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October 16 2018

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Thread Author: shion
Thread ID: 1498
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Hey everyone
I know it's been a while since I've participated here, but I'll try to be more active from now on. After all, I am a charter member. I guess I should have announced my departure a little over a year ago. '07-'08 was my last year of college (university for those of you in the UK), and this site among others, had to go on the back burner. College was intense, requiring much of my time, up to the end, but now that I graduated, I feel like a huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders. My lifestyle today, fortunately, allows me to continue participating here.

One of my fondest memories of is being a part of the first official chat. Does anybody else remember that? Smile I have dropped by from time to time, anonymously usually, and I have seen the site go through its changes. Overall, they are good. If I could have one thing about me remembered around here, it would be that I salvaged the wallpaper from the now defunct SNK site that promoted SNK v.s. Capcom: Card Fighters' Clash 2 Expand Edition. Back in '03, SNK made a promotional site just for the game that featured lots of stuff like previews, card info, tips and wallpaper. I saved all the official wallpapers, which are quite beautiful I might add, and I told Kazuya about them, and one day he posted them to the wallpaper section. They are still available in the wallpaper section here.

The artwork of SNK games alone show how much detail was put into the worlds these games take place in. I still am an SNK fan. So much thought went into characters and plots. The stories of many games are high quality. I've found the contents of many SNK games to have some grounding in reality, which I find interesting. However these realistic plots/characters/settings only serve as springboards to fantastic twists/powers and transformations/locations, which is also interesting. SNK you are missed! So, can anybody recommend me an SNK to play?
Edited by shion on 22. January 2009 00:47
Welcome back 1st super Tobalman. If you follow this link: http://www.neogeo...ad_id=1492 Then you can even see which game is the greatest according to us NGFL members. And of course youŽll get some advice on some other great games to play, enjoySmile
Edited by priest on 22. January 2009 08:41

Used with the kind permission from their creator "Shiny"
Welcome back, I guess we all recognize that Name Wink

Good to have a regular back, hope u stay active! Thumbs Up
Welcome back 1st Super Tobalman Grin

Congratulations on graduating college Thumbs Up I wasn't around when you were last here, so its nice to meet you. Maybe I will see you in chat sometime. I don't know what SNK games you have or have played but I feel like recommending Shock Troopers today. Its like Commando - Neo Geo style!

yes make sure you stay around now Smile
Mini-Reviews of films I have just watched :
Mini-Reviews of ZX Spectrum games :
Welcome back dude. Smile
Welcome back 1st Super Tobalman. Bob I can remember you posting in the forums quite a while ago. It's good that you've got more time to spend here.

You asked for a recommendation well I thought rather than the usual games I would mention something a bit different today. I don't know what genres you like or what you've already played but I would say play Dunk Dream (aka Street Hoop). It really is a fantastic game.
Hey, I remember you very well, and it's good to see you back here! Thumbs Up

I do remember that first official chat... was it the IRC channel we were usng back then? I really can't remember.

eccentric cat
Back before I joined this site, I knew I saw a Whip signature somewhere...

You're the one! Although I'm in no position to say this, welcome back! Hopefully you'll stick around more, also, I hope I see around chat! :) And if you need any recommendations for an SNK game, try Twinkle Star Sprites! :D

... Ah! And...

Sata Andagi!!! :D
Edited by eccentric cat on 23. January 2009 02:31
Without love, the truth cannot be seen.
Aww, thanks to everyone! It's nice to feel welcomed. I will indeed do my best to stay active. Mind you, I am not an SNK expert. Like other members' introductions I've read here, I was a late bloomer to SNK. I mean, my passion for SNK really didn't start until three years ago. Back in the day ('93-'96), I was aware of all the great games that were coming out, but I had very little play time with "true" SNK titles (that are now classics) simply because my parents couldn't justify paying $1000 for a console, not to mention the games that costed hundreds of dollars each. So, I'm still learning stuff about the AES, MVS, games, series, etc. I'm just having fun and learning at my own pace.

Answering a few question oriented responses:

Priest, nice link. I will definitely refer to it for future gaming suggestions. Actually, I don't have a lot of games. Although, I have hundreds at my finger tips, if you know what I mean. Of course, just to test them out before I actually buy them.

Riko, I'll check out Shock Troopers. It seems right up my alley since I'm training for and joining the army this year. Thanks for the congrats, graduating from college did mean a lot to me.

Merlin, I'm up for anything game-wise. As long as it plays on an SNK system! A game's a game the way I see it. I've put Street Dunk on my mental "To Play" list.

Eccentric Cat, what an interesting name. I'll try out the game you suggested, but would you mind telling me a little what it's about? It sounds like a puzzle game. I understand the character in ur sig. is from the game you suggested? Although she looks like Cotton the witch!

Kazuya, it's been a long time, nice to hear from you again! Sort of random, but they lifted my ban at I haven't re-registered there yet, and I don't know if I will. Yes, the first few chats here were held in that IRC chat room. Oh, man, how it would act up. Sometimes it wouldn't even load properly. How is this chat room compared to the old one?

I'm anxious to chat with everyone (soon)!
Edited by shion on 23. January 2009 08:54
Yea I can remember you saying that you got banned there for some reason, I can't remember what it was now though... refresh my memory? That old IRC chat was a pain at times, the plugin didn't always work all that well. This Flash chat we are using seems ok recently, it can sometimes slow your pc down a bit though. I'm thinking about trying one or two other chat programs tha work with php fusion to see ho well they work. At the current time this is about the best we have though and it does the job Smile

Hello 1st Super Tobalman ! I wasn't there when you left but welcome back anyway ! I think it's difficult to forget you with such a name ^_^
Kaz: I don't like airing out my dirty laundry in public, so I'll just send u a PM with the reason. It was a pretty stupid reason really.

Growing up, I always wondered about the stories behind the other winners of the annual Tobal tournament. The winner of a Tobal tournament is granted the title of "Super TobalMan" and given a "Molmoran Stone" that grants any desire (but just one). For those of you who don't know about the Tobal series, Tobal No. 1 represents the 98th tournament, and Tobal 2 represents the 99th tournament. Gren Kutz won the 98th tournament, and is thus, the 98th Super TobalMan. It is unknown who won the 99th tournament. Tobal 3, I imagine, would have represented the 100th tournament. However, I always thought it would be cool if Squaresoft gave the Tobal series more depth by offering various prequels to the existing games. Maybe not start with the first tournament, but jump around a bit, from one random tournament number to another. The first tournament, personally, leaves most to the imagination. Oh, what I would give to have witnessed that!
Edited by shion on 23. January 2009 21:18
eccentric cat
1st Super Tobalman wrote:

Eccentric Cat, what an interesting name. I'll try out the game you suggested, but would you mind telling me a little what it's about? It sounds like a puzzle game. I understand the character in ur sig. is from the game you suggested? Although she looks like Cotton the witch!

Actually, my sig has nothing to do with Twinkle Star Sprites. Pfft Although... now that you mention it, she does sorta look like Cotton. lol, never noticed that before!

Twinkle Star Sprites is a competitive Puzzle/Shmup game, the screen is cut in half, with a player on each side, and although you can't directly shoot each other, the only way you can attack is by creating combos, which you can do by killing enemies coming your way. Try this site for a better explanation:


Its one of the most fun games ever!! Really, just grab a friend, and watch as killer rabicats(don't ask...) come down and obliterate your foe, its brilliant, I tell you! ^_^

Unfortunately, its a pretty rare find, so the only way you might be able to play it is through emulation. :\
Without love, the truth cannot be seen.
Hey there and Welcome back on behalf of NG4L... as I wasn't here originally. Chronologically speaking 'NeoGeoNinja' is only a couple of months old AND enjoying life here very much!

CONGRATULATIONS on your graduation! You have my absolute respect. Unfortunately I was one of those, not cut from the academic cloth and thus, am not scheduled to experience graduation.

ALSO... 1st SuperTobal Man indeed! You may not agree, but I have always stood firmly, IMO of Tobal2 being the BEST 3D fighter on the PS1! I adored TobalNo1 when it was released. It received many favourable reviews in it's time, however, it failed miserably. I had never before it, ever played what I would have called a 'true' 3D fighter. Square punished the west severely with its Japan only Tobal2... IMO (again) the best 3D fighter on PS1 and one of my all time favourite fighting games. EVEN NOW few fighters meet the animation quality, character design, cool soundtrack etc. For me Tobal, in general pretty much pioneered effective use of the 'up' for into the background and 'down' for into the foreground. And the game plays so well that it cannot really be abused (unlike say soulcalibur series). I also love the way that blocking interrupts the move animation WTF??! AMAZING... to this day I don't believe any other fighter does that! Why the f*ck not. It's genius... Tobal series = way ahead of their time (I have even mentioned quest mode yet... we haven't got all day) Not forgetting that, to my knowledge, Tobal No1 was the first game on PS1 to use HiRes mode (if not 1st game, at least the 1st fighter to do so). Graphics looked great combined with super constant 6ofps! Awesome.

FAVE PLAYER... Has to be Gren Kutz. Like the 'Mishimas', anyone who can throw a decent axe kick always gets my immediate attention!

ANYWAY... hope to chat with you through the forum/chat room in the near future... you'll have to excuse me now, I'm off to 'Save the Molmoran'... L8rs

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