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November 14 2018

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Thread Author: Shiny
Thread ID: 1487
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There are 37 posts in this thread, and it has been viewed 8650 times.
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Magazine Scans
I've been a busy l'il beaver today... Not only have I thrown some new KoF avatars together but I've also uploaded some scans from UK multi-format magazine of days past, C&VG.

Want to know what the guys at C&VG thought of the Neo back in day? Have y'self a wee perusal at the scans. They're all in the photo gallery here:


I'll add more as/when/if I find them...

If anyone has scans from other magazines it'd be great to see them. Smile
You've been working hard Shiny Clap

Maybe I will have to play Alpha mission now - they certainly liked it! Great Fatal Fury review too - the live-action version of Terry Bogard also adds to its greatness Smile
Mini-Reviews of films I have just watched :
Mini-Reviews of ZX Spectrum games :
Hey Shiny!

Cheers for the scans... great information archive there!

Like RiKo said, will have to look at Alpha Mission more closely, looks pretty good!

Ah, back in the day when CVG was an entertaining read eh? I have a load stacked at my mums in the loft... but none quite as vintage as yours. Impresive stuff dude!

Thanks again for your taking the effort Clap

Thanks for uploading those Shiny. Grin I never really looked at CVG much before so I'm seeing these reviews for the first time. Very interesting to read.

Generally speaking I do agree with quite a few of their scores but as much as I love Fatal Fury 94% is probably a bit over the top. It must have seemed really impressive at the time though.
Not a problem guys, happy to share the wealth...

The Fatal Fury score is perhaps a tad high but I'm more shocked by their bashing of Cyber Lip... I love that game. And the preoccupation with "it costs 150" too...

There has to be more. I can remember AoF2 getting rated higher than SSF2T... Finding more issues ain't easy though unfortunately.
Clap Claps to Shiny. Was looking at these this morning, good stuff and thanks for scanning these!!
Shiny wrote:- I'm more shocked by their bashing of Cyber Lip... I love that game. And the preoccupation with "it costs 150" too...

I think a lot of Neo games suffered in reviews because of their price. I think it was understandle at the time, but I agree its quite harsh.
I said somewhere before that one of the worst reviews I ever read was Edge magazine's review of Spinmaster (Miracle Adventure) - the whole review was about how it was really poor value for money, and didn't tell you any details about the gameplay.
Mini-Reviews of films I have just watched :
Mini-Reviews of ZX Spectrum games :
Perhaps they should have given a mark for value, where they could have been as harsh as they please without detracting from the overall rating of the game itself... The prices, as they so frequently pointed out, were high but looking back, I remember paying 70 for the funky tinned SNES SF2T so they weren't as disproportionate as they seem. You get what you pay for and with the Neo everything about it was a class act. Look at the quality of the games' boxes in comparison to say, the SNES' ruined-the first-time-you-open-it cardboard shite or the PCE's CD cases... Something very rarely mentioned in early reviews.
Thanks for the scans Shiny !

I have some magazines from the 90s with Neo Geo reviews but the problem is that these magazines are in french (Player One). And since there seems to be not so many french speaking people here... I suppose it's rather useless Ninja
I personally would still like to see them Yann, if it's not too much hassle... I know enough french to muddle my way through most things. And if not there's always Babelfish. Wink
Shiny wrote:
I personally would still like to see them Yann, if it's not too much hassle... I know enough french to muddle my way through most things. And if not there's always Babelfish. Wink

Indeed, I would like to see these too.
Ok, I'll try to scan this if I find the time.
Appreciate the effort if you find the time Yann. Thumbs Up
It may take some times but I don't forget you.

Some of the reviewed games in this magazine I remember: Andro Dunos, KOF 94/96, Pulstar, Metal Slug 2, Samurai Shodown 4, Galaxy Fight, certainly some Fatal Fury.
Rather than open a new thread, I thought I'd mention here that the Edge Magazine scans are now online. It's quite hard to scan them with my scanner as it's only for A4 sheets and the magazine is slightly bigger... so it's difficult to do without destroying the magazine itself! I did my best anyway! Smile


Thanks Kaz - they are great Grin

They actually released all the collectors guides they did in one magazine called Retro (2). The Neo section is exactly the same (with updated prices for 2004 - so out of date now anyway). However all the 'stickers' have been put in the empty spaces - so there are no gaps (the gaps with numbers). Its not worth scanning in seperately though just for these extra bits.

This is actually the section that inspired me to want a Neo - especially Pulstar and Waku Waku - just from those small screenshots.
Mini-Reviews of films I have just watched :
Mini-Reviews of ZX Spectrum games :
Great stuff Kaz! Thumbs Up

With both the Edge and C&VG scans that's already more than any other Neo site in cyberspace... Wonder if we can get any more together...
It's good to see some more magazine scans here. Thanks Kaz. Thumbs Up I had never even head of Edge magazine until recently and those articles make interesting reading. I noticed it said that with AES Twinkle Star Sprites ADK ran out of instruction manuals and the last carts came with photocopied manuals instead. I had never heard that before. If that's really true it must affect the value of those AES carts.

I'd also like to see some time in the future those magazines Yann mentioned even though my French is really bad. I do have a stack of Neo Geo Freak magazines mainly from 1997 in my attic and although there is loads of Japanese text there might be some pages with artwork which would be worth scanning. I don't have a scanner right now but will get one soon.
Yea I didn't know about that until reading it in Edge. Edge are actually a very good magazine, I haven't bought it in a while but it is excellent and well written. They do cover a lot of retro stuff and seem to have a lot of love for the Neo.

Got some more scans to put up... not my own but some that I got sent. Think you guys will like it - check the news in a little bit! Wink

Awesome stuff dude! Big thanks to Emo!

Is there any SNK fansite as comprehensive as NGFL...? I think not.
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