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March 19 2019

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Thread Author: Kazuya_UK
Thread ID: 1320
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Game of the Week: SNK Vs Capcom: Match of the Millennium (NGPC)
No no the proper saying is "YOU TELL EM STEVE DAVE!" Wink

But yea, you are right, the click stick is one of the best controllers on any handheld. Couldn't imagine playing any of the ngpc fighters without it.

Anyone want to share their olympics mode and other high scores? I know most of mine are nowhere near what some people have scored but here goes:

Ghost Trick: 71800 GOLD
Cat Walk: 88900 MASTER

Target 9: 75500 PLATINUM
Blade Arts: 70500 GOLD

Survival: 63 Wins GOLD
Time Attack: 00'52'24 CRYSTAL
First Blast: 68600 GOLD

These records are all from about 7 or 8 years ago, it's quite funny to look at them on my NGPC after all this time. Wonder if I could beat any of them now?

Damn Kaz those scores aren't shabby to say the least. Especially that Cat Walk score, that game gets rough (Chun Li's theme :sweat: )

Mine aren't that great, but I don't play the mini games as much as I should...

Ghost Trick: 65500 GOLD
Cat Walk: 46200 GOLD

Target 9: 32500 SILVER
Blade Arts: 50700 SILVER

Survival: 61 Wins GOLD
Time Attack: 00'54'26 CRYSTAL
First Blast: 62800 GOLD
broken harbours
oh boy, i love this game. i loved it back when i got for christmas nine years ago and love it now. despite being so years old, it still plays fresh, the balance is second to none and it has yet to be beaten as both the best handheld fighting game and the best snk vs capcom game. as close to perfect as one could hope for on the ngpc.

did anyone ever use the dreamcast link up function? if so, what did you get?
since i haven't got a ngpc i played this game only on emulator. :( But i really like it. My vote for amazing game.
I wish the rostor in SVC Chaos was as solid as it is in this game. The mini-games are an especially nice touch.
Incredibly late to the party, but this game is the greatest handheld fighter ever. Who cares if the roster is comparatively small to later vs. fighters? It was big for its time, and since each character has so much personality, everyone is very fun to play as! Even less-favored characters, such as Yuri and Sakura, are fun as all hell. I'd love to declare this my favorite NGPC ever, but it is at constant odds with Card Fighters Clash for that title. Grin
"Well, that's that! The exit's that way!"
This game is awesome, I am fortunate to have bought this some time ago. This is the best SNK vs Capcom fighting game cross over so far. The character roster is great, 3 fighting styles, 3 ways to fight, great game modes, etc.

If only SNK and Capcom could make a new kick ass sequal.
SNK vs Capcom: Match of the Millenium

Possibly the best handheld fighter ever made (and SNK did some great handhelds over the years, not just for NGP) just ask anyone who ever played it. It may be one of the finest examples of a crossover you can find, but there is some really stiff competition out there and not just from Capcom either.

And just like that I plan to rain on the victory fanfares of this game and bring up other crossover titles that may or may not be as universally accepted...

NeoGeo Battle Coliseum (PS2/AW)
Also known as "the long story about how SNK set out to destroy Capcom Fighting Jam/Evolution by outdoing it in every possible way." Think of it as one of those feel good sports movies where the underdog beats the opposition to a pulp over the tunes of classic 80s pop music.

Cross Edge (PS3)
AKA the biggest crossover title ever made with no less than 5 brands crossing over for an epic adventure RPG. Though all you really need to know is that it stars Etna and Felicia. There's so much fan service potential that you might as well be ready to take a pause every hour to have cold shower.

Spectral vs Generation (PS2/PSP)
It tells the story about two RPG series crossing over to become one stylistic fantasy fighting game. It features great music (and a cool music video intro) and responsive controls inspired by Melty Blood. Never played the either series that crossed over myself though...

SVC Chaos (PS2/Xbox/AES/MVS)
Also known as the story of how competitive gaming, GDC abuse and tier whoring ruined an otherwise really fun game... that also happened to contain the mother brain of all SNK syndrome infected bosses. Well, at least it enjoyed a lot of limelight in the combo video community...

Mortal Kombat vs DCU
AKA the most likely reason that I got started on this list in the first place. Sure it's a bit censored, the rendering is a bit jagged without the v-sync, Supes has an game breaking infinite and blah blah but the amount of pure testosterone that this game delivers in any given match is second to none! Warning: may cause excessive chest beating, feral grunts and graphic hip thrusts. Player discretion is entirely optional.

... but seriously, back on topic here though hehe ;D

Snk vs Capcom Match of the Millenium

What makes this game so great can easily be summarized into these pointers...

- It actually made fighting mechanics work on a handheld, not just "playble" but rather it will kick the ass of so many of your favorite fighters for other consoles too! The arcade stick does wonders and actually allows for surprisingly high levels of play.

- It has tag.

- The mini games are not only good but they serve to make the game a virtual amusement park, which gives you not just a stellar fighting experience, but it really it's a whole entertainment hub on it's own.

- The cast is surprisingly large and each character is represented faithfully. But really, how could it possibly fail with Akari in there? (The card! The card!)

- There's enough fanservice in here to fill up a whole library of games. Do you want the lovely Karin Kanzuki or the cute Rimuru as your coach? What does Ryo have to think about Dan ripping him off? How much treasure can you collect as Arthur before Red Arremer gets you? Bison and Athena both use Psycho Powers, heh I never thought about it 'til this game. And it goes on like that...

- Sooo many unlockables. It will take forever to catch them all... and you will love every second of it.

- This game could easily take a port to a "bigger console" and get away with the limited graphics by sheer entertainment value alone.

Score 10/10
Seriously, I don't think you could possibly make a better fighter for a handheld if you tried. This game is so good that it's very existence justifies the entire console! So good I'm sure that the amount of people who are even aware of the NGP's existence today would have been effectively cut in half if it wasn't for MotM. It's like... the Super Mario, Coca Cola and Michael Jackson (combined!) of handheld fighting games.
Edited by HexElf on 27. November 2008 08:43
Asuka does not wait until after school, she will kick your ass right now!
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