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September 24 2018

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Thread Author: joedec
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Top Ten King of Fighters games
With King of Fighters XII almost upon us, I'm asking all SNK and KOF fans to name your 10 favorite KOF games, whether it be the regular 2D series, the Maximum Impact series, or the handheld KOFs.

My ten favorite KOFs are:

1. KOF 97
2. KOF 96
3. KOF 2003
4. KOF 98
5. KOF Maximum Impact 2
7. KOF 2000
8. KOF 95
9. KOF 2002
10. KOF 94
This is a really hard one to answer... KOF 98 would probably be my top one, but although this is a bit of a cop out, my opinion on the rest of the games in the series would change depending on my mood. I think KOF 2002 is another excellent and quite well balanced game, I love playing 94/95 for the more old school style, and the tag team action of 2k3 and XI is also great for a change of pace. Max Impact is brilliant when I'm in the mood for it too, and it's one of the few KOF's I can get other people to play, if they don't like the 2D games.

So basically almost all the games in the series bring something to the table, and it's very hard to pick between them. I don't honestly think I can pick a solid top 10.

Kof 94

not an easy one
Edited by rbelmonte171 on 09. December 2008 22:32
98, XI, 02, 00, 03 not sure about others. My least favorite is 01.
Edited by Zakatek on 09. December 2008 22:38
Sorry people. This is my first thread so bear with me. Lets try this. what are top five KOF games. That way it will be easier to name your favorites.
Wild Tengu
1. KOF95

Pretty much it for me.
Well out of the ones I've played :

1. KOF 2002
2. KOF 96
3. KOF 98 (I haven't spent a lot of time with this or it might be higher)
4. KOF 99
5. KOF 2003

KOF96 is sometimes my favourite though - because I really like the music and bright colour palette and the background are all excellent - with lots of life poured into them Thumbs Up Its an amazing bargain too - the AES version can be got for around 30-40 - maybe even cheaper!
Mini-Reviews of films I have just watched :
Mini-Reviews of ZX Spectrum games :
Played them all and have them all but like Kazuya said, they all brought something to the table making it really hard to pick one over the other. However I did have a long time to think about this and I think a solid top 5 should be possible. Note that I've taken some possibly unusual measures to make this list, including cast, gameplay flow, personal affection and historic impact. Also I must note that looking at what KOF02UM is shaping up to be it's likely going to shatter all previous entries and make this list obsolete upon release.

1. KOF NeoWave (overrides KOF02 entry) EU PS2 version only.

- The version I have includes May Lee and Angel, both of which are missing in some versions. The game is on the lowest end when it comes to the soundtrack and the HUD design isn't pretty but it takes KOF02 (arguably one of the best in the series) and rebalances it with 3 whole new gameplay styles (all of which I really like) and new super cancel entry points for most characters. It dumps K9999 but adds Saisyu, Juhn and the AOF2 version of Geese (who ended up a damn solid character) in his place to make up for it. It has some obvious issues yes but this one is all about the cast and gameplay.

2. KOF98UM (overrides regular KOF98 entry)

- They took one of the finest fighting games ever made and improved it areas I didn't even realize could be improved and even dared to change up fundamentals (such as Geese's button press deadly rave and the SDM system) that have been with us since forever, for the sake of balance. KOF98 in it's original form was, and still is, a prime example of how a competitive fighting game should be made. It had near flawless gameplay, amazing attention to detail and fanservice alike as well as one of the most solid casts ever assembled. The only thing keeping it from the no. 1 spot is that the combo system is noticably limited compared to the more modern outings of the series.


- The best looking and sounding KOF to date. It sports some really cool new characters from the Ash saga that became instant favorites (Malin, Momoko, Ash, Duo Lon and Shen Woo to name some) and SNK worked hard to improve the returning characters as well. Ryo finally gets some new moves, Ramon got a new command attack that helps him a ton, K' gets a badass new throw as well as some cool new toys and so on. The main themes that keeps this game away from the top is that I feel a tad too many mainstays were dropped (it didn't help that their NGBC selves were "tacked on" in the PS2 version either) and that the game acts and feels like a middle child, a game right between being an experiment and total greatness. The endings deserve a special mention because they are all canon for once and playing different teams will show the same events from various angles for the sake of plot development and stability. If only more games did this!

4. KOF01 (both AES/MVS standard and PS2 remixed versions)

- While highly experimental in nature KOF01 also brings one of the single largest KOF casts to date with a staggering amount of standard characters and puts them all on the table with no hidden extras. Many characters also regained past moves to gain bigger movelists than ever before. Eolith experimented with everything from team building mechanics, super canceling and new inputs to art direction, musical style and plot devices. Some turned out to be successful trials (such as the revised super cancel system) and moved on to become standard features while other experiments (such as the lifeless electronica sound) were not so popular. In the end I love the game, despite it being the black sheep of the series, because it's so different from the rest of the KOFs and while it's clearly downright broken in many places it also managed to do so many cool things at the same time. I loved the unusual art too and Ignis (that bastard) is one of the series most memorable bosses next to Rugal hands down.

5. KOF95 (any version, any console)

- I can still play this little baby for nostalgia alone and I still think this is where the series really took off because it absolutely destroys the prequel in every single area (just like KOF98 would later do to KOF97 in my opinion) aside from maybe the final boss fight. As it is now KOF95 is a solid example of a good old-school brawler with a particular nod to the stellar backgrounds that still holds up even compared to the later games in the series. Do I need to mention that one of the most recognizable characters in the series, Iori Yagami, made his debut here? Thought not ;D
Edited by HexElf on 12. December 2008 08:46
Asuka does not wait until after school, she will kick your ass right now!
Honorable mentions:

KOF03 PS2 version
- Most importantly this version took away the ghastly soundtrack and replaced it with a completely new rock AST along with new and better stages. Probably the most improved port in the series so far.

KOF99 Evolution (DC version)
- It replaced the old backgrounds with new ones in cool high rez 3D and fixed up some other small issues. Easily the superior version of the game. Athena's best outfit next to 02.
Asuka does not wait until after school, she will kick your ass right now!
While I don't think I have enough experience to do a complete top 5, I'll at least do a top 3...

KoF '98 (easily the one I've played the most)
KoF '95 (first one I played so that's mostly nostalgia talking)
KoF 2k3 (tag team awesomeness)

I never did pick up a copy of XI and I haven't tried any of the Maximum Impact games.:(
Out of the 3 ive played it would go like this:

You really must pick up KOF XI, especially if you like 2003!!! ! Smile

Hi all! I'm new here and will post a bit about myself etc in the intro thread shortly. However, I came across this thread (fave 10 KOF's) and couldn't resist posting as I love them all and thought I'd give some input...

1) KOF03
3) KOF95
4) KOF98
5) KOF97
6) KOF01
7) KOF99
8) KOF00
9) KOF94 (Original - Not ReBout)
10) KOFR2 (NGPC... great game!)

OVERALL... it's really hard to order these, and this is simply of the top of my head. I love them all (note the omissions of 96&02/NWave?) for their different reasons and I tend to, as intended, tie several different titles together (i.e. 99,00,01&02).

SO... it's difficult to differentiate between 'faves' and 'best'. 95 is my favourite overall due to it being the first KOF I ever played and fell in love with (at the time I'd never heard of it, randomly found it in a shop, & it had terry from FF/FF2 & Ryo from AOF/AOF2! I knew I had to buy this game!!)

HOWEVER... I feel that 03&XI are the best KOF's Ive ever played due to the quick pace, cool new soundtracks and also the revised/updated fighting system feels so sharp and exact. I've always had issues in the past with the amount of time it took attacks to connect etc (i.e. Heiderns HK or Ryos HK or K's HK... or Ioris HK etc) but 03&XI removed all the issues I may have had with previous games. 03 is probably as near perfect a KOF as I can think of.

ALSO... I know a lot of people favour the mighty '02, but I have never got on with it personally. I never like how drab it looked, the pants typefaces used in the game, the music is shocking, the backgrounds are a joke... and for some reason I struggle executing some of the techniques 100%... a problem which I don't have with any other KOF (aside 96... for some reason I CANNOT get Kyo to work for me in 96 ^_^; ) On the flip side I do like 96 aside I have personal issues executing some of the combos etc as the game looks glorious and the music is amazing and Goenitz is the man! So 02 for me is a no-go I'm afraid, however, I felt NeoWave improved the experience considerably (from a visual & sound point of view). I'm hoping the upcoming 02UM will alleviate my issues... as I'm really looking forward to it Wink
98 for me (cos I can actually find people who play it.) Actually 2002 also has a lot of competition, but I feel after the bankruptcy the quality of the franchise dropped a lot (though XI is admittingly fun.) Artistically 95-2000 is great, some of the stages in 96 are just out of this world I think. UM is pretty fun too, though kind of lame how they just use the 96 sprites for the new 'old' characters (and 95 Eiji Pfft)

I hate MI >:
Wild Tengu
I'm pretty sure when 98UM comes out in the USA next month, that's gonna be added to my list, and so far I am loving XII, I can't wait to play it next year.
Mr Vengeance
I own:

(98's in the post!)

Out of that list my favourite is 2002. For me its suitably old school but its got a great dose of complexity as well. 2000 is up there too very close behind '02.

XI is probably the best in the series technically as it looks stunning and has the deepest gameplay. However, it feels very modern and perhaps the Dream Cancel system isn't as well developed as it could have been. Still, I love it very much, but it lacks the classic KOF 'feel' and atmosphere present in 2000 and 2002, so the nod goes their way Smile
1. KOF 98
3. KOF 97 (truely underrated)
4. KOF 99
5. KOF 2003
6. KOF 2000
7. KOF 2002
8. KOF 96
9. KOF 94
10. KOF 95
Mr Vengeance
My copy of '98 just arrived in the post ten minutes ago THX! Cartridge was freezing cold when I opened it up though - must have been in a van all night or something:( Waiting for the thing to get up to room temperature before I bung it into the AES and play Grin
Enjoy my friend, it's the best in the series in my opinion. And if you want the alt characters press start on them in the character select sreen.
Mr Vengeance
Thats one of the reasons I bought it in the end THX - the fact I can use '94 Ryo too! Grin I didn't realise you could do that until a week ago whilst reading Once I'd confirmed it I made my order Grin

Its great anyway. I played through it a couple of times - Omega Rugal is a tough nut to crack! He's fair though - harsh but fair Grin

Love the graphics too - much nicer looking than '96 which itself looked good - the camera seems to be slightly further back from the fighters which is an improvement also. Controls and sound are perfect, as is the levels themselves - China is wonderful in particular!
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