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October 21 2018

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Thread Author: merlin
Thread ID: 1477
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There are 124 posts in this thread, and it has been viewed 46129 times.
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Obscure 2D arcade fighting games
Spectral VS Generations
Hokuto No Ken
Rival Schools
Red Earth
Merlin, what version of MAME are you using to run Asura Buster? Asura Blade and Buster, Dragoon Might, and Suikoenbu are all listed as imperfect for me and either don't run correctly or at all. Maybe I just have bad dumps?

Also, I can't stress enough to anyone here who likes King of Fighters (I'm assuming that's everyone reading this), you have to try The Fallen Angels (Daraku Tenshi). It's an absolutely beautiful game. The characters are very detailed and the animation is very smooth, approaching even MotW at times. The backgrounds deserve a special mention too. The drab colors and barren locales create a feeling unlike any fighter I've ever played. Some stages have 3d foreground elements that you can interact with (sending a bar table flying at the screen for example). Harry Ness and Trigger's stages both have a fire in the background that backlights the fighters which is a really cool effect. Man, this game really deserved a Dreamcast port. Finish the other four characters (whose graphics are hidden in the rom), make the bosses playable, and rebalance a few things here and there and you'd have one of the best fighters of all time. As it is now in it's admittedly unfinished state it's still an amazing game that should be experienced by all fighting game fans, particularly SNK fans.

Daraku Tenshi: The Fallen Angels FAQ - Move lists and info on the game for those interested.
Daraku Tenshi looks nice Thumbs Up

I really want to play Hokuto No Ken too - since I like the anime.

I am going to bring this thread back down with an intersting Amiga game called Elfmania. Its a fighting tournament featuring Elves! Its meant to be good fighter on the Amiga, but its probably a bit duff in the grand scheme of things. It looks a bit strange and floaty - the animation is quite smooth though

YouTube Video

Something that interests me is that apart from the graduated far background this game will be in the Amiga's 32 colour mode. A lot of early Neo games don't look more colourful than this, so it makes me wonder how many of those 4096 (?) colours were actually used!

This game also uses the raster floor effect - well know to SNES SFII players. I always wonder why no Neo Geo games (I have played) use this effect, since I think it is probably quite simple to acheive.
Edited by RiKo on 23. January 2009 15:20
Mini-Reviews of films I have just watched :
Mini-Reviews of ZX Spectrum games :
reelmojo wrote:
Merlin, what version of MAME are you using to run Asura Buster? Asura Blade and Buster, Dragoon Might, and Suikoenbu are all listed as imperfect for me and either don't run correctly or at all. Maybe I just have bad dumps?

I have three versions of Mame and these games all work fine for me so I think you must have had bad dumps. To play on Kaillera I use Mame32++0.117 or Mame32++0.119. Mame32++0.119 is the best one to use especially with Daraku Tenshi. You can only play Dragoon Might if you have an additional bios file called konamigx which you can find quite easily with a google search.

Thanks for posting that link to the FAQ because I hadn't seen it before. I've already got an FAQ but it's not as detailed. One thing I found out is that someone made a cheat/hack so that you can play as the bosses when using MAME. There is a complete single player playthrough using Trigger on Youtube. I think Carlos the final boss is really cool. He's some kind of crime boss like Geese Howard but more malevolent. He fights with a katana.

Here's a website about Daraku Tenshi:

Daraku Tenshi forum:


A thread at Shoryuken including tier list:


Here's one last video showing the climactic last battle against Carlos:

YouTube Video

EDIT: I just watched the Elfmania video RiKo. I had never heard of that one before. I don't think I'd want to play it myself but I agree the graphics do look nice and very colourful. I've never actually owned an Amiga or played on one so there's probably a lot of good games I missed out on.
Edited by merlin on 11. February 2009 12:19
Daraku Tenshi is a very nice game but the PCB is really expensive to buy...80000 Yen!!!
My arcade stuff

"ph'nglui mglw'nafh Cthulhu R'lyeh wgah'nagl fhtagn! Ia! Ia! Cthulhu fhtagn!"
Holy crap!!!! Elfmania! I haven't even thought about that game for so many years now, not since I was about 14 and in school. I remember there being huge hype around it in Amiga Format and other magazines, and I was desperate to get it. When we finally did obtain a copy (that got swapped and copied about 30 times between myself and our circle of friends... got to love those old warez days as a poor schoolkid lol), we all loved it at first, but in truth it's not exactly a great game. You're right about the controls being weird and floaty, that's definitely the case, although the graphics and music were very good for the time! It was fun for a while anyway, although the CPU got very frustrating later in the game I think.

They sure as hell don't make fighters like that anymore... Grin

I think the only versus fighter I had on the Amiga was IK+ which was a brilliant multiplayer game (esp with 3 players). It probably has the best bonus round ever too with the deflecting of the balls with the shield! Smile

I do remember reading about games like Body Blows and Elfmania - both I think were very good for the time, and considering the hardware. In those days a lot of Amiga games struggled to run at even 25fps. They will have aged quite badly now though. Elfmania was a big deal when it came out because of its technical proficency. Its amazing what they could do on the Amiga at that time. I remember a platformer called Brian the Lion that manged to copy the SNES's mode 7 effect - in game and at 50hz!

The Amiga was mainly my brothers - though I bought a lot of the games. We had lots of those pirate disks too. I used to love the little intro's they put at the start with the scrolling message.

hmm Daraku Tenshi remind me of another game I saw on Youtube - it was quite bleak and violent but it looked quite recent. I will have to try and find it........
Mini-Reviews of films I have just watched :
Mini-Reviews of ZX Spectrum games :
I actually got Dragoon Might working finally. It seems pretty good so far. I got Asura Blade to work too but it it skips from time to time sadly.

I can't help but notice that no one commented on Battle Fantasia yet. No one bought it?

Also Chaos Breaker looks awesome. I was reading about the Taito Type X board that the game runs on and apparently it's all standard PC hardware right down to the operating system being a modified Windows XP. Basically what that means is an emulator would be pretty easy to program as most of the hardware is actually already in your system. Think of it like this: If your PC was actually just a NeoGeo with a slightly different operating system then getting Fatal Fury running on your PC wouldn't be that big of a problem, right?

To put it more simply, the game's only 4 years old but it could be "emulated" soon. Awesome.
reelmojo wrote:
I can't help but notice that no one commented on Battle Fantasia yet. No one bought it?

I really like the look of this game and as an Arc fan I will definitely end up buying it. The character designs are very appealing and I like the fantasy theme. I don't have an XBOX 360 or PS3 right now though, I'm just waiting for a slim PS3 to appear on the market which could take a while.

Chaos Breaker does look great. They really should have ported it to the PS2. I'm looking forward to when it's possible to emulate the game. Here's another video:

YouTube Video

Here's another arcade fighting game which was actually ported to the PC Engine and is also available on the Wii Virtual Console.

Martial Champion 1993 Konami
Konami's third 2D fighting game their fourth being Dragoon Might which is a superior game.

YouTube Video

Edited by merlin on 28. January 2009 19:53
Merlin and I just got finished playing some Daraku Tenshi on Kaillera. The game is incredible when playing against another person! The balancing issues do show themselves a bit more in 2 player though. Haiji does too much damage and you have to do complex combos with Yurien to do significant damage. She's still one of the most fun to play as though. I also love Roche, the 16 year old professional killer. His whole demeanor is just badass.

If you play one new game because of this thread, make sure it's Daraku Tenshi.
Wow, Martial Champion Hmm

I was five the last time I saw that game in person.
It was great playing Reelmojo on kaillera. I did lose most of the time though but I don't mind. There were some really exciting matches too where we each had won a round and it came down to who got the last few hits in the third round.

Kaillera really is wonderful. I've previously heard bad things about kaillera for example that the lag was a huge problem. Considering that we are in different continents I've got to say I didn't really notice much lag. Occasionally the screen would freeze for a second but nothing too bad. I'm keen to have another go and would be delighted if anyone else wants to give it a try too.

I agree Haiji is overpowered. One of his regular special moves can be charged up and take more than half of the opponents lifebar. Yurien is still my favourite but Cool is also a great character to use. His special and super moves all need to be charged and he's seen as one of the weakest characters. His crouching kick has a good reach though and he's got a great anti-air special move.

I love the Ruccio Roche gif! I agree he's a pretty cool character in the game.

Martial Champion while not amazing does seem to have it's fair share of fans and the Virtual console release is testimony to this. I need to give it a try.
I think Haiji just does too much damage in general. I actually like the powerful charging punch. It forces you to be defensive when fighting him since you can't knock him out of it. True it might be a little too powerful, but the fact that he forces you to play the game differently when you're facing him makes him one of the most well done characters in the game I think. If I were to rebalance the game his moves would be a little weaker overall and that charging punch would do a maximum 40% instead of what looks to be about 60%.

I finally got Asura Buster, Cyberbots, and Dan-Ku-Ga running! So many fighters to play! Asura Buster in particular is really good.

This is said to be similar to Warzard... I wouldn't know because I can't get Warzard working:

Oni: The Ninja Master (aka Metamoqester) - Banpresto 1995 (Embedding not allowed)
Edited by reelmojo on 31. January 2009 09:10
It's funny but I was just about to mention Metamoqester in this thread. I only just noticed that you edited your post Reelmojo. I've been playing this today and it really is an excellent game. It's quite unusual, like you say it's a bit similar to Warzard. As well as single player you can play 2 player co-op against the cpu. Well worth checking out.
Edited by merlin on 01. February 2009 01:15
Last night merlin and I played some more of these games over Kaillera. Asura Buster was a bit laggy but that could mostly be because the game doesn't run all that smoothly on my computer as it is. It's a shame because it's a really good game. We finished the night off with some Dragoon Might in which he beat me like 9 times in a row. That one definitely has a more classic look and feel but it's still really good. It played pretty smoothly over Kaillera too.

We also played Daraku Tenshi and Waku Waku 7, but you should all already know how good those games are.
I had a great time last night. Asura Buster was definitely a bit laggy and I found even simple special moves harder to pull off. It really is an excellent game though.

At first glance Asura Buster seems like a simpler kind of fighting game and it only uses 3 buttons. However there is a lot more to the game than might first appear and there are loads of different things you can do in the game. For example with the super meter you can either pull off a super, use a third of the meter to do a more powerful 'EX' version of any one of your regular special moves or also you can enter 'Boost Mode' in which the screen goes all strange like in SS3/4 and there is a shadow version of yourself who fights alongside you and performs the same moves as you.

Playing Daraku Tenshi, Dragoon Might and Waku Waku 7 was really enjoyable and lag wasn't really a problem. Even though I had a winning streak at Dragoon Might I overall did lose more matches than I won during the session. Reelmojo was hard to beat especially when using Roche and Yurian in Daraku Tenshi and also as Goat in Asura Buster. I've never been a huge Waku Waku 7 fan but I really enjoyed playing it.

Like I said before I'm still hoping some other people might be interested in joining us on kaillera. Not that I'm some sort of expert but if anyone isn't familiar with emulators/kaillera and needs any help then send me a pm. Kaillera is very easy to use.

I just found another game which is similar to Warzard and Metamoqester. It's not quite as good as them but still pretty enjoyable.

Monster Maulers 1993 Konami

YouTube Video

Edited by merlin on 11. February 2009 12:18
Four words and two numbers: Yie Ar Kung-Fu 1 and 2

Oldies, but goodies. Never encountered the original, but I remember encountering the sequel only once, at the age of 9 or 10, at a pizza joint. It was around the time the fighting craze was taking off (early '90s). I put some tokens in and gave it a chance. The game kicked some serious behind back then and still does now (to me, anyway); playing Yie Ar Kung-Fu 1 and 2 gives me a greater appreciation for the history of fighting games. Although Street Fighter 2 was an awesome game, we must remember it was not the first.
Edited by shion on 14. February 2009 06:38
I did a little catching up on a few games I missed from earlier in this thread. Rabbit lacks sound in the emulation, but it runs smoothly. I haven't given this one much time yet, but it seems promising. Interesting characters, very colorful graphics, and some sort of beast system that appears somewhat similar to the stands in JoJo's Bizarre Adventure. Seems odd that it was published by EA.

Martial Masters is the reason why I haven't put much time into Rabbit yet. I was instantly blown away by this game. I animation is comparable to SFIII, the character design is similar to Last Blade in some aspects (although that's gonna happen when the setting is feudal Japan), and the gameplay itself is amazing. I know I already said if you play one game from this thread it should be Daraku Tenshi... but if you play two the second one should be Martial Masters. I love the Asura games so the fact that I'm ranking MM above them after only playing it for a few hours should tell you just how good it is.
Yie Ar Kung Fu is still a lot of fun to play Super Tobalman I completely agree with you. I came to it quite late it was only in the mid 90s that I started playing it and even though it was an older game it was still fun. If anyone hasn't tried it then I'd recommend them to give it a try. It's a very important part of the history of fighting games.

Martial Masters really is a phenomenal game which I can't recommend enough. The graphics are beautiful. It does remind me a bit of The Last Blade. I'm looking forward to playing it online soon. I still also need to check out Rabbit which sounds interesting.
Martial Masters is one of those games on my "must buy" list, but I haven't got a PGM mobo yet.
My arcade stuff

"ph'nglui mglw'nafh Cthulhu R'lyeh wgah'nagl fhtagn! Ia! Ia! Cthulhu fhtagn!"
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