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October 17 2018

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Thread Author: amobile
Thread ID: 1416
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There are 19 posts in this thread, and it has been viewed 5158 times.
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Bonjour everybody !
Bonjour !

happy to be registered on this beautiful neogeo fans site Smile

First sorry for my bad English:(

Secondly, i'm french (i know, nobody's perfect Wink ), i live in grenoble in the middle of the Alps.

thirdly, i'm a neogeo CD collector. This console made me dream when i was young, so now it's my revenge Grin I've got all the neogeo CD console type and around of 70 games.

That's it !
See you on the forum Smile

Welcome to the site, thanks for joining up! Don't worry, your English seems very good! Thumbs Up

Grenoble looks like a very beautiful place! Smile

thanks Kazuya Grin

yes grenoble is a very beautiful place in winter when there's some snow... just like in this moment Wink
Welcome amobile Grin - don't worry - my French is very bad!

Wasn't the Winter Olympics in Grenoble once? Beautiful but cold... I'd imagine.

You have a lot of games! - What are you favourites?

I hope you enjoy being on the site Grin
Mini-Reviews of films I have just watched :
Mini-Reviews of ZX Spectrum games :
Welcome amobile. Grenoble looks beautiful indeed.
Hi RiKo !

My French is not better than my's a big problem some day Wink

yess there was the Winter Olympic games in Grenoble in the 60's...congratulation, you're a well-educated person Riko ClapHmm

So, i'm trying to have the neoCD full set, but some games are too expensive for me for the moment (neoDrift Out for exemple or Breakers...)

My favorite game for the moment? Twinckle Star Sprite !!! GrinThumbs Up
amobile wrote:
thanks Kazuya Grin

yes grenoble is a very beautiful place in winter when there's some snow... just like in this moment Wink

Nice... I really wish it was like that here but we rarely ever get snow. Hell, I can't even remember the last time I saw a white Christmas. Even when I went to Austria a few years ago there was only heavy snow on the day we left, a coupleo f days after Christmas. On Christmas day itself it was actually warm! Annoyed Man I really hope it snows again this year! Smile

So what are you fave games?

Hi and welcome, amobileSmile There are a few more members of NGFL that I know collects Neo geo cd. I own a NGCD but since I got my mits on an AES there has been very little interest for the cd.

Anyway I hope you will enjoy your stay hereSmile

Used with the kind permission from their creator "Shiny"
hello and welcome from the uk
Hi amobile. Welcome to the forums! Grin Your English is pretty good.

That's an impressive collection of Neo CD games you've got there. Thumbs Up Did you buy Last Hope yet? Most of my games are AES carts but I do have a Neo Geo CDZ and 26 CD games. The CD consoles are great. Quite a few of the games are really cheap, load times are fairly short for a lot of games and you get to play some nice CD exclusives like Zintrick.

Those wallpapers look really nice by the way.
Ah...Grenoble, nice city with beautiful surroundings...I have family living there, a nice of mine married a Frenchman...I went there for the wedding earlier this year.
My arcade stuff

"ph'nglui mglw'nafh Cthulhu R'lyeh wgah'nagl fhtagn! Ia! Ia! Cthulhu fhtagn!"
Hey amobile, hows it going? Welcome to NeoGeoForLife!

I'm also new here. I'm enjoying myself and I'm sure you will too Wink

Don't worry, your English seems great Thumbs Up and is 1000 times better than my french!

See you (see?) in the forum Smile

thanks for your welcomes guys Smile
it seems to have a good atmosphere here Smile

it's an english forum but mostly do you come from UK here?

Kazuya> on CD support, my favorites games are the olders one and shmups: Last resort, view point, twinckle star (i loooove twinckle star!!) and pulstar
For the 2D versus fighter, i prefer playing on MVS/AES/PS2

merlin> No i don't have bought Last Hope, because i prefer buy all the official NCD games first and i thinks it is too expensive for a (fuc$^ quite beautiful) homebrew:( (i always ask myself why the NCD version is so expensive compared to the DC version Annoyed )

PS Wink
I take the opportunity of this thread to send an SOS to the NGFL community Wink
I'm looking for someone who have the kindness to scan the AES manual of the following games:
==> Andros Dunos
==> 8man
==> King of the Monsters

Thanks a lot Smile
amobile wrote :-...congratulation, you're a well-educated person Riko

Aww shucks - thats the nicest thing anyone has ever said to me! Grin - merci beaucoup

I don't have those games unfortunately - there is a section on this website, but there are not too many there at the moment. I don't *think* those particular ones are there.
Mini-Reviews of films I have just watched :
Mini-Reviews of ZX Spectrum games :
eccentric cat
amobile wrote:
My favorite game for the moment? Twinckle Star Sprite !!! GrinThumbs Up

Any person who likes Twinkle Star Sprites is a friend of mine!! Grin

Welcome to Neogeoforlife, amobile! Hope you enjoy your stay here!
Without love, the truth cannot be seen.
Hi amobile

Welcome to the site, i'm also a big fan of TSS.
TSS is the Life Headbang

i have a lot of fun too with Windjammer Thumbs Up or little pretty game like super sidekicks 3 (i'm the best on it Annoy )
Welcome aboard amobile! Smile

I love France personally, I was in Nimes recently and I really did not want to leave.
Mr Vengeance
I'm Irish but descended from French settlers (I still have a French sirname Grin) I love France! I love my heritage, kinda like all those Americans claiming their Irish ancestry I guess....

Anyway, welcome my friend. I don't have a CD console but would really love one.... anything to do with SNK and I'm interested! Grin
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