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August 18 2019

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Thread Author: Kazuya_UK
Thread ID: 13
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The all new useless info topic post thingy! Post random stuff here! (see 1st post)
Good work suko! Why don't you post more of your stuff again? Smile

Totally agree on pussy riot merlin! Was reading what Gary Kasparov had to say too, the situation in Russia sounds pretty bleak at the moment:(

We all have to be thankfull to "Error" Wink


Used with the kind permission from their creator "Shiny"
lol!!!! LOL

Awww... my college has YTMND blocked.
NEO GEO AES collection for sale at EBAY, 100 games. Not my collection Smile


Used with the kind permission from their creator "Shiny"
That's approximately $353 per game. And I don't see any of the super expensive games in there so I'd say... that's a rip-off.
Happy New Year to everyone at NGFL! I hope you all have a happy and fulfilling 2013.
Yesterday i was in Guildford to see someone and just randomly at different times in the afternoon and evening i was outside 22 Cans, Lionhead, Electronic Arts and Criterion. EA is the only one which has a nice foyer Smile
Mini-Reviews of films I have just watched :
Mini-Reviews of ZX Spectrum games :
Whoa been a while since I've posted here (yet the lurking remains Pfft). Anyway...

You heard this here first folks: One day, people will start doing some "Millenium revival" stuff where music, fashion, and cultural reference over this past decade will become "in" again, slightly modified and adjusted so as not to look too outrageous in that future time when people start to become nostalgic over our time.

And that time would probably be 10-30 years from now. Then you'll start feeling proud over the fact that kids from that generation started wearing and listening our stuff and think they're fashionable. Then eventually, it starts feeling weird as all sorts of kids start making assumptions on what this "past culture" was like, creating music "inspired" by our generation, and we somehow see this to be inferior to what we used to have, despite sounding the same.
I looked around and that looks like the thread to share some things you got on mind Smile.

Next week I'm having live interview for a job (so far conversations were on phone and the net), and I hope it turns out well (and my health doesn't give me much trouble).
It will be sigh of relief for me, and will take off some burdens that worried me for a long time.
I wish you good luck Pray
Thanks Smile. It went well, I think. They did not hire me on the spot, so probably will consider other options/people to interview. I will understand till the end of the week.

But I do feel very bad health wise. It seems - whatever the reason is - to be giving me more trouble than before (say one year). I'm not sure I can accept/start work, should they eventually pick me, although I would really like to.
Maybe if I pretend to be ok, and do the job, in time I will have the chance to take some medical examination that are different than the usual one.
Edited by freebie on 09. July 2013 15:26
Parts of NGFL loves JCVD so I Think it´s only right that I post his most recent 'Epic split' here Shock Wink

YouTube Video

Used with the kind permission from their creator "Shiny"
Wow Van Damn is looking old. I just watched Blood Sport two nights ago so that is a rather interesting comparison.
Been quite awhile since I posted here last:( Not much going on right now but I'll be moving back home from Japan in about 9 months.
Raiken wrote:

Been quite awhile since I posted here last:( Not much going on right now but I'll be moving back home from Japan in about 9 months.

Oh wow, I remember you. Wayyyyy back, when I hadn't been here for long. It's always nice to see older members check in, so many of them have gone AWOL. Glad to see you are well, hope to see you post more.

shot in the eye
shot in the brain
shot in the ass...
I think people should post more random stuff in here!

I'm really fed up of large cockroaches coming into my room. Horrible creatures! There have been a total of eight so far in my room. I only managed to kill two though since they move quite fast.

There is an ongoing problem with spam at the moment here at NGFL. Every day there are multiple spam accounts being created. You can see them in the last seen users box. Even if they don't actually post any spam they should still be deleted since it clogs up the last seen users box and makes the site look a bit messy. I hope as many admins as possible will delete them. I've deleted a large number of these spam accounts but I suspect Priest has deleted many more than me.

I feel slightly embarrassed that there is a farewell thread for me and I'm still pretty active on the site. I didn't mean to give a misleading impression to anyone. I do spend a lot of time studying but still have enough time to log in here. I am of course grateful to 2D for creating that thread and to everyone who wished me well in it.

I found out at the end of August that my student visa application was successful so I'm really happy about that. Otherwise I would have had to return home to the UK.
You deserve to have cockroaches in your room, Chode. In all seriousness cockroaches are vile creatures, are they pretty common in Japanese cities?

Also, I am glad that you aren't totally away from the site. It's a shame how dead our site seems sometimes, and if you weren't around it really wouldn't seem like NGFL.

Very happy you get to stay in Japan, you lucky sod.

As for me, I am currently hung over. Had a wee too much beers last night. I need some greasy food in my belly.

Also... this is really random... but...

Do British people know what Piñatas are? They are pretty common here in the US, it's very hard to image children's birthday parties without them.

shot in the eye
shot in the brain
shot in the ass...
We have several species of cockroaches here in Texas. We get the really big ones that people refer to as water bugs or water roaches.
They are quite unpleasant creatures but I'm getting used to seeing them and don't freak out as much as I used to. Definitely not as bad as spiders and mukade. Yes unfortunately cockroaches are quite common in Tokyo and I expect they are elsewhere in Japan too.

Thanks for the kind words 2D and good to see you still regularly log in even when the site gets very quiet. Does seem like things are picking up a bit lately with some new people joining and a few existing members returning.

I had never heard of Piñatas before but I just read about them on the wiki page.
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