890 pts but i'm not satisfied because too mistakes!!!

Comment: ALL Clear with Hearts x 3, remaining Lives 6+1, about 70,000 pts lost.

I'll continue my training because I want at least 590,000. If I mistake this target, I not release the video.
Edited by Gemant on 30. September 2012 17:57
Congratulations on the new world record Gemant. Thumbs Up

573.730 ALL Clear, new WR!

4 Hearts, remaining 5+1 lives, 10.000 x 17, enemy bonus 23.000. About 30.000 pts miss (1 life miss this time). Very good I'm satisfied, but I'll continue.
Edited by Gemant on 01. October 2012 22:53
DarakuTenshi wrote:

Okay example time:

In the above image in first place I only utilized the score loop for a short amount of time. Even though I used it for a short time it was enough to significantly increase my score above my new real score.

My new real score is listed there in second place in which I did not use the loop to increase my score. That one was done solely by discovering new 10,000 point hidden markers throughout the stages (thanks to your posting by the way which forced me to play this game again). By the end of the game I had seven lives without dying once. Now that score could have been increased slightly but probably no more than 30,000 (to my best knowledge of this game). So breaking past a max of 400,000 for the entire game I see as being impossible without any sort of glitch manipulation.

I suggest you to send new 336.660 to TG or Marp.
Yea congratz on the WR, Gemant. Im proud to update the NGFL scoreboard with this entryThumbs Up

...Also, Well done to Daraku TenshiThumbs Up
Edited by priest on 05. October 2012 10:19

Used with the kind permission from their creator "Shiny"
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