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August 26 2019

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Thread Author: Vexan
Thread ID: 1456
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There are 15 posts in this thread, and it has been viewed 18045 times.
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Favorite SNK Themes!
We all have one or more! Our favorite song themes! those wonderful songs that every time we get to a certain stage we put our Volume at max.

Mine's are

Unbreakable Stained Glasses ( KOFMI )
This is the VERY FIRST song I heard from a KOF Game, and I actually talk about a Stage song.

Flying Tremolo Arm ( KOFMI)
This song is SO catchy!

Pure at good old days ( KOF XI ) - Arrange Version
This song is simply amazing with beautiful notes on the Chorus. brings some more fun during gameplay.

Street Dancer ( KOF XI ) - Arrange Version
This song just makes you feel so powerful! Bring it on! Hah!

Geese Howard's Theme -ALL Versions - mostly from KOFMI
This is the best theme, from Fatal Fury to KOF, The beat is awesome, and that rock remix for KOFMI made this song more than perfect. Geese, you are the man!

The Start up Sound - (KOFMI2)
An awesome remix based upon the Neo Geo's Start up sound, There's no word to explain the epicness of this song.

We all have our favorite themes, what are yours ?
Geese's Theme of course :3
AOF theme
176th street
Heroes Theme
K's theme
Galfords theme kicks ass too!
Billy Kane (RBS)
Laurence Blood (RBS)

I'll think of up some other ones later Grin
Mr Vengeance
Gotta say I love the themes from the Korean team's stage in KOF '96 and from the Psycho Soldier Team's from '94 - awesome! Oh, and in 2002, the theme from.... which level was it? Cambodia if memory serves me correctly.... its all dark and dreary anyway, rockin' theme though Grin
KOF 94,and 96 had very special OST songs indeed, and I also loved Yuri's theme in.. 97 if I remember well. ( Just got Orochi Saga not long ago so.. )
Edited by Vexan on 04. January 2009 22:42
Too Honest and Spread the Wings in Mark of the Wolves, DEBU in Matrimelee and pretty much the whole soundtrack anyway, lots of Metal Slug music.
Man...I have sooo many!

Rhythmic Hallucination (New Faces team theme from King Of Fighters '97)

Trash Head (Goenitz's theme from King Of Fighters '96)

Tears (Kyo's theme from King Of Fighters '99)

The theme of that roof-top stage from KOF:Mi (Don't know the name of it sadly!)

The theme from the Livehouse stage from KOF: MI

Dies Arae (By Mozart; Also Krauser's theme from KOF '96


To the Space! from Metal Slug 3.

The character select theme from Art of Fighting.

Fairy (Chizuru's them from KOF '96-'98)

All of Geese Howard's themes!

And Ill stop for now...
"Ah, it's good to be the King!"
i like the hero team ...theme Pfft from kof 99 & AOF first stage theme & many others Smile
- Real Bout Garou Densetsu 2: Soy Sauce on Geese (Geese Howard)
- Real Bout Garou Densetsu 2: London March (Billy Kane)
- Real Bout Garou Densetsu 2: It's Seoul (Kim Kaphwan)
- KOF '99: Esaka
- Metal Slug 3: Desert
- Metal Slug 5: Fierce Battle
- Matrimelee: Let's Go! Onmyouji
- Matrimelee: Kanenaijaa the Poor Fighter
- Rage of the Dragons: Exclamation (Abubo's stage)
- King of the Monsters: Ugly Hero (Theme of Astro Guy)
My arcade stuff

"ph'nglui mglw'nafh Cthulhu R'lyeh wgah'nagl fhtagn! Ia! Ia! Cthulhu fhtagn!"
Super Phoenix
My favorite themes well......

Power Instinct Matrimelee
A small happiness
Let's go Yin Yang Fortune Teller
Poor man Money Rider.

Garou MOTW
Kevin's Theme
Gato's Theme

KOF 2003
Revolutionary Etude

Oh and One more thing If anyone has any songs from Matrimelee or the soundtrack in general can you help me out.
Welcome to NGFL, Super Phoenix. I hope youŽll enjoy our companySmile

There are some Matrimelee songs in the jukebox here at NGFL, IŽm not sure that it works right now though.

You can write your own presentation in this thread, if you like:

Edited by priest on 18. January 2009 11:20

Used with the kind permission from their creator "Shiny"
I'D BEEN IGNORING THIS POST... reply wise, because I couldn't really begin to choose specific preferred music from all those NeoGeo-related games out there. *SIGH*... However , I'll give it a go. Off the top of my head:

KIZUNA ENCOUNTER: ShiShiOhs Stage (OST & AST vers)
MOTW: JaeHoons Stage (AST)
FF1: Michael Max & 'Accident' challengers (?) (OST)
FF2&FFSp: Andys Stage & Lawrence B's Stage (OST)
FF3/RBFF: Marys Stage (AST)
SVCchaos: Chapel stage (?)
SSIV: Amakusa Stage (OST & AST)
SSI&II: WanFus Stage (OST)
NGBC: NeoDios Stage
WHP: Err.. the stage with the Pyramids in the BKGD (OST)
AOF: Mr Bigs Stage & Mr Karates Stage (SNES Soundtrack... oddly)
AOF2: Cant get anywhere in this game yet... so I'll let you know... before I'm 70 hopefully!
AOF3: Rodys Stage & Sinclairs Stage

KOF Series: F*ckin' EVERYTHING in the following KOF's
94-99,01,03,XI - Some bits from: 00, NWave & the MI series too.

ALSO... OVERALL, FOR ME... anything done by SNKP lately I tend to love ALL the music in them (specifically KOF03, KOFXI & NGBC) I really like the adrenalin, upbeat style of these latest ST's

AS FOR 02?! Well... what can I say... Aside the great playability & great character roster, the Soundtrack SERIOUSLY sucks my hairy balls... FACT! BKGD designs are crap too. What a waste... hope the new 02:UM fixes my issues.

I like the main Shock Troopers game music, MOTW - Jae Hoon stage, KOF 96 Esaka, and the intro music to Pulstar. Those are my favourites Smile
Mini-Reviews of films I have just watched :
Mini-Reviews of ZX Spectrum games :
My favourite Neo Geo music:

Pulstar - the intro theme
Last Hope - Stage 4 music
Twinkle Star Sprites - Love so 'Radio active mix' (Tinker and Linker's Theme)
Twinkle Star Sprites - Love will never die (Memory's theme)
Neo Drift Out - Stage 6 music
Magician Lord - Stage 1 Dale of Evil Gods theme
Magician Lord - Stage 4 Castle of Devils theme
Edited by merlin on 19. January 2009 01:02
Esaka and Ne! from KOF 94' arranged.

Spread The Wings, Loose Genuis and Sunrise On A Train from Garou.

Dale Of Evil Gods from Magician Lord.

Japan stage from Real Bout Special.

A Kiss In The Dark and Midnight Wandering from Metal Slug.

Pure from KOF XI.

Column from Neo Geo Battle Coliseum.

Nakkoruru's theme from Samurai Spirits.

And my all time favourite, the haunting Moonlight from Last Blade 2 arranged.
The intro music of each fight in SvC Chaos
Music of the Red Arremer stage when played at half the speed
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