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August 26 2019

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Thread Author: RiKo
Thread ID: 1281
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Best Emulator for PC
Hello - I want to download a Neo Geo emulator for the PC (Windows XP) . I've never used one before. Would someone tell me which is the best one to get? - the most accurate. I also would like one I can pause at any time, or play in slow motion (I like to see how the graphical effects are done).
Can you also rip sprites from these emulators? that would be useful if it is possible.

Thank you!
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You should use kawaks. You can get latest version from www.emulator-zone... But we can't help you how to get roms so google it. Just put your roms and neogeo bios (keep them zipped) file in roms folder. Then start emulator go video options, enable triple buffering, disable auto frame skip, you can try video blitters i like to use kreeds 2xSai, you can set sound frequency from sound options and from game options you can change region and machine type (mvs - aes). Kawaks has tools for ripping sprites but i haven't tried it.

Also final burn alpha is very good for neo geo games.

i use NEORAGEX Thumbs Up
Kawaks ftw Pfft
I always rely on Mameplus. It may seem a bit cruddy and not specialised in Neo-Geo emulation but I like it as it is. It's got everything NeoRage and Kawaks had except for slow motion and layer toggling. Besides Mameplus has plentiful, if not always the best roms. When I tried Time Crisis on it, the video emulation was terrible! Aaargh! Plus I am unable to get and activate Ninja Gaiden (not that I like this arcade game). There once was a time I had Metal Slug 5 on a mini-emulator made and programmed to emulate that particular Rom. I absolutely don't like emulators that run on MS-DOS, because they jam XP computer systems a lot. I've tried them over six different computers. :idea:
Final Burn Alpha. Hands down the best Neo emulator there is.
Kawaks fawking rocks.

Never seen any emulator that has so many options while being userfriendly. Kawaks IMO makes Neo-Geo graphics look utterly amazing.

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garu21 wrote:
i use NEORAGEX Thumbs Up

Thats always been my favorite of the bunch, simple, easy to use and works very well.
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Thanks guys. Its interesting that everyone likes different emulators. I think I will try Kawaks first and see how I get on. I like the sound of all those options. Thank you for the help.

I'm sure I will be able to find ROMS Smile

Do people write games for the Neo Emulators? - I would one day like to write my own game - I can't find much on the net about Neo Geo technical information. I bet the guys who wrote Last Hope know something ....... I read they had some kind of official development system though.
Mini-Reviews of films I have just watched :
Mini-Reviews of ZX Spectrum games :
I used NeoRageX for a long time since it runs smoothly on older computers but I've using Kawaks for a good couple years now.
NeoFinalBurn Alpha/ FBA Shuffle pisses all over kawaks.
i find kawks easiest to use, never had any sound, graphic, slowdown, buttonlag or anything whatsoeverHeadbang 2
Edited by GeeseTheDuck on 28. November 2008 04:01
Ive been using neoragex. very easy to use, although i dont think you can configure a controllers d pad. i could be wrong
Shiny wrote:
Final Burn Alpha. Hands down the best Neo emulator there is.

I'm sorry but there is also Final Burn Alpha Pro !!! Ha ha you have my vote.

All the FBAs rock! You should try out all suggestions I suppose and see which one gives you less rom trouble.

Final Burn won't let you down in making the game look good in full screen mode.

Try Metal slug with the hq3x filter using either Direct 3D or DirectX hardware accel (select blitter). I'm using a slow x300 thinkpad but if you have a decent desktop go hq4x ! The game never looked so good. You can stretch screen depending if it's widescreen or keep the current aspect.

good luck
Neo Beast
hey guys

I downloaded Mame last night and a few roms. just wanting to know if i use my laptop hdmi out connected to my 32' Samsung lcd will there be any slowdown with mame. i am using the 0.133 Version of Mame. I just rembered i still got 22' widescreen lcd i was using for my desktop pc. But i think the 32' Samsung will upscale the Mame game to 1080i. i gonna have to test it out tonight.
Neo Beast
I tried mame last night on my laptop. downloaded a alot of roms. i was a bit pissed off with it. out all the roms i downloaded only around 20 worked. maybe it was the file size. the site i got em off is the one i used a few years ago for winkawaks. i really did not like the look of the games that i had running and they seem a bit slow compare to my Winkawaks days. I eventually got ticked off with the whole emulator and deleted roms and all. too much setting this and setting that up with the program. i couldn't get my neo geo roms to work at all :-( the neo geo bios might have been old or something. i don't think i will bother with any more emulators.
i use both Final Burn Alpha & kawaks but FBA is the dominant one.
I myself have been using mame32 (now I believe it's called mameUI) latelly, but used neorageX for a while and Kawaks a lot. I just like the way mame handles itself, not the options itself cause it doesn't have more than Kawaks but it's so easy to use that I don't really think of using another emulator, even though I have Kawaks installed =)

However, Kawaks is also very nice. I'd risk saying that it basically depends on your taste... I like how mame looks more than Kawaks tbh Pfft
Neo Beast
Hi Guys

I have been thinking about going back to installing Winkawks on the laptop. i still having problems getting the Neo roms to work in Mame. do you now if there is going be any widescreen display support for winkawks. I think the resolution with the emulator will be too stretched on my laptop display. i got to admit mame wasn't too bad with the capcom roms that worked connect via hdmi cable to my 32' samsung lcd tv. Maybe i still use mame for the purpose of playing the roms it support. but installed winkawaks for the Neo roms.
I use neogeo, sometimes i use winkawaks..I like marvel games...Hope you can download one of it.



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