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October 18 2018

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Thread Author: priest
Thread ID: 1343
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There are 217 posts in this thread, and it has been viewed 44735 times.  There's also files attached.
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Blazing Star: NGFL High Score Challenge
Rbelmonte171: Ranking post updated, you dominate the fourth placeClap

Used with the kind permission from their creator "Shiny"
Nice idea Kaz Smile I do still like the idea of specific game we can all compete on together for a while too though (like this thread)

Priest - I got a slight improvement 1183440 (Windina as usual) and I am still terrible on 3rd stage boss! I wish I could just practice on this boss then I might have a chance!
Mini-Reviews of films I have just watched :
Mini-Reviews of ZX Spectrum games :
Riko: any improvement is a good improvementSmile

Yea the third stage boss is a real pain and seems to cause troubles for most players.

List is updated!
I just played this game on kawaks i made only 334,000 i played this game only a few times but i will improve my score.Andy Great game.
Edited by Zakatek on 21. November 2008 15:38
Well done Zatatek Smile - Good you have you onboard!

Once you get the hang of the scoring system you will find it much easier to get bigger scores. Learning how the bosses attack also really helps.
Welcome to the score-board, ZakatekSmile

You can always do another run, just post your Highest score and Iīll update the board...
My new score: 752,210
http://img250.ima..._230lo.JPG [/url]
Edited by Zakatek on 21. November 2008 18:20
Zakatek: Score updated, good job
Thanks Priest. This game is so hard but fun too.
The ranking so far:

1. Will: Score: 1,779,790.

2. Merlin: Score: 1,228,970.

3. Riko: Score: 1,183,440.

4. Rbelmonte171: Score: 1,005,500.

5. Zakatek: Score: 752,210

6. Priest: Score: 611,540.

7. Powerwave: Score: 608,860.

Keep up the good work guys. Any newcomers are welcome...
Edited by priest on 22. November 2008 08:58
Nice score Zakatek. Bob Good to see more people joining in. I had a 2 hour session and got my best score yet:

Score: 1, 316, 980

Rank: C

Stage: 4

Ship: Hellhound


I think using Peplos is a good idea because even though your normal weapon can't be powered up you have more potential I think for getting a good score. That shoot 'em up site I mentioned before states that Peplos scores are 'banned'. Anyway I'm going to stick with Hellhound.
Merlin! Grin You are really raising the bar. Its good that you are using Hellhound too. Don't stop playing - keep going!

I really love it in Blazing Star when you destroy the boss at the end of the level and there's a huge explosion - especially the first boss! - and then you hear cheering and it says 'Your Skill is Great'.
Even though it always says this - it still makes me feel good Grin

The overall ranking (at the end of the game confuses me) because since you always die before the end of the level your ranking is never very good at this point. Even if you get 'A' on the first 2 levels if you then die at the start of the 3rd you get C or D.
Edited by RiKo on 21. November 2008 22:31
I've played again and bested my best, this time with JB's Aryustrailm. I only wish there was such a thing as ranks in between letters like C+, D-, A++ then we'd be talking exam marks lol.

Points = 1,779,790
Stage 3 (A little bit after the beginning just when I get the 'U' letter)
Rank = C

The good thing about the Aryustrailm is the Fiery Sword can triple your points when you do multiple elimination. It took me a lot of getting used to having used mostly bullets and missiles in a shooter game. When I sense a small threat I charge the sword to a small power and a large threat is sure rewarding with a large super charger. You may want to copy my technique if you'd like to catch up. Franco
Edited by Will on 21. November 2008 23:25
Well done WillThumbs Up

Its good to hear som tactics that you use during a run.

...Oh and Will is back at the top
Would you guys like a more specified scoreboard? one which shows players choice of ship, stage and ranking?
RiKo I know what you mean about the ranking system. It does seem a little strange that we always seem to get a 'C' rank.

That's a fine score Will! Clap A big improvement over my effort. Sooner or later someone will break the 2 million barrier. I'm going to try again tomorrow.

priest wrote:
Would you guys like a more specified scoreboard? one which shows players choice of ship, stage and ranking?

Yes I think that would be really good Priest. It would be nice to show which ship was used. Just a suggestion but perhaps it would be a good idea to have the latest scores in the first post of the thread to make it easy to find.

It seems there is a scoring glitch with Peplos so that it is banned from all high score competitions. It has something to do with the battle against the last boss. There's no limit to the score a skilled player can achieve.

Here's some interesting info about those special event icons:

I read somewhere that someone scored about 73 million with Aryustrailm. Not sure what the record is though.
Yes great score Will - I don't even feel close to getting a score like that! I might try that ship sometime.....

I like the idea of updating the highscore table on the first post too. Thats interesting about the 'Yumechans' Merlin (winged things) I did notice that sometimes I was getting more shots fired at me, so thats probably why. Sound like you need that to happen though to get higher scores. I think I just want to beat the 3rd boss now though rather than specifically go for high scores - so maybe I will avoid them on the 3rd stage! (until I get better)

Priest wrote :- Would you guys like a more specified scoreboard? one which shows players choice of ship, stage and ranking?

Yes please Priest Grin - more information is good! I don;t think I said what all mine were but I always die on Stage 3 and my ranking is C
Edited by RiKo on 22. November 2008 13:58
priest wrote:
Hi there

I think its about time that we challenged each other in different Neo geo games. Letīs start with "Blazing star" MVS/AES, and since this is just for fun and I think we can trust each other to play fair and honest we donīt necesarily need proof in form of photos or such (Unless you really want to ofcourse).

I will update this first post what the current ranking looks like.

The rules:

*Play whichever version you like: AES / MVS / MAME.

*Difficulty: Normal

*Lives: 3 (Fabric setting)

*Credits: 1

*multiple runs as training is of course allowed. Also if you manage to surpass your previous score then just post it and Iīll update the first post.

*Use the ship of your choice and GOOD LUCK :exclaim:

I leave you with a quotation from a later part in the game:

"Donīt be panic - I have a bad hunch" Wink


1. Will: Score: 1,779,790. Rank: C Stage: 3 Ship: Aryustrailm

2. Merlin: Score: 1,228,970. Rank: C Stage: 4 Ship: Hellhound

3. Riko: Score: 1,183,440. Rank: C Stage: 3 Ship: Windina

4. Rbelmonte171: Score: 1,005,500. Rank: C Stage: 3 Ship: ?

5. Zakatek: Score: 752,210 Rank: ? Stage: ? Ship: ?

6. Priest: Score: 611,540. Rank: C Stage: 3 Ship: Dino 246

7. Powerwave: Score: 608,860. Rank: ? Stage: ? Ship: ?

Your wish is my comand (within reason) The first Post has been updated with more facts about different players run.

And The first Post in this thread is where you can look to get the latest ranking on the score board.

As you can see I didnt fill in all the info for all players, as I didnt have all the info. Please let me know and I will update the scoreboard, also if there are any aperent wrongs, please let me know so I can make this right Thumbs Up
New but not much improved score 725,150 Rank: C, Stage: 3, Ship: Hellhound. To choose Peblos is banned right? I think you should add this rule first post.
Edited by Zakatek on 22. November 2008 16:48
Zakatek: Still an improvement, nice and clean Clap

Scoreboard updated
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