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July 20 2019

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Thread Author: NeoGeoNinja
Thread ID: 1410
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There are 16 posts in this thread, and it has been viewed 4891 times.  There's also files attached.
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All Ninjas are cool... But a 'NEO GEO' Ninja... Damn!
Hi all. I've visited the site plenty in the past (for the reviews etc) but can't remember the site looking quite as fine as it does right now! Thought it was about time I signed myself right up. So, a bit about myself. i am an avid fan of SNK & indeed the NEO GEO. I first got hooked on SNK as a wee bairn when my cousin got Fatal Fury when it first came out for the MD many years ago. There was just something about it, that i couldn't explain, that had me infatuated. oddly I don't ACTUALLY own a NeoGeo. I one day dream of owning one but at present I own pretty much EVERY port you can get on all other home consoles, so I get by just fine. For example:

Pal SSaturn: KOF 95
Jap SSaturn: KOF 95,96,97,SamSho 3,4, FF3, RBFF & Special, Galaxy Fight, WakuWaku7, Fighters History Dynamite, World Heroes Perfect, Operation Ragnagard, Metal Slug

Pal PS1: KOF 95, SamSho 3, RBFFury, Metal Slug X
Jap PS1: KOF 95, 96, 97, 98, 99, Last Blade, RBFF, RBFFSpDominated Mind, Metal Slug, Metal Slug X, SamSho 3 & 4

Jap DC: MOTW, LBlade 2 Final, KOF99DM, KOF99evo, KOF00, KOF01, KOF02

Pal PS2: AOF Anthology, KOF 00/01, KOF 02, KOF 03, KOF XI, KOF:NW, NGBC, SVC, SamSho'V' Metal Slug Anthology, SNK Arcade Classic Vol1, Maximum Impact 1 & 2

JAP PS2: Metal Slug Collection, SNKP collections: 1-12 - MOTW, LBlade1&2, RyuKoNoKen1-3, KOF Orochi (95,96,97), FFBA1 (FF1,2,3), FFBA2 (RBFF, Sp, 2), KOF Nests (KOF 99,00,01), Fu-un collection (SReign, KEncounter), WHeroes Gorgeous (WH,2,2Jet, Perfect), Sunsoft Collection (WW7 & GFight), SamSpirits RS (1-6 no VSp tho:( KOF98UM.
ALSO... SVC, NGBC, KOF03, KOFXI, KOF00, KOF01, KOF02, KOF:NW, SamSpirits V & VI, Matrimelee

Not forgetting ports for the SNES & MD and my trusty NGPC too (my only NEO)

I have all these different versions (not because I'm a nutcase) because I have a thing for making comparisons etc. The PS2 versions, tbh, are near Arc Perfect unlike say the PS1 versions, which tbh are pretty average-poor (aside 95 which plays fine!) but the SSaturn versions with the 1/4mb run great. Also the DC versions are some of the best there are imo.

So as you can see, at the moment I have managed to acquire enough stuff to keep me busy till I can afford the legend itself (The AES of course). I'm a hardened SNK fan. I may not have an actual NEO, however i am a long standing fan, have been for many years and truly love SNK(P) with all my heart (do Ninjas have hearts?).

Anyways I'm looking forward to posting in the forums and look forward to getting to discuss things with you all in the future.
Edited by NeoGeoNinja on 14. December 2008 02:49
eccentric cat
Yay! Now we have an official ninja to the site! ^_^

Hi, and welcome NeoGeo Ninja! Smile
Hope you stick around! And I'm not sure if ninjas have hearts... not according to Hanzo from World Heroes, anyway Pfft .
Without love, the truth cannot be seen.
Welcome to NGFL, NeoGeoNinjaSmile I agree with you the DC ports are some of the best versions to play if you are not going to play the games on a MVS/AES...ofcourseWink

Thats a nice collection of games you have there. I hope you will enjoy your stay here...

Used with the kind permission from their creator "Shiny"
Quite an impressive collection...welcome to the madness!!!
My arcade stuff

"ph'nglui mglw'nafh Cthulhu R'lyeh wgah'nagl fhtagn! Ia! Ia! Cthulhu fhtagn!"
Welcome to NGFL NeoGeoNinja! Grin I hope you have a good time here.

You've got a really nice collection of games. Although I haven't played any of them myself I've always heard that the Saturn, Dreamcast and PS2 ports are very good.
Hello NeoGeoNinja - Welcome to the site! Grin

Wow! - it's amazing how many formats SNK games have found themselves on. I am always fascinated with how the ports to the less powerful machines turn out. The SNES port of Fatal Fury Special is surprisingly complete - and probably would have done very nicely for people who couldn't afford AES's (ie most of us!) back in the day.

The Jap PS2 looks like the machine to own for SNK ports! - I didn't know you could get Waku 7 and Galaxy Fight.

Have a good time in the forum Ninja! Grin
Mini-Reviews of films I have just watched :
Mini-Reviews of ZX Spectrum games :
heloo and welcome ninja
Welcome to the forums Ninja! Great collection of ports there, what games do you have on the NGPC though?

Hope you hang around and enjoy your time on the site! Thumbs Up

Hi everyone. Thank you indeed for the kind welcome. I already feel quite at home here Smile Thanks again for your positive comments regarding my collection. I plan on getting an AES at some point in the near future, however, at present, SNK(P)s PS2 SNK collections are such faithful ports that I currently could not justify an AES right now (recession, credit crunch... yadda). But I've always dreamed of having one, so one day (soon) it will DEFINITELY happen!

The PS2 at present is my Jack of All Trades, BUT oddly, Master of All! It serves as my makeshift 'AES' and 'Atomiswave' (MSlug6, NeoWave, SShodown6, KOFXI, Fist of the North Star, Rumble Fish, Guilty Gear series etc) PLUS all of Capcoms fighters (SF3:3S, Vampire Collection, SFZeroAnthology, CVS2, MVC2, Hyper SF2 etc). Not forgetting the backwards compatibility too with some great PS1 games. AS FOR THAT PS3... I'll be getting one eventually (not by choice) simply for SFighter 4 & more importantly KOFXII (the fact that Andy, Ryo and Robert are looking '95 just makes me want to cry with hapiness!!)

@Kazuya_UK: A Tekken buff perhaps? I do like Tekken. Kazuya is my 2nd choice after Heihachi (being my 1st!) HOWEVER, Kazuya is easily the coolest character in Tekken/any 3D fighter (I think?). Hwoarang comes 3rd... I think Paul is the BEST but I struggle to learn him and my fighting style is more natural and instinctual with my fave 3.

Regarding my NGPC collection I have (all complete, mint cond. in the 'shockboxes'Wink:
Last Blade
Samurai Shodown2!
FF 1st Contact
Metal Slug 1st
Metal slug 2nd

My NGPC is the Blue Camo version and I have a PSU for it too (even though the batteries do last forever!)

I'm after SNK Gals fighters (to complete 'my' collection) and oddly I quite fancy that Sonic game too.

@RiKo: Nice avatar! Are you a Ralf fan? I have a of a love hate thing for the guy - He's a great fighter and easily one of the best in KOF... BUT my issue lies in that he looks s**t doing it! His kicks, punches, stance, outfit are a complete turn off for me BUT he's goddamn LETHAL. You simply must RESPECT the Ralf Smile I always use him in MetalSlug 6 too... how could you not?!

Regarding the ports... the PS2 ones are pretty much perfect. However, I take some odd pleasure in playing the lesser ports (like the SNES, MD, PCE etc) just to see what the companies did with the games on lesser hardware. Most efforts are good. My favourite port (and I actually prefer this version to the NeoGeo version!!) is Fatal Fury for the MD. I prefer the music and the SFX (The SFX are really brash and awesome). A poor effort would be FF3 for the Saturn as it does not utilise the 1/4mb of RAM... the frame rate really sucks :(

AS FOR FFSpecial... I was never a fan of the SNES port as I found the SNES ver. of FF2 was massively superior (more frames, more accurate SFX & music renditions). This is probably due to FFSp's inclusion of the extra characters & BG's etc. Still... good effort Thumbs Up

Thanks again to all for the warm welcome... looking forward to getting to know you all Ninja
Welcome to the site NeoGeoNinja. You have really great fighting game archive. Thumbs Up
Hi NeoGeoNinja

Welcome to the site, that is a amazing collection of games you have there.

Look forward to talking to you in the future.
Welcome aboard NeoGeoNinja! Smile
Welcome to the forums Ninja! Smile
Mini-Reviews of films I have just watched :
Mini-Reviews of ZX Spectrum games :
Cant argue with that collection , i have a lot of them ports myself the Saturn versions come in some lovely boxes eg SS3/4 if you get the cartridge versions. Its true that the original Neo versions always seem better for some reason but the Saturn /DC /Ps2 ports are a great alternative for people on a budget or who arent ready to take the plunge. I noticed you mentioned The Rumble Fish , i got this game too and the graphics are a sight to behold i suggest anybody with a Jap/Modded PS2 to hunt this game down ( aint cheap mind but worth it )
STE C I totally agree with you about The Rumble Fish. That really is an excellent game which people should definitely check out. I like the futuristic theme, the 3d backgrounds look pretty cool (in particular the underground one with subway trains) and the gameplay is really enjoyable. The boss Greed can be a bit of a handful to say the least! I normally use Kaya. Which characters do you use the most STE C?

good shout on 'The Rumble Fish'!

I too really like this game! I'm a Zen & Garnet player myself. I like to mix in a bit of Viren & Aran too mind Thumbs Up

STE C... regarding the 'nice boxes' for the Cart-included box-sets; personally I actually PREFER the versions WITHOUT the cartridge as: 1) I have a 4in1 which sits happily in the back of my Saturn, permanently & 2) I don't like the way the box versions don't include a back-inlay for the CD case. Unnecessary and annoying (like KOF95 on SAT... never ever had a CD inlay. Shame).

ON THE FLIP SIDE... I own BOTH the 4mb cart box-set of MSHvsSF and the stand-alone version. Interestingly, both the cover art for the manuals (effectively, for the same game) are different! As a result, I kept both versions... geek!

AND YES MERLIN... 'Greed' can be a bit of a handful (to say the least!), but we can forgive him, can't we? As he has arguably the COOLEST boss/stage theme music EVER! Talk about spine-tingles!!

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