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December 19 2018

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Thread Author: phry
Thread ID: 158
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What you all been listening to?
Yeah, I don't think I've heard anything by The Scholars. Been listening to that live CD of theirs and it is so damn good! I need to pick up some more stuff from this band. Turn The Radio Off is such a great album.
you need to find the Scholars album, its awesome. And yeah Turn The Radio Off is great, i stil lthink Why Do They Rock So Hard is their best. Tho i love the song Say 10 off of TTRO, it always makes me laugh

Now listenin to Reel Big Fish - Skatonic
Yeah, I really liked The Forces Of Evil, they were pretty awesome too. I'll try to find some stuff by The Scholars. Somehow, Boys Don't Cry, I'll Never Be, and Talkin' Bout A Revolution are missing from the live CD on my computer, dammit!

Listening to: Reel Big Fish - Everything Sucks
that sucks, cause Ill Never Be is a pretty good song. But FoE do kick ass, ever hear Scott's side project, The Littlest Man Band?

Now listenin to Bad Religion - A Walk
I've heard of his side project, but I haven't heard anything by 'em yet, are they pretty good? I'm still looking for info on Streetlight's new CD but haven't really found anything yet. Oh yeah, Mustard Plug's new CD is coming out on September 11, it's called "In Black and White", should be pretty awesome.

Listening to: Osker - Life Sucks
yeah, The Littlest Man Band, are, kinda bluesy, very good tho.
also, NEW BTMI CD!! dl it along with their other albums here


Now listenin to BTMI - No Rest For the Whiny
Edited by goemon4 on 31. July 2007 06:15
Ooh nice, can't wait. BTMI is pretty badass. And wow, TLMB are so different sounding from RBF, I'm not used to it.

Sadly though, good new music can't exist without shitty new music. That's right, new releases are coming up for: 3 Doors Down, Nickelback, and Puddle of Mudd. Curse you modern alternative!!!

Listening to: Dwarves - Blood Brothers Revenge
yeah, but still i think all that crap is being over shadowed by a new RBF (Monkeys), new Streetlight, new BTMI, new MP (which i cant wait for!!) i mean when i saw them in feb they played like 5 new songs (adn said they were done recording) idk why the wait, either way im excited Grin

Now Listenin to more BTMI - Unlimited Breadsticks, Soup and Salad Days (man this new cd pwnz!)
Edited by goemon4 on 31. July 2007 06:18
True, I can't wait for those other CD's to come out, especially Streetlight's. I really don't see why they haven't released it yet, at the show I was at in Houston, Tomas was like "Yeah, we just finished our new CD, it's okay, it's not terrific or anything." It's kinda weird how BTMI is labeled as ska, they sound more hardcore to me than anything else. Also, that's the most insane sounding band I've ever heard next to Melt Banana.

Listening to: BTMI - Bike Test 123
lol, but yeah, their pretty insane (idk to the level fo melt banana) but their awesome. I think their labeled ska because Jeff (the singer) used to be the singer for The Arrogan Sons Of Bitches. That and cause they occasionally have horns in their music. And yeah, idk why it takes bands so long to put out cd's after their recorded. Idk its probably manufacturing them, which is probably somewhat time consuming.

Damn, i haven't even heard most of the bands mentioned recently.

I did get to see Melt-Banana at the Tool show about a month ago. Punk really isn't my cup of tea but they did have an talented guitar player. (i was really pissed off by all the disrespect shown to the band inbetween songs... goddamn rednecks)

Anyways, seeing Tool (high five to Raiken) was amazing for me considering how much of an inspiration they've been to me.
Edited by Goemon on 31. July 2007 22:31
Isn't there anyone here who listens to pop? And I don't mean pop like the stuff that's aired on commercial radio, I mean decent music like Spoon, Primal Scream and the likes.

I'm currently listening to Spoon and Primal Scream (Screamadelica, XTRMNTR, Vanishing Point).

Come on poppers, show some strength! Let us unite! Ninja
Edited by Flik on 01. August 2007 06:04
I'm a huge punk/ska/alternative fan. I listen to a ton of Pearl Jam, Soundgarden, Silverchair, Sponge, ect..

I've heard of Spoon though, but haven't really listened to them at all. Any recommendations?
Spoon is great, kind of an indierock band. I'd put The Strokes and The Coral as references, a bit more rock than pop that is.

Try to listen to their new album Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga which is their best one yet. If you just want one song, try The Underdog or Finer Feelings.
I listen to alot of "boring" so called "progressive rock" (although i've always found the term to be a bit arrogant)

Anyone here like Frank Zappa?
I do, but I have serious problems figuring him out since he's done some... weird stuff as well as good stuff.
As for Progressive, I only like Dream Theater. But they are a bit more metal and Petrucci is insane. Pfft
I've heard some stuff from DT's Falling Into Infinity, not bad at all. As for Spoon, I think I'll give'em a listen. I've been a huge Strokes fan since 2001, and I got the chance to see them last year in Houston, which was an amazing concert.

Still though, what's with bands like The Arcade Fire and The Killers? I never will understand the hype people are setting up for them. It's all the same!!
Comparing The Racade Fire with The Killers is a shame, yes.

Seriously, Tha Arcade Fire have made two great records, I mean great. I'm not really that fond of them but I can't deny that both of their records (and the EP) is solid stuff. So no picking on the Canadians please.

As for The Killers... Well, it's just trash.
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