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May 27 2019

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Thread Author: Kazuya_UK
Thread ID: 13
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This thread is sticky & may contain important information. There's also files attached.
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The all new useless info topic post thingy! Post random stuff here! (see 1st post)
Wonder if she can still kick like that...
Sweet! Now if she were only trussed up.
Learned how to use a kanji dictionary. Cool stuff. I might actually try to translate a few books soon.
Goose Grandfather is an anagram of Rage of the Dragons...
lol! Did you figure that out yourself or read it somewhere? It made me laugh either way! LOL

Kazuya_UK wrote:
lol! Did you figure that out yourself or read it somewhere?

I'd love to say it was all me, being the clever sod that I am, but alas t'was not. I was messing around with an anagram generator at work... And obviously the first thing anyone's gonna do with an anagram generator is see what you can do with NG titles right?

Neo Turf Masters = Master's Fortune how apt.
lol nice, I just googled for an anagram generator... I got "FIAT FIG THRONG" and "FART OF GIG HINT" for Art of Fighting. What anagram generator did you use?

Also, "GARRY DEBTOR" is an anagram of Terry Bogard, and "A BRANDY GOD" is Andy Bogard! "Adams hour is now" is Samurai Shodown and "Mad Rap Logic" is Magical Drop! Grin

This is the anagram generator if anyone else wants to try it:

Click me -->

Might add some of these to the chatroom trivia.

Edited by Kazuya_UK on 15. February 2007 12:59
The one I used is called Anagram Genius...


Hours of fun... Aha! Humor for Haohmaru

Garou: Mark of the Wolves = Geek of Valorous Warmth
Edited by Shiny on 15. February 2007 13:39
Catseyes H Sandhu
Hi Kazuya,
Thanks for putting those Mp3's on the jukebox which I sent you from Ragnagard Neo Geo CD, but you haven't added this track Benten's stage's which I think is really good & i know the other fans would love so please could you.

I'm sending you the Viewpoint Mp3 sound track this time.

Also I know that you are looking for someone to give you a review of Last Hope on Neo Geo Cartridge.

I own Last Hope on the Neo Geo Cartridge (japenese only) with full colour poster (only 60 copies left) limited edition soon to be very very rare title & those who own carts, the price will rise as much as Metal Slug-1.

This game is available on Neo Geo cart, the Dreamcast version just came out as you know.

The Neo Geo Cd version along with the MVS cart are planned to come out next depending on demand.

All versions are based on the Neo Geo cart version, that's why the Dreamcast version's graphics aren't any better.

This is NGGrinev teams first game on the Neo Geo which took 2 years, so they may make another game soon, depending on sales & demand for their first title. As SNK have turned their back on the Neo Geo, lucky sammy are still making 2D games on the Atomiswave, prices of games have come down.


All I can say to is that Last Hope is brilliant, similar to Pulstar & Last Resort, which you already know, it is very very difficult even on easy mode. I've made it up to Level 2 midway. It's one of those games where you keep on swearing every time you die.

This game definitely deserves a place on your Neo Geo review page above last Resort!!!!

The game is definitely tactical, which means you can't just shoot your way through you have to know when to rotate that pod by using the B button, to shoot enemy behind you.

After Listening to the Mp3 soundtracks from the Last Hope official Website, I had to beg my wife to buy it for me last Summer.

Graphics & Music are excellent for a first game. Nothing will every beat Viewpoint graphics though.

Playability, very addictive & enjoyable to play, manly for hardcore shoot'em fans, but definitely should be part of anyone's Neo Geo collection.

I had to send my K.O.F '95 cart & snapcase to NGGrinev team so that the could put the Last Hope game onto my the cart, had to spend a couple of hours removing the old K.O.F'95 cart sticker.

Expensive at 411, but well worth it.

In the next 2-3 weeks will be sending you images of last Hope Insert with silver sticker at the back, cart, booklet, poster (all japenese). At the moment I don't have a digital camera, so I will have to use a normally camera.

Harjit & Suki Sandhu

Thanks mate - sorry I only saw your email earlier on as I hadn't checked my inbox for a few days! Thanks for the MP3, I'll get that added soon along with Bentens track (which is actually one of my faves), somehow I must have missed that one out.

Thanks for the review of Last Hope - is there any chance you could add some ratings for gameplay/sound/music/replay/overall?

gahh.. the internets... i have a sucky connection, i havent been able to load this site for weeks...
my artworks/doodles ->
roninbuddha wrote:
gahh.. the internets... i have a sucky connection, i havent been able to load this site for weeks...

You couldn't load it? What happened dude?

Anyway, how are things, I hope they are good!? Smile

random words of doom!
You got the sig back again, good stuff mate! Grin


Trounced! Ninja

Thank God the CD has infinite continues... :sweat:
Haha wow Hokuto no Ken became 'not nuke hook'. That's too ironic. The whole goose grandfather things reminds of this joke about how geese howard is plural and explains why he keeps coming back to life LOL
Mitch The Zombie
Wooooo Hoooooo, it's my day off and I've just been payed.
Chinese food served by very cute waitresses it is then Grin

For you, the day Bison graced your village was the most important day of your life.
But for me... it was Tuesday.
'Long long ago there were a man' anagrams to 'Gleam now elegant gonorrhea.'

Wierd little thing if you ask me. Pfft
It's finally warm! Shock Got about 60 degrees warmer here.
I really need to try that Last Hope game.
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