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October 19 2019

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Thread Author: priest
Thread ID: 1480
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There are 80 posts in this thread, and it has been viewed 31351 times.  There's also files attached.
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Aero Fighters 2 / Sonic Wings 2: NGFL High Score Challenge
Welcome to this week HSC which is a vertical shoot'em up. See link for this game to get to the GOTW discussion thread:


The rules:

* Play whichever version you like: NEO GEO MVS / NEO GEO AES / NEO GEO CD / EMULATOR

* Difficulty: MVS - level 4 / AES - MVS setting

* Lives: Default setting

* Credits: 1

* Multiple runs as training is of course allowed. Also if you manage to surpass your previous score then just post it and I'll update the first post.

* No cheating with any kind of UNI-BIOS is allowed.

* No cheating in Emulators such as autofire, Pausing or infinite lives are allowed
(or any other effect you can use in emulators to make the game easier, score higher etc)

* Photographic proof is not needed as I believe that we are all honorable people. If you like though you can attach a photo or a mini-clip with your highscore.

* State which platform you played this game on.

* The goal: Highest score possible.

G O O D Headbang L U C K


1. Glowsquid: 1.000.400, aircraft: A-10 IIA, stage 1 loop 2, played on: Neo Geo CD

2. Zakatek: Score: 718,300. Ship / character: Bobby, 9th stage, Finalburn.

3. Priest: Score: 649,000, Ship / character: FS-X (Ninja), Stage: 8 (Aztec boss) Played on AES through a Phantom-1

4. Kgenthe: Score: 641,800. Ship / character: YF-23, Stage 8, Played on: NGCD

5. Merlin: 573,200, aircraft: FS-X, stage 8, played on Mame32++

6. Kaz: Score: 457,200. Ship / character: FS-X, Stage 5, Played on: Nebula emulator

7. Arcadematt: Score: 445,300. Ship / character: FS-X, Stage 6. Played on MVS

8. M - Kof : Score: 406,500 : Char - Hi En (The Ninja) : Stage - 6 (Australia) : Played On - Neoragex

9. Will: Score: 363,400. Ship / character: Cindy and Ellen, Stage: 5.

10. Rbelmonte171: Score: 317,100. , Ship / character: f-117, Stage: 5th, Played on: neoragex

11. NEO-GEO Man: Score: 314,200. , Stage: 4 , Played on: Euro NEO-CD console, Ship / Character: dolphin.

12. ?

Used with the kind permission from their creator "Shiny"
I love doing the high score challenges when it's a shoot 'em up.

Here's my score:

Merlin: 314300 FS-X Stage 6 Final Burn Evolution
I actually have a bit of time this week to take part. Not sure how well I will do, but I'll give it a try... first go:

Kazuya_UK: 236,100 F-117 Stage 4 - Nebula emulator

I'm sure I can do far far better than that! Going to practice a bit, but my reactions in these games are so crappy at times. Smile

Been a long time since I played this game, what do you guys think is the best craft to use? Only tried Keaton so far and I can't remember what the rest are like.

Just played the game and here goes my high score.

I chose Bobby (Don't know the serial code of the plane), got a high score 296,300. Defeated midway in Stage 5 (The city of Paris no doubt).

Perhaps it would be better to put the pilot names next to the serial code in brackets, so that those who aren't familiar with Sonic Wings 2 and cannot interpret the plane serial to the firepower of the plane will get a better picture of what choose when playing for the highscore.
Edited by Will on 12. January 2009 13:13
Some great scores Kaz and Will Thumbs Up I can see there is going to be some real competition in this challenge.

I normally play this on AES and on easy setting. Playing on MVS level seems quite a bit tougher. The enemy shots are very fast.

For some reason I always think that FS-X is the best plane but I could be wrong. Those shurikens the plane fires out are quite effective.
Improved a bit...

277,700 FS-X Stage 4 - Nebula Emulator

Died in some totally stupid places though!

Having played as all the characters, I think I am going to have to agree on the FS-X being the best, it's especially good for the bonus stage, I got lots of points there!

631,500 8th stage boss, character Bobby (baby). I didn't play this game for a while i lost my 2 lives on very early stages. Thumbs Down I use baby but it isn't good for bonus stages maybe i change it.
Wow nice score Zak!

Have improved once again... sorry to keep posting! Grin

Kazuya_UK: 323,800 FS-X Stage 5 - Nebula emulator

Getting better but I still keep dying at stupid times! I'm so much better at games like Pulstar than this...

I tried again. This time I chose Cindy and Ellen. My score is 363,400 at the near end of Stage 5. I have some tips which could aid you in Sonic Wings 2.

1. When you get Max Fire Power, try not constantly fire, so that you can ration that precious power for those annoying swarms and strong ships.

2. To boost your score better, do not aim for the main weak point of the Boss immediately, but aim for its other weak parts first.

3. Taking care, have your ship hug the top of the screen and keep firing when you see a parked tank. When destroyed, the tank has a money bonus on it in which the points vary 1,000, 2,000, 4,000, 5,000 and 10,000. But when you shoot and grab first thing on the top of the screen you are gauranteed 10,000 points a piece.

4. Familiarise yourself with hidden sources of bombs and firepower. Shoot the Statue of Liberty in Stage 3 to get an extra Firepower for instance. Shooting the Big Wheel once in the USA Amusement Park isn't enough, you can continue to shoot it while it rolls and double your power in seconds.
Edited by Will on 12. January 2009 18:52
Good tips Will! Thumbs Up I knew about the trick for grabbing bonus's at the top of the screen (it's essential in boosting your score), I realised earlier on, but I'll try the other stuff you mentioned.

Further improvement:

Kazuya_UK: 373,900 FS-X Stage 5 - Nebula emulator

Last one I'm gonna post for now so I can give priest a chance to update the thread, otherwise it might get confusing! LOL

635,500 Bobby, 8th stage boss. Believe me Kaz i lost my lives at more stupid times then yours. Grin I died when 8th stages boss had just started.
655,600 again 8th stage boss. I loose my lives on very easy parts.Shrug
Hey guys, Im so glad there has been so much action in this challenge during todayThumbs Up

Sorry for not keeping the scoreboard and hall of fame updated until now. I had to stay after work for a meetingReal Sad

Will: Thanks for the tacticsSmile

Kaz: Dont hold back on the scores posted, after all thats what my spare time is for nowadays-to keep the scoreboards updatedWink

You have all done well. Please check the scoreboard if everything seems correct. I will try this game the comming weekend as I will have three (3) days off from workGrin
Edited by priest on 12. January 2009 22:41

Used with the kind permission from their creator "Shiny"
317100 5th stage using f-117 neoragex
Hey, Rbelmonte171 welcome to this challengeThumbs Up

Scoreboard and hall of fame are updated.

Used with the kind permission from their creator "Shiny"
Minor improvement, I am so pissed off cos I was doing great and then messed up at the boss on stage 5!

377,800 FS-X Stage 5 - Nebula emulator

Man that was annoying! Shock

Kaz: Thumbs Up

Scoreboards and hall of fame are updated.

Used with the kind permission from their creator "Shiny"
718,300 Bobby 9th stage this time. Finalburn.
You are producing some great scores Zakatek. Thumbs Up You must be an expert at this game. I've never got further than stage 6 when playing on only one credit. I'm going to have another go soon.
Thanks Merlin. I don't think i am an expert at this game but i love this game.
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