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August 26 2019

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Thread Author: reelmojo
Thread ID: 1464
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There are 25 posts in this thread, and it has been viewed 23766 times.
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Samurai Showdown RPG in English is coming.

It's a long time in the making (almost 2 years now) but it's still being worked on regularly. It appears we'll all be able to play and understand SSRPG in the near future!

That's pretty cool. Does anyone know if this game is meant to be any good or not? It would be good if it gets a CD release too. I guess we could probably burn our own anyway.
Mini-Reviews of films I have just watched :
Mini-Reviews of ZX Spectrum games :
This is quite exciting news. I've got SSRPG on Neo CD but because of all the Japanese text I've given up trying to play it. Looking forward to playing the translated version.
what will the translated version appear on console wise
It'll be a patch for the NeoGeo CD version. The translator has stated more than once that he doesn't have the means to work on the PS1 or Saturn versions and therefore has no plans of doing so.

So does anyone know how well the game runs on available emulators? I'd love to play it on my Dreamcast personally, but if performance suffers my PC will be fine.
Finally a translation, I've been wanting to play this for a long time, but my Japanese skills are inexistent!
I can't wait for this... I have been wanting it for so many years. Must have taken a lot of work, so while this has taken ages I am sure it will be more than worth it!

The Neo Geo CD emulators tend to work quite well. Never tried the Dreamcast version of the emulator, is it any good? The PSP version is very cool though - I'll have to get it back on my PSP in anticipation of this because it would be great to play it on the move.

cant wait ClapShock
Deuce made a post about his progress. Real life things are slowing down his work (which is to be expected) but he said he's finishing up tweaking the voice timings and after that all he has to do is the combat menus, as only Haohmaru's and the item selection is done. So things are looking up! We might be playing this in a couple of months!
Update: It's almost done!

YouTube Video

Watching that video makes me realize that this game has great music. I want to play it for that reason alone.
That looks pretty good, really looking forward to play it! Grin
Black Shroud
Meanwhile, you can read about the game at TenChiKaiByaku (game article can be found under original name "Shinsetsu Samurai Spirits: Bushido Retsuden" in Storyline section of site)
I suddenly got a hankering to play this game in English! I wish that dude would finish the translation patch soon.
Black Shroud
From what I know, translation of all text/menus was finished back in autumn 2009, however Deuce then started to fix miscellaneous stuff like adjusting voice timings in dialogs, and now messing with portraits, and all of it got paused because of "real life" multiple times. Well, I hope my grandchildren will be able to play this game in english.
Edited by Black Shroud on 25. April 2010 09:24
People seem to just laugh when someone brings up that they want a patch soon in the thread... so i wouldn't get my hopes up...
I should just play it. I've gotten so pampered since emulation has boomed. I remember when I'd hang onto every word in the translation FAQ for Tobal 2 (I don't read a lick of Japanese)!

On a related note, I wonder if KOF Kyo will ever get the translation treatment...
Edited by shion on 25. April 2010 18:46
The SamSho RPG translation has been going on since '07,
so if KOF Kyo will get a translation, let's hope it goes a bit quicker.
I'd settle even for Engrish. Grin
nice gonna play this over ssf4
I'd do that too!
A shame the release still seems faaaaar away...
Anyways, i noticed the link in the first post sends you to the old thread,
this is where it's at: http://www.neo-ge...p?t=177727
And I've just realized, this is on the NGCD, does that mean this has horrible load times
before and after anything happens in the game?
Edited by GeeseTheDuck on 25. April 2010 20:38
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