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October 21 2019

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Thread Author: Kazuya_UK
Thread ID: 1521
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Metal Slug Discussion
Great game, and an important one for SNK (because it created a very successful IP for them), but the sequels, in paticular Metal Slug X and Metal Slug 3, are better.

And even though Contra 3 (or Super Probotecter to us Brits) is a fantastic game (and one i have alot of love for because i played it alot in my childhood) i do think that Metal Slug 3 and Gustar Heroes are better run n' gun games.

Metal Slug 3: best run n' gun shoot em up ever.
I have 'In The Hunt' Ninja on Playstation. I only bought it recently for about 3. It does look nice, and probably worth the money. Yes it does look similar to Metal Slug - same style of gfx and the missiles look the same too. I haven;t played it yet - just seen in it videos. Heres a video so people can compare.

YouTube Video

This bit above is a lot live Metal Slug 3 underwater section.

Merlin wrote:- My understanding is that Nazca were a completely seperate company and after the success of the first game Snk took them over and I assume at least some of the same people worked on the second game. Someone please correct me if I'm wrong here. I've not heard anything specific about the Snk president liking the game though.

Metal Slug is quite simply a masterpiece. Visually it's a work of art. Gameplay is very addictive and couldn't really be any better. The level design is perfect. This game is my personal favourite in the series but ultimately I do think Metal Slug 3 is the best in the series.

I always find if I talk to people who are really into gaming that practically no one has heard of the Neo Geo. Hardly anyone has heard of The King of Fighters or Samurai Shodown but it seems practically everyone has heard of Metal Slug so it's obviously the most famous Neo Geo game.

Thanks Merlin Smile Metal Slug does seem have become quite well known in recent years. The first time I heard of it was when Metal Slug X came out on the Playstation I think. For me KOF is the most famous Neo Geo game. Since it always used to get mentioned as being possibly better than SFII in the SNES days.

One of my friends when he saw my Neo Geo said 'Oh yeah thats what Street Fighter II was originally made on wasn't it?'. My brother said 'Thats got an almost perfect arcade conversion of R-Type hasn't it?. I think he was thinking of the PC-Engine Smile

Was playing Metal Slug for the score challenge today and I noticed that the reflection of your player is shown in the puddles on the first level. This is a really neat touch and shows the great attention to detail in this game.

I find Contra 3 to be a lot harder than Metal Slug. I am not sure which I prefer at the moment. Metal Slug is definitely better for a quick fix though.
Edited by RiKo on 04. February 2009 18:07
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Mini-Reviews of ZX Spectrum games :
In the Hunt was made by IREM, and by the same team who later went on to work at Nazca and make Metal Slug... I have never played it but it certainly looks similar!


Back on topic though. Metal Slug is still one of my all time favourite games, and although I love the sequels, I have a real love for this one. Like others have said, the simplicity of it, the lack of giant killers crabs and zombies etc makes it more fun in a way... don't get me wrong I love all the more "out there" enemies in the later games, but depending on what mood I am in I prefer this a little bit. I can't really say much more than what others have already said or what I wrote in my review though. Just put simply, this game is a classic and a work of art!

Surprised more people haven't added scores in the high score challenge thread though. Anyone else want to add one?

Flamethrower death!

But yeah this game's a total classic. The first in one of SNK's greatest series imo. It may be outshined by it's successors X and 3, but still got enough replay value to pull you back in again and again.
Again, one of the best classics I really loved that's why NEOGEO became one of my likes because of METAL SLUG Series. It really gave my an impression to play this game because I am really fascinated on playing shoot-em-up games and this one really enticed me the most (even the sequels of the game released, still the original is one the best)

Playing this game refreshes myself and remembering the good old days playing it on arcade machines bearing coins just to finish the game and it was hard for me at first because I am not get along on the game that time. After several practices, I am able to master the game somehow (after school, gone straight to the arcade malls just to play this game)

Again, nice post here and this one big thumbs up and METAL SLUG series ROCKS >.<
Good background on the company Nazca: http://gaminghell...Staff.html

And MS: http://gaminghell...lSlug.html
Good to see you Shion Thumbs Up

Nice find. It was interesting for me to read the actual plot of MS. I'd never thought before about why the enemy had the Metal Slugs tanks before reading that.

Also shows that it wasn't a fluke that Metal Slug was so good - but rather built on the foundations of Gunforce and other games.

I'd like to see a similar article showing how many staff who worked on R-Type also worked on Pulstar.
Mini-Reviews of films I have just watched :
Mini-Reviews of ZX Spectrum games :
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