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July 02 2015

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Thread Author: priest
Thread ID: 1459
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There are 101 posts in this thread, and it has been viewed 27631 times.  There's also files attached.
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Fatal Fury II / Fatal Fury Special: NGFL High Score Challenge
Another ONE on One BeatŽem up in this weeks challenge, yeah its Fatal Fury IIShock

EDIT 23/2-10: DOUBLE FEATURE this HSC now also covers FATAL FURY SPECIAL as this is virtually a remake of FATAL FURY II...Go for gold in this one tooSmile

This is also the game of the week:


The rules:

* Play whichever version you like: AES / MVS / MAME.

* Difficulty: 4 MVS / AES (MVS setting)

* Rounds: Default

* Credits: 1

* Multiple runs as training is of course allowed. Also if you manage to surpass your previous score then just post it and IŽll update the first post.

* No cheating with any kind of UNI-BIOS is allowed.

* No cheating in Emulators such as autofire, Pausing or infinite lives are allowed
(or any other effect you can use in emulators to make the game easier, score higher etc)

* Photographic proof is not needed as I believe that we are all honorable people. If you like though you can attach a photo or a mini-clip with your highscore.

* State which platform you played this game on.

* The goal: Highest score possible.

G O O D Terry L U C K

Scoreboard FATAL FURY II:

1. Neo-Geo Man: Score: 1,168,600. , Character: Kim, finished the game , Played on AES

2. lee gray: Score: 839,300. , Fighter: Andy, Stage: 12 complete, Difficulty: 4 , Format: kawaks 1.59

3. LIFE_IN_2D (2D!): Score: 314,000. , Fighter: Terry, Stage: 9 Beaten by: Billy Difficulty: MVS , Format: PS2 Garou Densetsu archives 1 (JAP import)

4. Will: Score: 249,800. Fighter: Mai, two perfect rounds and a perfect bonus round Stage: 5 Beaten by: Mai

5. RiKo: Score: 236,600. Fighter: Terry Bogard, Stage: 8 Beaten by: Big Bear
(1 Perfect, and a perfect bonus round) Played on: AES

6. Priest: Score: 205,800. Fighter: Kim, Stage: 9 / Round: 2, Beaten by: Billy Kane. Second bonus round (England): Perfect, Played on: AES, Difficulty: MVS

7. Rbelmonte171: Score: 127,600. , Fighter: Big Bear, Stage: 5, Beaten by: Terry, Played on: MVS

8. ?


1. NEO-GEO Man score 675,500 points, played on Euro BIOS AES console, completed the game using Mai Shiranui, MVS difficulty.

2. Riko : Score: 61,500. , Char: Terry, Beat by: Jubei (Stage 4), On: Neo Geo AES (MVS Skill Level)

3. ?
Edited by Kazuya_UK on 02. September 2012 16:15

Used with the kind permission from their creator "Shiny"
i don't think i will have much to do with this one....i much prefer the real bout ones ...FF3 a bit But staying way from special and 2
Rbelmonte171: Thats OK. You can try some of the other challenges instead, if you like to that is...Smile

Used with the kind permission from their creator "Shiny"
I'd probably get a better a score in this one that its predacessor.
OK, So after watching "Bloodsport" with Jean Claude Van Damme kicking the shit out of everyone I felt inspired to give "Fatal Fury II" a go. This is how I did:

Priest: Score: 205,800. Fighter: Kim Stage: 9 / Round: 2 Beaten by: Billy Kane. Second bonus round (England): Perfect Played on: AES Difficulty: MVS

My fights were far from perfect otherwise my score could have been better. Maybe IŽll give this another go later...

Bloodsport trailer, a highly entertaing movie Thumbs Up (IMO):

YouTube Video
Edited by priest on 06. January 2009 10:44

Used with the kind permission from their creator "Shiny"

Edited by priest on 06. January 2009 11:10

Used with the kind permission from their creator "Shiny"
Good work Priest! - managing to get JCVD into the Fatal Fury challenge is an acheivement in itself! Joe

I have to say when I was younger 'Kickboxer' was my favorite film for a long time. I think I have probably seen all of JC's films. Its always funny when he does the splits for no reason Grin

Well I just had a go on FF2 - I got 77400 with Terry, Stage 4 (AES version). Not quite up to your standard Priest!
I really hate Andy - he is my nemesis!

Mini-Reviews of films I have just watched :
RiKo: Yeah I guess liking this "Bloodsport" film has alot to do with nostalgia. I remember watching this when it first was released and me and my friends thought that this was the best thing since sliced breadSmile

I still think this is one of the best Jean Claude Van Damme films.

The split JCVD does as a bad guy in "No retreat No surrender" is a classicGrin

Look at 1,11 into this "No retreat no surrender" trailer, and youŽll see what I meanGrin :

YouTube Video

Welcome and thanks for joining this challenge, RiKo. Thats a good achievement, I almost know that you can do even betterThumbs Up

Right now the competition in this thread is ridiculous. I donŽt know if its because its not an interesting game to play or if the other guys donŽt have the time to play for a good score...?
Edited by priest on 07. January 2009 18:11

Used with the kind permission from their creator "Shiny"
i may be playing this when i have the chance
Shock I haven't seen that film - it seems I made too bold a statement. JCVD playing a bad guy - that's wrong! Yes you're right - great splits there Thumbs Up
He just can't help himself - lol

YouTube Video

Wouldn't it be great if Jean Claude Van Damme was a member of this forum? - we wouldn't even know.

Mini-Reviews of films I have just watched :
Powerwave: Looking forward to seeing some more FFII HighscoresSmile

Riko: lol, JCVD do has a thing for splits. And people seems to love it.

Will: Still curious to see a highscore from you in this game...
Edited by priest on 08. January 2009 11:45

Used with the kind permission from their creator "Shiny"
Mvs Bg Bear 127600 beaten by Terry 5th stage...
Thats great Rbelmonte, and welcome to this challengeThumbs Up

Scoreboard and hall of fame are updated.

Used with the kind permission from their creator "Shiny"
i just figure i shouldn't be out of this one, i have a higher score but still not enough for number 1 so i will keep on trying, and i can say myself i am almost enjoying this game .....Terry
I never thought I'd be ready but here I am. My player is Mai and my score is 249,800 with two perfect rounds and a perfect bonus round. I was beaten at the 5th Stage by my own clone.
Will: Welcome to this challenge and congratz on "taking pole position" Clap

Rbelmonte171: I know how you feel man, belive me I if anyone understand...DidnŽt think however I would be #1 at this title for so longRoll Eyes

Scoreboard and hall of fame are updated.
Edited by priest on 11. January 2009 17:10

Used with the kind permission from their creator "Shiny"
Hey Grin well done Will - thats a great score!

I just had another go:

Terry 141600 Stage 4 beaten by Terry (bastard!) I got 2 perfects.

I want to see what this bonus stage looks like:(

I almost beat Terry on 4th stage - he keeps 'tricking' me by throwing in sneaky rising tackles - just when I think he is open. I will learn from this - he thinks he is so much better just because he has a blue jacket - I will show him Andy

BTW Priest do you like this game more or less than FF Special? Smile

I played it straight after I tested my Breakers Revenge cart and Breakers is so much more fluid, but I think thats because its a later game. I do quite like FF, its good fun and love it when Big Bear says 'YEAAHHHHHHHH' (or whatever it is he says). The world globe section reminds me of Streetighter 2 everytime I see it - does anyone else get this?

Mini-Reviews of films I have just watched :
RiKo: Thats some good fightingThumbs Up From now on I will not think of "Terry Bogard", I will think of "Terry Bastard". Thanks RiKoGrin

Spoiler: 2:nd bonus round is in England (Billy Kanes stage)...Now you knowAnnoy

Hmmm which is less of a shitty game out of FFII and FFS you meanWink I would have to say they are more or less equally bad in my book. I mean why play this when you have games like KOF?

Scoreboard and hall of fame are updated
Edited by priest on 11. January 2009 18:04

Used with the kind permission from their creator "Shiny"
lol - its no fun being beaten by yourself!

I haven't even seen the first bonus stage yet! Grin - I don't even know what you have to do. I hope its wrecking a car or something.

Mini-Reviews of films I have just watched :
I'm afraid not Riko. I won't give you spoilers but there is no car to wreck like in Final Fight. The first bonus round takes place in Thailand.
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