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July 29 2017

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Thread Author: priest
Thread ID: 1522
Thread Info
There are 128 posts in this thread, and it has been viewed 31230 times.  There's also files attached.
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Metal Slug: NGFL High Score Challenge
Hi Ella-Hime.

I hope that your studdies are going as planned also good to hear that you got some welldeserved time off this holiday.

Yea Metal slug is really addictive, one great game.

Theres really no need to apolagize about missing the format on how to post the scores. Its just there to make things easier for me.

About the knifing; Youre playing the US/EURO version of the game thats why the blood is white instead of red, its a censoring feature setting in. The JAP version contains red blood and the US/PAL versions also censors "sexual contents" such as the wiggeling breasts of Mai Shiranui in King of fighters.

JAP version:

US/PAL version:

Scoreboard, hall of fame and medals are updated.

Well done Ella-HimeThumbs Up
Edited by priest on 06. January 2011 08:57

Used with the kind permission from their creator "Shiny"
Well Priest, your right, but half-right, actually the reason why blood is white (MVS) cause it set to default in its reigion, but that can be changed in the soft-dip settings in the service mode, besides, this is not a reigion issue, its default programmed.

Second, from my experience, the "Bounce" doesn't happen in KOF's 94-95 on the AES (US/EU Versions), not the MVS version (Since the MVS verision always have it on.), (unless done by code that requires 2 controllers, that makes the blood/bounce appear on the AES Version.) Although in 00'-03's case (and SVC:Chaos), the bounce doesn't happen in the US/EU ports, only the JP versions. (Although Uni-bios can make those setting changeable.) And, lastly, those sprites are from KOF '94 and Capcom vs. SNK, Ella-Hime.
NeoStrayCat attached the following file:
You are not allowed to see attachments in this thread.

Edited by NeoStrayCat on 06. January 2011 20:28
Ella-Hime: I dont know if the breast example was apropriate or even necesary. You are a grown up however so I think that you can handle itSmile

The stray: Thanks for the clarification. My answer explains the different AES versions, I could have been more clear on that. But I do know that if anyone knows all there is to know about the use of UNI BIOS, it should be youSmile

Used with the kind permission from their creator "Shiny"
Priest: Point Proven, since I play too much SNK games to notice differences.

Used with the kind permission from their creator "Shiny"
Best i could get was about 190,000 and i dont have a pic cause i somehow managed to be pressing ABCD and start at the same time and reset the CD machine!!
Neo-Geo Man: Could you please do another run, since you didnt get the exact score? This time dont fool around with the buttons afterwards...thangyouverymuchWink

Used with the kind permission from their creator "Shiny"
Will have to wait a while i think, be a while til ill pull this game out again.
Ill be waiting...

Used with the kind permission from their creator "Shiny"
Im back, but this time on AES cart Wink

Is Ella Hime still being counted or does everyone move up a spot?
NEO GEO man: Thats good to hear even if Im more than a bit jealous of you owning a AES METAL SLUG WinkSmile

Ella Hime is gone and Ill keep deleting him / her off every scoreboard as new entries happens...

Scoreboard and medals have been updated.

Used with the kind permission from their creator "Shiny"
NEO-GEO Man score 261,970 played on Euro BIOS AES console, made it to the start of level 4...

Seems to be quite hard to get any sort of decent amount of points in this one!!
Wouldnt be too jelous about it Priest, its a conversion Wink
...Yea but still, you play it on your AES without an adaptor...Gimme a METAL SLUG conversion!!!!!!Wink

Used with the kind permission from their creator "Shiny"
You have it on MVS though dont you? Why dont you convert that one!! Smile
Yeah and I have been thinking about it, but Im not sure that I would pull such an "operation" off...successfully that is...

EDIT: NEO GEO man: Your score have been noted, well doneThumbs Up

...I know that youll keep working on that score...
Edited by priest on 16. July 2012 14:13

Used with the kind permission from their creator "Shiny"
Hardest part is opening up of the AES cart!! Have you ever opened one before??
Nope I dont think that I have, only MVS carts...

Got any tecnique to it youd like to share with us?

Used with the kind permission from their creator "Shiny"
Hmm, its not an easy thing to describe!! If you have any fear of label damage i wouldnt attempt it!! You cant use tools cause they will dent the plastic.
So a set of sharp and strong fingernails would help here...? Then Id have to let my fingernails grow quite a bitWink

Used with the kind permission from their creator "Shiny"
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