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October 21 2018

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Thread Author: NeoGeoNinja
Thread ID: 1427
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There are 11 posts in this thread, and it has been viewed 2908 times.
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LAST RESORT - That's new to me?
Well... I'd never played this before today. A post by 'KURISU' in the toughest games forum sparked interest. I had noticed that I had this on my recently acquired SNK Arcade Classics Vol1. So I thought I'd give it a go because I love 'Shmups'...

WOW... never played this before and I was pretty much blown away! It looks great and plays amazingly too. Shame I'd never played it till now. It's quite difficult, however, I've never found it to be unfair. Quite an achievement really for a shooter 1) HEAVILY modelled on R-TYPE & 2) created in the early nineties where 'cheap' came as standard.

I PREFER this to R-TYPE if I were completely honest. I prefer the multi-directional 'anchor' in this version and I just find that this plays just as well as R-TYPE, except nowhere near as punishing and unforgiving, PLUS, you can get by in this game without needing to memorise patterns etc. You can simply rely on your own level of ability, which IMO is how games should be!

I NOTICED... that this hasn't been featured as game of the week yet. So until it does , I will make do with Kazuyas review, which I haven't read yet. will be interesting to see how it did in comparison to how I feel about it!

AS FOR LAST HOPE... I believe that this is an unofficial sequel to LAST RESORT. Oh wel, lets hope SNK(P) do an official sequel at some point in the future then because all the things I like about LResort are nowhere to be found in LHope (i.e. fair gameplay for a start!)

ALL IN ALL... when I eventually get me an AES, this will be HIGH on the list of things to buy. I cannot wait Smile

(p.s. Did IREM ever try and sue SNK over this game as the similarities are beyond striking, from the font on the title screen, to the flashing 'push start' text... to the charge bar and indeed the ACTUAL bullets that fire out of the nose of the ship are identical to R-TYPE's!! How did SNK get away wit this one? Please let me know Thumbs Up )
I'm glad you are enjoying Last Resort Ninja Grin I haven't really given my copy a proper go yet really. I have played Pulstar though and of course that is very like R-TYPE too! I did read that is was by some of the same team who did R-Type, so that is probably why- I wonder if any of the R-Type team had a hand in Last Resort too?

A few months ago I spent quite a lot of time playing the orginal R-Type (on RTypes on PSX), it is a really hard game and though I love it, it can to seem a but plodding after a while - a bit like Pulstar too I suppose. But I guess that's just the style of the game. The strengths of R-Type are the sheer variety between levels, and the versatility of the force weapon. When I first played Pulstar I thought it strange that that you can no longer fire the 'force' off, but I soon got used to it and found its a pretty good game!
Mini-Reviews of films I have just watched :
Mini-Reviews of ZX Spectrum games :
It is a great game and I must be totally honest... when I reviewed it I don't think I did it justice at all. The review was another that I write many years ago and I didn't go very in-depth about it at all, but over the years I have played it lots and appreciated it a lot more. It's definitely one for GotW though, and would make a good high score challenge too! Smile

My lord it is too hard in parts though, level 4 is rock hard. I need to get one of my neo's modded so I can cheat.
The game has a lot of atmosphere in it. The title and intro is much cooler than any other Neo-Geo intro I've ever seen. It took me ages to get through the game. I think the game takes place in the 31st century. The first boss looks a lot like a damaged sentinel similar to a sentinel from X-men. I'll be looking forward to how far I can get in one go when the it shows up in the highscore challenge.
I think last resort is an amazing game. It was one of the first games I got with my AES and made me release how great the neo geo is. Still play it lots today.
ADMITTEDLY... as you can tell from my initial comments, i was pretty suprided by this game. I didn't expect it to be THIS good (as opposed to THAT good Wink )

I think this was simply down to a few reasons:

1) Looks like R-Type - lets face it, unless your a gaming genius, you would have been pretty pushed to get far on R-Type on your 1st ever go. LResort was so much more balam=nced and actually fair that it made 1st-time multi-level playthrough a reality. what a game!

2) SNK game - again, SNK's early games are SOLID! This is mainly due to a distinct lack of decent AI, resulting in a more 'pre-emptive' behaviour as opposed to actual solution-based strategic gameplay. LResort however, doesn't suffer from this at all. Fantastic!

The ONLY issue I had with the game was 1) the ship is WAY too long. This can be an issue when dodging random bullet spats from above and below & 2) My version is on a PS2 compilation that, THIS ONCE, isn't AES perfect, like all the other compilations. As a result my LResort suffers slowdown occasionally which irritates me somewhat. This could however be in the ACTUAL game, but I suspect it isn't (Shock Troopers runs so slow it's near-painful playing it... shame :( )

I could probably list more reasons, but it's getting late, i have a horrible headache and need to rest.

cannot wait for LResort to be GOTW... i will probably join in with the Highscore Challenge too Wink
3 words. Try Blazing Star
Edited by Atomduck on 28. December 2008 07:43
Quite out of point Atomduck. You didn't tell us what you think about Last Resort. Come to think of it, I'm wondering what the title describes the game overall. I think the title means you 'The Player' are the Last Resort to the siege destroying earth's cities. The weapon I prefer is the laser. The missiles or okay but not that good. The vertical missiles are not all time useful.
Last Resort is a really nice game. I bought an AES copy a while back but haven't really spent all that much time with it yet. I would definitely take part in a high score challenge for this game.
Atomduck wrote:
3 words. Try Blazing Star

1 word. Did Wink
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