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September 24 2018

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Thread Author: rbelmonte171
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What is your favorite neo geo game?
Besides Waku Waku 7, my other 3 favorites are Bakumatsu Roman: Gekka no Kenshi (The Last Blade), Samurai Spirits Zankurou Musouken (Samurai Shodown 3) and Twinkle Star Sprites.
My arcade stuff

"ph'nglui mglw'nafh Cthulhu R'lyeh wgah'nagl fhtagn! Ia! Ia! Cthulhu fhtagn!"
I have 2 favorite Neo Geo games. My all time favorite would be KOF 97, followed by Samurai Shodown II. Those two games are definite classics fof the Neo Geo. I recently got KOF 97 as part of the Orochi Saga for the PS2. I'm jsut waiting on the Samurai Shodown Anthology to be released so that I can play SSII
Hey joedec, welcome to the forum (feel free to say hello in the arrival lounge Smile). Another SSII fan? You're definitely allright in my book! Thumbs Up

I'm not always convinced that people choose what there favourite game through price, whats fashionable or what really is their favourite game. Mines metal slug, I love kof 97, its the best kof.
david414e wrote:
I'm not always convinced that people choose what there favourite game through price, whats fashionable or what really is their favourite game. Mines metal slug, I love kof 97, its the best kof.

I would tend to agree with the statement in any other forum, but not this one.

'96 is still my fave single player KoF, '98 for multiplayer.
The eccentric cat
RiKo wrote:
Hey Cat - how come you don't like Sam Shodown II so much?

Its not that I don't like it, I just prefer other Samurai Shodown games over it. I think SSI is better than the second one, but thats because SSI holds so much nostalgia for me. It was my first SNK game! ^_^
Without love, the truth cannot be seen.
RIGHT... my turn!

Nominations are (all fighting games):

Fatal Fury 2 - This game is special to me because: I played the 1st FFury a lot in my youth (on the MD) and I adored it! When I accidentally stumbled across the 2nd FFury a few years later in a local arcade I couldn't believe it. The characters, music, sfx, grfx etc were just MINDBLOWING! This truly lifted the bar for me WAY HIGH and I instantly preferred this to SF2 and it still looks and sounds AMAZING even to this day (Terry & Andy look there best in this IMO)

KOF 95 - This game is special to me because: I picked this up along with SamSho3 & RBFF for PS1 (in a bargain shop BRAND NEW in Blackpool)... all on the same day. My giant passion for SNK was formally born from these 3 games. KOF 95 is my FAVE KOF EVER. This is because it retains the original styles of all the characters from their native games and successfully marries them all together in one game under one art style. Robert, Ryo, Andy & Mai are especially awesome and sadly for me, Andy and Mai haven't been anywhere near as good since (both their standard fighting styles are shocking from 96 onwards). KOF simply OWNS for me

RBFFSpecial - This game is special to me because: It superceded a game that I already thought was impecable. I loved the uprated character designs and OTT moves in RBFF over previous installments (I had never played FF3 at this point, so RBFF was the first for me after FF2) and then RBFFSp came along and BLEW IT AWAY. Graphics, SFX, Music, FX etc. The graphics are simply amazing and I prefer the way this (or the RBFF series) plays over MOTW. Other things of note: an uprated Andy makes him even better than ever! Kims 2bar 14'rush' super looks MAGNIFICENT. The graphics over RBFF are ASTOUNDING... and as you probably guessed, I prefer this to RBFF2 (for reasons YOU cannot be bothered ME going into)

Samurai Shodown 3 - This game is special to me because: It was the first SS I ever played and loved. I loved the extreme, huge character designs, the characters themselves (Basara anybody?) and the final duel with Zankuro... immense.

KOF 03 - This game is special to me because: I genuinely feel that this is the BEST KOF EVER. It just plays so well and the characters all feel great too (apart from terrys power dunk and Kims slide>axe). I like the fact that SNK(P) finally took KOF and gave it a damn good shake up, because IMO, 02 had hit an all time low (don't kill me Pray ) due to how bloody drab and miserable it is... in all aspects. SURE it has loads of characters, but the game lacks 'character' overall (BG,s, Music, OSD/GUI, Select screen,No strikers, Rugal... AGAIN Thumbs Down I could go on AND I REALLY HOPE the up coming 02UM will fix my issues as I'm looking forward to getting it Smile

SVC Chaos - This game is special to me because: I'm a big fan of both SNK & Capcom. I loved CvS on DC (in most respects MORE than CvS2... but CvS2 IS the better game) and when I learned SNK were having THEIR GO, I couldn't wait. The thing I love about this game is the fact that we have KOF'd SF characters. Its simply AMAZING for what it is. I always hoped there might be Capcom teams in a forthcoming KOF or SF feature characters (Like Yuri, Mai & Chunners in a Womans Team or Leona, Heidern & Guile in a military themed team (LETHAL btw!).

Soooo... FINAL VERDICT: Fatal Fury 2 - this game just epitomises what the NEOGEO means to me 'Bigger, Badder, Better' you bet! This game just kicked/kicks ass in so many ways. All time fave NEO game.
Mr Vengeance
My favourite Neo Geo AES game is The Last Blade. Mind you, I have yet to play KOF '98, Blazing Star, Last Blade 2 or Mark of the Wolves, so expect that, admittedly fine choice, to change at some point in the future!
My favourite today is metal slug 3 and burning fight!
Real Bout 2 and Sam Sho 2 get the most play, but also timeless are windjammers and Pulstar. Games that will probably age very well over the next decades.

That's the first time by the way that i see someone picks Burning Fight as fav Neo game. Pretty cool, what do you like about it so much?
Samurai Shodown II and Twinkle Star Sprites are probably my favorites. There are, however, many Neo Geo games I haven't tried yet.

I find the Metal Slug games quite boring and the sound effects annoys me, especially when the volume is loud. The graphics are really cool though!
Edited by viktorh on 17. January 2009 12:58
viktorh - you need to star away from Blazing Star - unless you can tolerate 'BONUS' being shouted at you every 2 seconds! Smile
Mini-Reviews of films I have just watched :
Mini-Reviews of ZX Spectrum games :
RiKo wrote:
viktorh - you need to star away from Blazing Star - unless you can tolerate 'BONUS' being shouted at you every 2 seconds! Smile

That doesn't bother me too much, although I could definitely do without it. Smile The screams of the enemies in MS games are far worse IMO.
Edited by viktorh on 17. January 2009 16:33
last blade 2 , MOTW ,AoF 2, KOF 94,96,97,98 & SS 4Joe
Answering this question will make my mind explode. I'm serious I love almost all Neo-Geo games. Whenever I buy a new Neo game I swear its my favorite.
No love for KOF 95 there Garu :( ... How disappointing Pfft

STILL... you like SSIV, which is absolutely awesome, so I'll let you off Grin

I am going to take a page from the Neo Geo Ninja here and say SvC Chaos, with emphasis on "on the Neo Geo". Why? Because the PS2 port was a travesty at least in the EU and playing 2D fighters on an Xbox pad is like trying to play Tekken with on a dance mat. I've done both so I know! Argue

The point being that SvC Chaos never truly lives up to it's full potential until you play it on a real Neo (AES or MVS) where you can enjoy the flawless controls, unfiltered 2D goodness and zero load times. In my mind SNK always managed to treat the Capcom cast extremely well in their crossovers as opposed to what "the other company" did to theirs in "a certain other crossover series"

That being said it's also interesting to have the Street Fighter characters, who are usually about having a strong game for controling space and a myriad of super moves, cross over with the KOF cast where personalized parlor tricks like reversals, parrries, reflector shields, big unblockables and instant teleports are the name of the game.

It was so much fun to see Balrog getting a new uppercut special that launches, Hugo retaining his ability to parry as a personal special move, Dan's new moves all of which are fun to watch and Guile finally getting a cool new super combo. The SFEX references are pure fanservice too like Bison's kick throw, his knee press nightmare and Dhalsim having his Yoga Legend back in 2D forrm!

The in-game art is absolutely fantastic as well with all characters truly coming alive with their pre-match chit-chat and varied expressions. Seeing Dhalsim and Mai discussing obesity is absolutely classic! The really bad thing about this game is the music which aside from a select few tunes (mainly the Shin Akuma/Shin Mr. Karate theme) is really bland and of poor quality. There are some balance issues with the bosses as well but if you're playing serious in any game, the bosses are usually there to be banned.

In either case this game is high up on my list on "next Neo Geo game to buy" along with Rage of the Dragons and Real Bout 2.
Asuka does not wait until after school, she will kick your ass right now!
Mr Vengeance
I love SNK vs Capcom too HexElf, one of my favourite fighters, much prefer it to Capcom's two cross-over efforts. I haven't got it on the Neo though... not yet anyway.
Tie between Metal Slug, Samurai Shodown 2

My current favorite is 3 Count Bout
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