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December 16 2018

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Thread Author: NeoGeoNinja
Thread ID: 1471
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There are 22 posts in this thread, and it has been viewed 6088 times.
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The 3DO
FIRSTLY I APOLOGISE IF... a thread like this has existed before.

HOWEVER... I'd just like to find out if any of you have the 3DO interactive multiplayer!

If anyone does, please tell me, explain what you like about it, and please take a little time just to say what version of the console you have and also the games you have for it, and which is your favourite game for the machine (NeoGeo site eh?.. guess it'll be Samurai Shodown then eh?)

I will also post a 'response' with answers to my own questions later on too!


Welcome backIn Love

Used with the kind permission from their creator "Shiny"
I have only played Primal Rage on 3DO.

Needless to say, not the greatest game to "show off" the console Thumbs Down
I don't and have never owned a 3DO but I just wanted to say that there is one 3DO game I've always wanted to play and that is Road Rash. I used to love playing the Road Rash games on the Megadrive and the 3DO version always looked like it would be an amazing game to play.

Can anyone please tell me how Saturn Road Rash compares to the 3DO one? Sorry for going a little bit off topic here.
Edited by merlin on 10. January 2009 16:17
merlin wrote:
I don't and have never owned a 3DO but I just wanted to say that there is one 3DO game I've always wanted to play and that is Road Rash. I used to love playing the Road Rash games on the Megadrive and the 3DO version always looked like it would be an amazing game to play.

Can anyone please tell me how Saturn Road Rash compares to the 3DO one? Sorry for going a little bit off topic here.

I also didn't try any 3DO games, but I read one time that the 3DO Road Rash version is even better than the Playstation version...So the Saturn version must be similar to the PS version I suppose (this is a supposition, I actually never played the Saturn version).
Mr Vengeance
I own an M2 Annoy

Okay maybe not Wink I would genuinely like to own a 3DO though as it was a pretty decent stag at making a proper gaming system, unlike the Phipips CD-i or the mess that was the Jaguar.....
Thanks for the info Yann. Thumbs Up
Rented it for a couple of nights at a hotel when i was a kid, can't remember if i liked it or not. But it did have a version of Policenauts so it's can't be that bad of a system. Plus it had all those crazy WARP/Kenji Eno games...
I remember reading about the 3DO before it came out, and it seemed like it was godly - like the most powerful machine on the planet. I have never played one, but I heard Need for Speed is meant to be superb (where it all started I believe), also Return Fire is meant to be a top game - esp in 2 player. I think these games also came out on Playstation though (but maybe they are not as good as the 3DO versions)
Crash and Burn looked pretty good, and that Off-World Interceptor game also looked cool (I think that is a 3DO game anyway!)

BTW Merlin - I have the first 3D Road Rash that came out on the Playstation and I really like it. Hopefully the Saturn version will be just as good.
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RiKo wrote:
BTW Merlin - I have the first 3D Road Rash that came out on the Playstation and I really like it. Hopefully the Saturn version will be just as good.

Thanks RiKo. That's good to know. I'll probably take a chance on it as I don't think it's very expensive.

I can still remember when they had a challenge on the TV programme 'GamesMaster' featuring Road Rash on the 3DO. It looked really impressive and more advanced than the MD RR games. Did you buy 3DO Road Rash yet NeoGeoNinja? It would be interesting to hear your thoughts about it.

The only other 3DO game I can think of that I'd like to play is the Korean game 'The Eye of Typhoon' but that would probably cost a fortune because it's quite rare I think.
I still own 2 of them and play "Twisted" with a few people on a pretty regular basis...Great game ! Road Rash on the 3DO is easilly the best version to date and suprisingly it holds up well even today.

There are alot of fun titles on the platform that alot of people never got a chance to play. Some of the best light gun games with great production values, and yes I own a Jaguar aswell.

The jag is marginal at best but didnt really get a fair shake itself.

I like that you can turn the weapons off on the 3DO version of Samsho.
Edited by candycab on 15. January 2009 08:34
I spent most of the eighties, most of my life, riding around in somebody else's car, in possession of, or ingested of, something illegal, on my way from something illegal to something illegal with many illegal things happening all around me.

James Newell Osterberg, Jr

"Last screw is hidden under a warranty-voiding sticker. Darn, cant return this thing to the store - guess Ill just have to make a laptop out of it!"

Ben Heck on PS3 Slim
A really good version of one of the Street Fighter 2 games came out on 3DO, (Turbo?). I remember the 3DO also did quite well in Japan - perhaps rather strangely.
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I used to own the Panasonic one... Cost me 500. I remember it was packaged like a HiFi, which made the price tag seem a little less, nah, who am I kidding, it was ridiculously priced. I actually got it when it was released on a buy now, pay in 6 months deal... When the 6 months was up I had to sell the bastard thing to pay for it, haha.

Road Rash was great, the soundtrack was awesome, all Therapy and Soundgarden et al. And if you left it alone for a bit it would play music videos as a screensaver. Pretty cool.

At the time we thought that Trip Hawkins just might do everything he said he wanted to; have a 3DO in every home, kinda like a VCR or DVD player. He failed obviously and then Sony did just that. The power of the brand prevails I guess. It's a shame because it was a great piece of kit, and I wonder how many of the innovations we saw in the Saturn and Playstation are direct results of what had begun with the 3DO.

Imo, a classic machine.
Hey Guys!

Thanks for the interest & replys.

I own a 3DO. I've had it for many many years and I didn't really pay much for it as I got it just as the Saturn & PS1 had arrived on the scene.

BACKSTORY: A friend of mine had this obscure console in his bedroom. It was his Dads 3DO (separated parents I believe - his father lived in Scotland somewhere). His dad had either lent it him or given it him. Either way, I'd been subjected to Road Rash & Need for Speed on this BEARING IN MIND, I only had a SNES at the time. These games were good. I had to have this machine! How could I get one. WELL... I was a real 'swap' meister back in the day (I can afford my own bits now) so I offered the lad whatever he wanted in exchange for this machine, as he expressed to me that he had no real interest in it as he wasn't really 'into games'. So what is it you are into? What do you want?

HE TOLD ME... he wanted (wait for it)... my Diamond Back BMX, YES, for the 3DO.
Fantastic! When can we swap etc etc? Well... the rest is history, as we say. A near 15yrs on and I've still got the machine (FZ-1) and its still going strong!

WELL... what he didn't know, is that he swapped his not-so-old at the time 3do with Road Rash, Total Eclipse, Off World Interceptor, Virtuoso, FIFA, PGA 96 & PaTaank for a Diamond Back BMX... ONLY, IT WASN'T a Diamond Back BMX! Oh no... it was a Raleigh ProZone Cyber that I bought off a mate for 20. I'd de-badged it myself, and stickered it up as a DB using a DB decal set I'd acquired from a bike shop not long before. It DID look the business. So much so, I got a 3DO+games in exchange for it (back in '94). Not bad going eh?

ANYWAY... I have since acquired many games for it, so heres a list for your perusal fellas. Heres the lot including some of the previously mentioned:

Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo (Awesome version! The best at 'home' at that time in '94)
Super Street Fighter 2X (Jap)
Samurai Shodown (Again, probably identical to the NeoCD version, if it exists?)
Road Rash
Need for Speed
Escape from Monster Manor
Rebel Assault
Captain Quazar
Space Hulk
Another World
Wing Commander 3
Blade Force
Star Control 2
Primal Rage
Ice Breaker
Killing Time (Favourite Game on the 3DO!)

I also have the 3DZero for the 3DO which is basically a pad converter that lets me use SNES pads on the 3DO. Damn handy for SSF2T/X & SShodown.

THERES STILL... quite a few games I want for it! Top of the list among many is probably Way of the Warrior, Demolition Man, PO'ed, StarFighter, Supreme Warrior & Wolfenstein 3D! These all look like great games (to me!).

Heres a couple:


YouTube Video


YouTube Video

KILLING TIME (sorry about the mundane dude... best video though):

YouTube Video

I'll put some more oddities down below/next post... mainly some Fighting games inc. Eye of Typhoon (Fight Fever 2 basically) & also a cool looking 3DO-M2 only 3D fighter I'd like to play one day called Battle Tryst. Shortly Guys.

Heres the fighting games:


YouTube Video

BATTLE TRYST (M2 only/Konami Arcade):

YouTube Video

YuYuYakusho (3do - SHITTY PC emulation unfortunately - as it looks alright tbh):

YouTube Video


YouTube Video



YouTube Video

MAN!! I need this game pretty badly! Its SOOO bad its AMAZING!!!

"Now thats a knife" & 'Shaky Jake Wins"... C'mon guys? This is f*ckin' awesome. NOT FORGETTING the White Zombie/Rob Zombie OST & the ridiculous SFX too. This shits priceless Grin

ALSO... anyone else think this level BKGD in WayOTWarrior looks like Kim Wu's stage from KI Gold?

*CLAP CLAP*... "Pass" Ninja
lol - that last video is very funny - I like Dragon's weird messed-up body popping jerky victory dance. For some reason at a distance it looks like he has a bad wig on.

It makes you wonder what they could do with digitised graphics today - I hope they don't make a comeback!

I like Supreme Warrior it actually looks like it works quite well for an FMV game. The gameplay reminds me of a first-person version of Legend of Success Joe - where you block and react, block and react.

Does anyone remember Fear Effect (1+2) on Playstation? - those games advanced the concept of using prerendered footage in the backgrounds, this time in 3D. (they also combined nicely with the lesbianism Wink )
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Mini-Reviews of ZX Spectrum games :
Wow. I cannot believe that it's Naughty Dog that developped this Way of the Warrior 0_o
I suppose they get more success and fame with Crash Bandicoot ^_^
Shaky Jake fights with a didjeridou?

That shit IS priceless LOL
Okay great....good to see lots of members from so long ago are still active members today.The 3DO was an interesting machine back in the day,but it had a price tag that put it out of the reach of a lot of mainstream gamers back then.Lots of good games for it but lots of shite as well...the whole FMV games thing did it no favors either as they were'nt particularly fun or challenging.But it did have an uncensored version of Samurai Shodown and a ass kicking version of Streetfighter 2.....Road Rash and Need for Speed were other standout games,most of the Electronic Arts games were excellent probably as they were part of the consortium that were behind the machine....also the first and only console to have R-rated adult games on it(as far as i know)Total Eclipse was my personal favorite,a pseudo 3D shooter that was extremely hard but fun as well.I have about 90 games for it but less than half of those are really worth playing....i have spare copies of some games ....Demolition man,road rash,need for speed and a few others.... if anybody is wanting these drop me a pm.
i remember my uncle sun order the matsushita back in 1993 for 599$. first he was intersted to buy the little known(fujitsu fm towns marty)the 32 bit system that release in japan only before 3do debut. when he receive it i feel somthing before open the package that we gonna see more than mega drive & super famicom 16 bit power. and like what i imagine many title was absoulotely mind blowing such the first ever fmv game we see( night trap) - putt putt goes to moon in excellent adventure game and receive the gold award in egm review- total eclipse( ( the 3do version was much better compare to psx version ) after that many games has arrive on all category fmv-crime patrol the arcade fantastic light gun games and the horde also nice game. as for the fighting mortal kombat 2 was in good translation and time if they ported over but they bring the excellent way of the warrior instead its very hard to play it with the matsushita pad but the super famicom joystick adaptor help as alot when we play it on capcom sf2 joystick. also i remember many japanese games was available like yu yu hukosho & sailormoon. did any one ever play police nauts! and what the difference in the story from the super cd snatcherHmm
Edited by neogeoeno on 01. October 2010 06:32
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