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August 25 2019

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Thread Author: DevDan
Thread ID: 1582
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There are 7 posts in this thread, and it has been viewed 2249 times.
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NewComer Weenie
Here goes.. To my amaze (and yours?), this is the first time EVER I post on a forum, hell.. Somehow, I just never found out any interest. So being the weenie that I am, Ive been roaming NGFL for quite awhile now (a month perhaps), and seeing a friend already making himself a user, I couldn't imagine myself as a guest forever, so I had to register..
So why NGFL? I love the site, its features, contents, simplicity, small, friendly and welcoming community.

How it all started? Well, I'm retro gamer in mind and taste, also a collector, I thought of trying out a Neo-Geo AES until I saw its price-tag (out of question). Being a obsessive collector, I came across a national action of a NG.Cab with Blazing Star almost for free(and who doesn't dream of owning an arcade), then it came down to this, sleepless nights and a tight conscious (I'm a brat, no car card, stuck on my parents home, dear lord.. how they hate video games..) but it was a F****** chance of a lifetime.
Immediately I contacted a friend known here as "Solidus", I didn't want to involve anyone on my personal affairs, I was selfish, but I had no other choice, so I convinced him to bring the beast to his house, but the main problem remained, how were we going to bring it in?
I couldn't involve my parents on any circumstance, so we end up involving his, only to receive a "No" instead. Well.. So much for dreaming..

A few weeks later..
"Dad.." (its been a month.. all I know is that I was persuasive enough, luckily..), my mum couldn't know and she never did. 17 January 2009, Saturday, since everyone is always so d*** busy, this was the "day", Solidus (responsible for buying), me (responsible for everything), my dad( the only driver), my mums jeep(as a medic she took the night), we all tagged along perfectly like a 1 to 10 opportunity.
Everything went well, the machine was f****** heavy, barely fitted in the jeep, all felt like it was destined.. I ended up involving SDS parents anyway, just to put that monster in his house, donīt even mention the words "stairs.."
In the end, I felt embarrassed, my dad felt embarrassed, I feel bad for just reminding, I lost some respect along the way, but hey.. this is my story..

As you can all tell by now.. every time I wish to play NG, I need to take a long walk to his house, knock on his door, a "Hi" does it, He already knows why I'm there for,
but the moment I turn ON the MVS, hell.. it was all worth it.. BLAZING STAR!!!!!!1
Edited by DevDan on 26. March 2009 18:51
DevDan: Hi and welcome to NGFLSmile

Thats an interesting story and an equally interesting cab design. Feel free to post your comming highscores on Blazing star highscore challenge (and any other challenge you feel like). Your friend Solidus proved to be an ace at Blazing starSmile

Used with the kind permission from their creator "Shiny"
Welcome DevDan. Congrats on getting a mvs cab. Thumbs Up Looks great but the button layout is a bit odd.
Lol - now we now why Solidus is so good at Blazing Star - he has the machine!

Welcome to the site DevDan - that's a great story. It shows how committed you are to the Neo cause! Joe

Are you going to get any more games for your cab? A fighting game would be good. Then you and Solidus can challenge each other.

I hope you like it here on the forums Thumbs Up

Mini-Reviews of films I have just watched :
Mini-Reviews of ZX Spectrum games :
Devdan: Out of curiosity, which kind of motherboard does your cab house:
1 / 2 / 4 / 6 slots?

See link for different MVS motherboards:


Used with the kind permission from their creator "Shiny"
Priest: I'm not sure if its either a MV-1A or a MV-1FZ, all I can say is that is quite troublesome every time I want to switch game, due the fact that the jamma leads block the in /out cartridges. I do keep my fingers crossed during this delicate process of removing the jamma plug-in, take the cartridge, put the cartridge, and put the fckn jamma plug in back again hoping it doesn't get wasted.

Zakatek: Thanks. Button layout odd? You tell me about it..


Can I play any game with it? Definitely. Fighters? Hell, No.. But I'm willing to give a try on buying new parts and reconfigure the controls some time later. Any help will be much appreciated =P.

Riko: I usually take time and enjoy a single game till exhaustion, although I was going nuts with blazing star tirelessly, as time went by, I couldn't help myself on seeking for more.. since then metal slug has been rotting inside the cab for days, it's just so DAMN good (remember I'm taking my first steps towards neo-geo gaming). I've tried KoF98 and WW7 but those sticks are hopeless, their not precise and its almost impossible to perform special moves, not only that, as I told Zakatek, buttons make a cross disposition. Don't take me wrong, I love both games but not on these circumstances..
Along with BS, these are all the games I have purchased so far. Oh and, Riko, you better not give up on Blazing Star or you'll be awarded third once "The" cartridge is taken out, gosh.. how I'm loving that game in such a dirty way..

Thanks Guys for all the Welcoming!
Edited by DevDan on 03. March 2009 00:43
haha. I don't mind being third. I will return to the top position one day. Franco You can post your score now if you want , then we can watch it improve.

You have some great games there DevDan - the original Metal Slug is one of the best Smile I like that you have Waku Waku too.
Mini-Reviews of films I have just watched :
Mini-Reviews of ZX Spectrum games :
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