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May 26 2019

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Thread Author: Jak
Thread ID: 1257
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There are 10 posts in this thread, and it has been viewed 3418 times.
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I'm a fan of Run 'N Gun games since I was young, and they're perhaps my second favorite genre just behind the Beat 'Em Up and tied with FPS. I never heard of Abuse before, and I just downloaded it. WOW!

Here's a clip to give you an idea:


Though, I wasn't able to get the open source version working, so I downloaded the original and got it running in DOSbox.

Try to imagine a Sci Fi/Survival Horror/Run 'N Gun game and you have an excellent description of Abuse. great stuff. Nerve Wracking as all hell. Great stuff!
Edited by candycab on 04. September 2008 07:26
That looks prett ygood actually! I'm going to keep this game in mind. Maybe you could post a download? Smile
I just installed it on my Fedora desktop. Works like a charm.

Reminds me of Turrican quite a bit at the mo, which is never a bad thing. Cheers for the heads up Jak! Smile

Edit: Using the mouse to aim is getting on my tits, lol. I have my arms crossed thanks to the layout of laptops. I'll get used to it I guess. Or maybe I should just plug a proper mouse in... That's using your noodle Shiny!
Edited by Shiny on 02. September 2008 22:36
I remember this game. It was in my big shareware mag of stuff you could order but I never got around to it. Gonna go hunt it down now.
I remember Abuse. I loved the way you could move in a different direction to that in which were aiming. It reminded me of the Alien films.
There was also another game called Big Guns. which had a very similar control system. It was just like a 2D version of Quake 3 Arena. You ran around a scrolling 2D area and you had a number of opponents - who were either bots or humans. You also had differnt weapons you could pick up - just like Quake.

Edit : Shiny - Ha ha - I just played on Turrican (Amiga) last night - I'm sorting through my Amiga stuff from the attic. Good game but I forgot how small the screen display area is. Also its nowhere near as good without the sound! - I was playing on a mono TV with an RGB lead and for some reason I lose 2 sound channels doing this (out of the Amiga's 4).
Edited by RiKo on 04. September 2008 13:52
Mini-Reviews of films I have just watched :
Mini-Reviews of ZX Spectrum games :
Game's pretty cool. A bit harder then I was expecting actually.
This game looks awesome, but I can't find it online:(.

shot in the eye
shot in the brain
shot in the ass...
Thanks for the link, downloading now!
Abuse was awesome, but I remember it being extremely hard when I was younger. Maybe I just sucked, I don't know.
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