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April 23 2019

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Thread Author: Kazuya_UK
Thread ID: 1412
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Samurai Shodown Discussion
Mr Vengeance

I'm probably going to like 3 and 4 a lot myself, judging on what I've read about them - whilst I do enjoy more minimalist fighters like SSII with its emphasis on timing and countering, etc, and less emphasis on specials and combos, I do love games with lots of super specials and all that going on - love complexity in a fighter, so I'm looking forward to getting my hands on 4 in particular at some point in the future.
Basashi King
having just played this game on aes for the high score challenge, i was struck by a couple of things.

id always assumed that 2 was better: more moves, including super specials, great new characters (no tam tam though:( ), sexier backdrops...

but the difficulty is too hardcore! it gets pretty hot in the third fight! ive seem ubergeeks in japan play this game, but they usually employ cheap tricks in order to beat the cheaper ai and win.

samurai shodown 1 however seems to have the balance about right. i can get through it on 1 credit mvs setting, but its a solid challenge - hard enough i feel.

as has been stated above, the first game has cool bonus stages which are a real challenge - sadly absent from no.2

im going to play ss2 pretty hard from now, but my feelings at the moment are that ss1 is better for a 1 player game, but ss2 is better for a 2 player scrap due to its better moveset and fantastic roster.

this was the game that made me want a neo - its a real classic, and an essential game in any collection.
Black Shroud
I saw that some people there have no clue how to play Samurai Shodown V Special (not included in Anthology), so I thought I'd mention that you can play SS1,2,3,4 and 5 Special online with other people at
A game to pay attention to. A classic with a exciting introduction. I really like to here his speech just to seconds later see him cut of the trees and pillars with his katana

It is a game with great feeling. I will go for the 2 next sequels and perhaps continue if the wallet says yes to that
The Duce
i can still remember the day when ss hit the arcade in 93. firstly i think its the sequel to shogun warrior . snk brings new kind of fighting game (ninja-kabuki-giant) i learn every character special move from the magazine.17 years very dis tribe on its came i think it yesterday Annoyed

First reaction...




shot in the eye
shot in the brain
shot in the ass...
Wow. That's quite funny actually. All those years people, including me, were button mashing and it didn't affect the outcome at all! Grin
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