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August 20 2018

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Thread Author: Istharol
Thread ID: 133
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Hello all!
Hello all, i'm new to this site and to the neo geo community.
First of all, this is really a great site which helped me with buying some games.

I'm a more frequent visitor of heavy metal forums then video gaming.
I bought a neo geo Aes a few months ago after rediscovering its existence since the 1990ties. I remember used to searched the arcade's in my home town for neo geo cabinets as a young peep (23 now). But since the arcade dimished here in the netherlands, i forgot all about it! (and focused on metal)

I left the gaming scene when the nintendo 64/playstation 1 made its entry and i'm now rediscovering my old favorite..the neo geo

I'm now the happy owner of these games:
Samurai Shodown 1/2/3
Last blade
Real bout fatal fury special
Art of fighting 1/2
World heroes jet
Fatal fury special

Nothing to special yet, probally going to buy Samurai shodown 4 in the future. Or maybe a mvs cabinet...


Nice to meet you, welcome to the forums! You have some great games there, especially the Samurai Shodowns (2 is my personal fave). Also good to see that you have World Heroes and AOF in there too!

You mentioned metal forums - what bands are you into?

Welcome to the Neo expressway to insanity Grin
heya, thanks for replying,

I'm more fond of the so called greek black/death metal scene from the ninties. Bands like Varathron, Necromantia, septic flesh, Kawir which introduced a style based on old heavy metal riffing, black metal and atmospheric keyboard parts. I have a huge collection from that time period.
Also i like bands as Mayhem, darkthrone, enslaved, abigor, Iced Earth, Iron maiden (offcourse Pfft), King diamond, Mercyfull fate, Boltthrower, morbid angel etc

and yes, i had to have World heroes. I had this game for the super nintendo and loved it.
Mitch The Zombie
Good music tastes dude I'm impressed to me you are no weenie Thumbs Up

For you, the day Bison graced your village was the most important day of your life.
But for me... it was Tuesday.
|I know some of those bands (obviously Maiden more than anything Grin), but I have listened to a bit of Mercyful Fate. Went back to them a little bit a while ago because of the song that the lead singer collaborated on the Roadrunner United CD (in the fire), as I really enjoyed that track.

Me personally, I have quite a wide taste in metal/rock, but I am trying to broaden my tastes a little bit. Started listening to stuff like Tristania/Sirenia when people suggested them to me. Quite like them, I don't know if that's your sort of thing though?

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