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November 13 2019

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Thread Author: Kazuya_UK
Thread ID: 1478
Thread Info
There are 21 posts in this thread, and it has been viewed 26002 times.  There's also files attached.
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Sonic Wings/Aero Fighters 2 - Have you played it?
Yes and it is excellent! Yes and it is excellent! 68%[13 Votes]
Yes and it's average Yes and it's average 26%[5 Votes]
I played it and think it's crap! I played it and think it's crap! 0%[0 Votes]
Talking dolphins??? OMG I am a little freaked out! Talking dolphins??? OMG I am a little freaked out! 0%[0 Votes]
I definitely will give this one a try this week! I definitely will give this one a try this week! 5%[1 Vote]
Not really interested in this one at all. Not really interested in this one at all. 0%[0 Votes]
Total Votes : 19
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Aero Fighters 2
Game FAQ by Baby Bonnie Hood attached - see the end of this post.

Please vote in the Aero Fighters 2 poll above! ^

NOTE: This was a previous Game of the Week thread!

Aero Fighters 2:
^ Click for full version

Genre: Shoot 'em up
Meg Count: 102 MB
Players: 1 or 2 player
Released on: Home/MVS/CD

Note: The original Aero Fighters/Sonic Wings is not a Neo Geo game!

Brief Description:

Aero Fighters 2, or Sonic Wings 2 as it is known in Japan, is a vertically scrolling shoot 'em up with a slightly off beat cast. Robots, teenage girls, talking dolphins, a baby, and even retired fighter pilots with pet parrots can be selected from... when a plane that is piloted by a Ninja is the most "normal" of all the characters, you know the designers must have been under the influence of some kind of heavy narcotics when they came up with these designs! Smile

But anyway, said cast of characters are tasked with saving the world, over ten stages of action set in different countries, from Japan to Hawaii. If you are looking for some good shoot 'em up action, you could definitely do far worse than try this game, and it's sequel, Aero Fighters 3!


More images here -->


Review by Kazuya_UK:


Review Quotes:

Kazuya_UK wrote:
I was pleasantly surprised to find that this game was actually fairly good. It isn't the best shooter available for this system, but it is definitely interesting!


Intro & Gameplay Footage:

YouTube Video

Other Media

Aero Fighters 2 music is available in the SNK Jukebox!

Click here -->

You can also play music from the game here:

Aero Fighters 2 - Intro Music:


Aero Fighters 2 Stage Music:

Kazuya_UK attached the following file:
aero_fighters_2_a.txt [33.58kB / 524 Downloads]

Edited by Kazuya_UK on 18. January 2009 23:34
I wish there was an "above average" option, to me it's better than average but not excellent.

Good game either way Thumbs Up
Agree with that, it's not that average, but just good. Of course there are much better shooters, but also a lot that are sh*te compared to AF2. It's just nothing special, but fun.
fun but not too special to keep me for hours
Sonic Wings 2 is a brilliant game. I love playing it. The annoying thing is though that I can't complete it. I can get all the way to the last stage and then it's just too difficult for me. The fact that there are 2 bosses and other enemies and that you get sent back to the start of the level if you use a new credit makes it really tough.

For some reason I slightly prefer Sonic Wings 2 over Sonic Wings 3 but I'm not really sure why that is. How do other people feel about this? I'm also very curious about the first Sonic Wings game on the Snes because it looks really good too.
I've never played the SNES version, but I did try the arcade version fo the original Sonic Wings via MAME... it's ok from what I remember. There's also Sonic Wings Limited for the Arcade/Saturn/PSOne and Aerofighters Assault for the N64 out there... has anyone ever tried those?

I know what you mean about the last stage, it's really really hard without continues! I'm having a hard time getting very far with one credit right now but trying to practice. Smile

I love that one. It has the weirdest but coolest pilots ever created.

Robo Keaton has a funny way of eating. Silver must resemble Long John Silver somewhat. Hi-en a ninja pilot. Mao-Mao a sailor pilot, better than Sailor Moon. A to be married lady Ellen and her little daughter Cindy. Spanky a dolophin pilot, that gives style in the weird wide world. Steve is beyond weird. And last but not least Bobby the baby pilot.

I'm guessing that Spanky's plane is flooded with water in the cockpit, with his head spyhopping to take a look outside. You wonder how Bobby can possibly drink his milk, have his diaper changes and take naps while driving the plane? He doesn't, he sets it to auto pilot.

I prefer to call this game Sonic Wings to its primary title.
Also... I'd still love to know why so many of the characters are obsessed with "frying"... if you have read the dialogue in the game you'll know what I mean! LOL

lol Kaz - yes there are a lot of quotes from this game on one of the Engrish sites. I also like it when the Penguin says 'Do not underestimate the power of Penguin' Grin

Well I have never played a Sonic Wings game, but I was just watching the gameplay video, and it looks quite good! Definitely one I will try/buy sometime in the future!

I vaguely remember a horizontal shooter called AeroBlasters(?) which I always get mixed up with when people mention this game. I think it was on PCE and Megadrive.
Mini-Reviews of films I have just watched :
Mini-Reviews of ZX Spectrum games :
I agree the engrish in the game is very funny. 'Let's fry to the jungle' LOL

I'm going to give the original Sonic Wings game a try using Mame.

Will I also prefer calling the game Sonic Wings 2. It sounds better to me.
This game is one of my favorites on neo geo. I know there are betters on neo geo but we had only this. Me and my friend used to play this game a lot at arcade. I make it to the 10the stage boss but never passed it though i passed it with my friend 1 credit and i didn't loose life. The game starts again when you pass 10th stage and it is too hard after it. I use baby.
When I got into NeoGeo emulation I jumped right over this shooter and started with Blazing Star. Shooters are the type of games that even when they're aged they're still fun so I'm gonna have to play some of this.
CRIKEY... this game got a good response eh?

I haven't played this one, but Merlin mentioned 'Special" earlier, which is the version I have for PSOne & Saturn. Its quite an enjoyable game if I were honest, but when it comes to Shmups, I'm biased anyway! Yeah, if I were really honest, I rather like this game.. very VERY similar to the Strikers series, just not quite as good... only quite.

Not sure what Special is, but I 'think' its a remix of different levels form the first 3 games. Of course I could be wrong... and, RiKo... AeroBlasters / AirBuster IS, as you say, an MD/PCE side-on shmup... and a very good one at that too (I only have the MD ver.)
Good game and fairly cheap to come by on MVS, which is not typical for the neo shooters. I actually prefer this game to the sequel. Isn't this the one where you can kill everyone on the ferris wheel?
If you don't know where you're going, any road will take you there.
NeoGeoNinja - I heard that former Video System members that worked on this title actually moved onto Psikyo and worked on Strikers. Not 100% sure that is true, but I think it's very likely. Apparently if you check the credits for both games you can see a lot of the same names.

Boogipop: Yea it's the one with the ferris wheel... it's also a little bit eery destroying the Twin Towers on the New York stage... (see attached)

Kazuya_UK attached the following image:
Never played this before but I will very soon!
That's a very interesting topic. Pls discuss more. I like the cute picturesShock

Thank you very much for you information
organisme de credit
I really like the game, its actually aged rather well i often play it on my NGCD . Good call with Aeroblasters Ninja got MD version too although ive played the Pc Engine one on emu and it seems a little more polished. Been after Aero Fighters 3 for NGCD but it aint easy to find for under 20, ive got it on my 100-1 mvs cart and agree with other members that 2 is preferable to the sequel although i have never completed the last level
Edited by STE C on 29. April 2009 12:16
I think this game is fun. It is not the best shooter for the Neo Geo, but I like the backgrounds, it is "easy" enough not to be frustrating (at least until you get to the last level), and the character design and dialog is "so bad it's good."

I also like Aero Fighters 2 more than 3. The backgrounds are more appealing to me personally.
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