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February 16 2019

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Thread Author: merlin
Thread ID: 1477
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Obscure 2D arcade fighting games
I recently discovered a few fighting games that I had never heard of before namely Dragoon Might and Dragon Master. They were never ported onto any console and it got me thinking about what other arcade only fighting games might be worth investigating. Has anyone got any other recommendations and also does anyone have any opinions about the two games I mentioned?

Dragoon Might by Konami is from 1995. The graphics are very colourful and character designs are very appealing too (Yamato and Tsugami are my favourites so far). The game has a zoom feature like Samurai Shodown and the characters have weapons. You can do a super move called 'Final Attack' and there are 3 punches and 3 kicks. I'm very impressed with it so far and would definitely advise giving it a go if you've never played it before. People have described it as being like a cross between SF2 and SS.

Here's a combo video:

YouTube Video

Dragon Master by Unico Electronics is from 1994. It's worth a look and the graphics are not bad but I would say it's definitely not in the same league as Dragoon Might. The character designs are a bit bland and unappealing. Overall the game feels a bit average. There is some kind of super bar which you can charge. Like I said it's still worth a look though.

YouTube Video

Edited by merlin on 29. June 2010 10:15
they both look fun especialy dragon might, what arcade style were they on
Cheers for exposing these Merlin... Like you say, the first one (Dragon Might) looks pretty good. I'd definitely give it a good go!

The only Random game that fits in to this 'category' of obscure fighters is a Data East fighter I have on the Saturn called: Outlaws of the Lost Dynasty.

The Saturn version REALLY needed to use the 4mb (Like the Saturns FFury3 needed to too!) and as a result suffers from slowdown during FX heavy fight sequences, HOWEVER, this is potentially a good game, looks similar to the ones you posted above, and would probably benefit from an investigation of the original Arcade version over the Saturn port.

Heres a decent quality combo tutorial for only a few of the characters. Enjoy (?)

YouTube Video

Edited by NeoGeoNinja on 11. January 2009 20:44
Street Smart is pretty obscure, for good reason Annoyed
that also looks like a fun game ninja
Powerwave wrote:
they both look fun especialy dragon might, what arcade style were they on

Dragoon Might is a daughterboard that is used with the Konami GX motherboard. You can see a picture and info here along with a list of compatible games:


I assume Dragon Master is just a Jamma compatible PCB. I hope I understood your question correctly Powerwave.

NeoGeoNinja thanks for mentioning that game because I had never heard of it before. From watching the video I do like the look of it plus a quick search on ebay has revealed it's fairly cheap too so there's a high chance I'm going to buy it in the future.

Here's a few more more arcade only fighting games. I haven't tried these yet but they both look very promising.

The Fallen Angels (Daraku Tenshi) 1998 by Psikyo:

YouTube Video

Warzard (Red Earth) 1996 by Capcom

YouTube Video
The most obscure fighter I play is Weaponlord. It was a Genesis/SNES game released right as the PS1 came out so not too many people noticed. It feels completely different than any other 2d fighter I've ever played which turns a lot of people off, but the strategy and the amount of options are amazing. Here's a video that starts out with characters parrying and then breaking their opponent's weapons and then shows some good combos and some fatalities (all performed with in-game combos and special moves).

YouTube Video

And here's a game that I haven't played because no emulator supports it and the Japanese Saturn version is really expensive... Astra Superstars. It's the spiritual sequel to Waku Waku 7 and it looks to be just as insane.

YouTube Video

EDIT: The Fallen Angels looks pretty awesome.
Edited by reelmojo on 11. January 2009 22:00
I can't believe I forgot about Warzard. That game needs to be on a console of some sort.
Warzard looks great. I agree SteveDave it would be great if it appeared on a console or virtual console etc.

Reelmojo I like the look of Weaponlord. Definitely the kind of game that appeals to me. I'll probably pick this up for my Snes at some point. Astra Superstars looks very good too and it's very original the way you move around the screen. I've never seen that in a fighting game before. I don't think I would want to spend the kind of money that the Saturn version goes for though. I reckon Powerwave would enjoy this.

I've been spending quite a bit of time yesterday and today with Daraku Tenshi - The Fallen Angels and I've got to say that it is absolutely INCREDIBLE! Seriously I'm not exaggerating. It's set in 2010 after an earthquake and a city has become separated from the mainland and according to the intro 'sex, crime and drugs rule the streets'.

The graphics are quite simply a work of art. The backgrounds are all pre-rendered and look stunning my favourites being a stage set in a bar and a stage with a burning helicopter. The sprites are large and very smoothly animated. Gameplay is very enjoyable and although I'm playing it on quite a shallow level I can tell it's got real depth to it. Character designs couldn't be better with Yuiren being an early favourite of mine.

I found out some very interesting info on wikipedia:

Information about the game's development and fate are scarce, though it is widely reported that it was released without being completely developed. The sprites for 4 unplayable characters have been found in the ROMs of the game. The developers of the game then reportedly moved to SNK, supported by the observation that many of the characters bear striking resemblances to fighters that later appeared in SNK's King of Fighters series and the game Garou: Mark of the Wolves.

Anyway I would urge people to try this game because it is truly amazing.
I remember stocking Weaponlord at the shop I used to work at, but as you say the PSOne and Saturn had just come out, and I traded in my SNES to get the PSOne so I never had the chance to try it. Always though it looked interesting and being a big Namco fan I did want to try it. How do the SNES and Mega Drive versions compare?

Always wanted to try Astra Superstars as well (it's one I never got when I owned a Saturn), and Fall Angels looks pretty great. Does MAME support that at all?

Yes Daraku Tenshi - The Fallen Angels runs perfectly using MAME. For some reason after many attempts I still can't get Warzard to work even though I know it's definitely possible to play it on an emulator. Anyone who wants to try Dragoon Might will need an additional Konami GX bios file called konamigx.

I just wanted to mention a certain youtube channel because some of the videos on this page are from there. It's a guy from Chile who is really into these obscure fighters. There are a couple of Neo Geo videos there too. Here's his channel:
His featured video right now is Clayfighters... god I used to lvoe the first one on the SNES so much. It wasn't exactly the greatest fighter, but I liked it a lot back then, it was great fun!

I'll give Fallen Angels a try! Grin

ive always been interested in astra superstars been a huge waku wak fan but the price is more than ide normaly pay for a saturn game
Astra Superstars does work on MAME but runs pretty crappy on my computer.
I really like Dragoon's a game that might find a way to my home.
Anyone knows Golden Axe the Duel?
YouTube Video

My arcade stuff

"ph'nglui mglw'nafh Cthulhu R'lyeh wgah'nagl fhtagn! Ia! Ia! Cthulhu fhtagn!"
merlin wrote:
Yes Daraku Tenshi - The Fallen Angels runs perfectly using MAME. For some reason after many attempts I still can't get Warzard to work even though I know it's definitely possible to play it on an emulator. Anyone who wants to try Dragoon Might will need an additional Konami GX bios file called konamigx.

I just wanted to mention a certain youtube channel because some of the videos on this page are from there. It's a guy from Chile who is really into these obscure fighters. There are a couple of Neo Geo videos there too. Here's his channel:

Warzard runs 100% fine on the Nebula emulator.


Download the CPS3 one!Thumbs Up
@cthulhu i have Golden Axe the Duel for sega saturn and i think it is pretty good the graphics are good the game play is great, great game overall to me
Ack!! Tried to post this a couple of hours ago BUT... Internal 500 guys Annoyed

SURE CTHULHU... I know Golden Axe:The Duel! I was gonna mention it along with Warriors of the Lost Dynasty, but wasn't sure if it was wasn't obscure enough? A pretty cool game too! I play it quite often.

AS FOR WARZARD/RED EARTH... my friend has this on CPS3 emulation on his original xbox. Plays pretty well. It really would have been nice to have had a console release (DC would've been best), HOWEVER, upon playing it, it becomes apparent that this IS genuinely an Arcade game, if you get what I mean. From memory theres only 4 selectable characters (who are all good tbh: Tessa/Tabasa, Kenji, Mei Ling & Leo) and the game has a distinctly 1 player feel to it. I REALLY LIKE THIS GAME, but I can see why it never saw a console release.

OH... and I was annoyed when Capcom Fighting Jam had Hydron & Hauzer in INSTEAD of Tessa & Mei-Ling... as theyre both the best characters in RedEarth!! WTF??! PLUS Hydron & Hauzer weren't even playable in R.Earth originally... probably because they were cack - as proven in CFJam! DAMN Capcom with their stupid rosters Angry Tessa is actually ONE OF my favourites in SVC too... too bad she (somehow?) didnt make the grade for 'Jam'. OK, OK... what I'm saying is once you play R.Earth YOU TOO will wonder why Capcom didn't use them for Jam, as the WarZard team would've been 1000x better overall IMO (sorry for the rant guys... it just hurts you know... inside?)

REELMOJO... i want Astra Superstars & I will get it at some point as it does look pretty damn good. I too rather like WW7 too. AS FOR Weaponlord... I had this game unboxed a few years back, but sold it as I COULD NOT figure out any of the moves whatsoever (I tried the 'usual', but they didnt work!) Felt positive though... may pick it up again some day!

ANYONE PLAYED: Sonic Council? I have it on the Saturn... Obscure BUT VERY GOOD FIGHTING GAME INDEED! Asuka 120% Burning fest. Limited? Another highly playable fighting game with tons in the series I think? OH, AND NOT FORGETTING... Groove on Fight on the Saturn... I think this is the sequel (timeline wise) to Matrimelee. I think this game may be Power Instinct 3(?)


YouTube Video


YouTube Video


YouTube Video

ENOUGH HERE... to keep you fighting oddballs (like me) happy for a while eh? Grin

Cthulhu I like the look of Golden Axe the Duel. I've been thinking about buying it for some time. The graphics are really nice and I generally like games with a fantasy theme.

Midian thanks a lot for your help. Thumbs Up I'm going to give it a try tomorrow.

Here are a few other arcade only fighting games:

Asura Blade: Sword of Dynasty 1998 by Fuuki.
I had a session with this a short time ago and really enjoyed it. Very colourful cartoon style graphics and very fast paced gameplay. It's quite easy and I got to the 7th opponent on one credit. One of the characters is quite funny, she is a little girl called Alice who carries a book and can summon skeletons to attack you. The game is definitely worth playing.

YouTube Video

The Killing Blade - Gouken Kyoutou 1997 by IGS
I haven't tried this yet but it looks promising.

YouTube Video

Has anyone played these games before? It would be interesting to hear your opinions.

EDIT: I've just had a look at those 3 videos NeoGeoNinja. Never heard of any of those games. They all look very interesting though! I'm never going to have time to play all these wonderful fighting games! I'm so glad I started this thread. Grin
Edited by merlin on 13. January 2009 00:40
i have played Asura Blade a lot i like it a lot, it only has 3 buttons the graphics are nice plus on a emulator you don't have much to lose so try it out....
This thread has given me so many new games to play that it's ridiculous. I downloaded Daraku Tenshi: The Fallen Angels but I've never used MAME before and I can't figure out how to set controls (using the MAME Classic frontend). Any help? EDIT: Nevermind, I figured it out... but the game doesn't run well on my computer. I'll see about running MAME on Dreamcast.

Is MAME purposely not user-friendly? I'd gladly play it on any other emulator if possible.

NeoGeoNinja, the controls in Weaponlord work very differently from a standard fighter. A lot of them are executed by holding a button and then doing the motion. For example, hold X, do a dragon punch motion, release X. This changes how the game works in ways that are pretty staggering.

Also, I'm definitely going to buy Astra Superstars sometime soon too. It's so obscure than MAME probably won't ever fully support it (as cthulhu said, it runs but not correctly), and I'm not holding my breath for a Saturn emulator either.

Kazuya, the SNES version of Weaponlord looks a little better (more colors and no black bar at the top of the screen) but in my opinion the music in the Genesis version sounds cooler. They play the same so it doesn't matter much which one you want to try.
Edited by reelmojo on 13. January 2009 01:28
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