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September 26 2018

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Thread Author: reelmojo
Thread ID: 1247
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There are 13 posts in this thread, and it has been viewed 4135 times.
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Battle Fantasia
So has anyone played Battle Fantasia yet? It looks very promising but at $50 I'm probably going the rental route when it comes out in a few weeks to make sure it's worth it.

For those not in the know:

I had totally forgotten about that one. Good to see Arc Works trying something different for a change (for a fighter anyway). I'm going to have to give it a try.
So, who's the pure charge character? Smile
If you don't know where you're going, any road will take you there.
Looks pretty neat. I might pick this up someday but I'm still getting my stuff together back home.
looks good Grin Thumbs Up

Edited by garu21 on 24. August 2008 12:50
Battle Fantasia looks pretty impressive. Definitely one to look out for in the future. When it comes to new fighting games Arc System Works is the developer who interests me the most. Blaz Blue in particular looks amazing. That might be a reason for me to get a PS3 one day. (assuming BB is realeased for PS3)
merlin wrote:
Battle Fantasia looks pretty impressive. Definitely one to look out for in the future. When it comes to new fighting games Arc System Works is the developer who interests me the most. Blaz Blue in particular looks amazing. That might be a reason for me to get a PS3 one day. (assuming BB is realeased for PS3)

Agreeing with you there. I really want a PS3 for Blaz Blue, King of Fighters XII and possibly a new Guilty Gear?
Yeah! Might be worth getting a PS3 eventually if the arcade ports are good. I hope they release a smaller model in the near future. Like they did with the PS2.
Neo-Geo is pure bliss!
Alright, glad my sis is pickin one up.
"In this world, is the destiny of man kind controlled by some transcendental entity or law?
Is it like the hand of God hovering above?
At least it is true, that man has no control, even over his own will."
Yea, this one looks really worth at least giving it a try! I will fo sure Thumbs Up
Dead thread revival!

I just went to my local Gamestop to see if I could get lucky and find this game. They didn't have it but when I asked the workers if they'd heard of it the girl working there knew what it was. I know, it's April 1st and I'm telling you that a Gamestop employee wasn't completely incompetent, but I swear it's not an April Fools joke. Anyway, they were able to have a copy shipped from another store for me for $35. Seeing as how the game is going for around $50 on Ebay right now that is awesome.

Long story short, I'll have my hands on Battle Fantasia this Friday. I am so pumped! I'll post my thoughts on the game after I spend a little time with it. Has anyone else played it yet?
I got it!

First thing of note is the presentation. Coming from the creators of Guilty Gear you have to expect the presentation in this game to be top notch, and it really is. You know how some fighting games go for a very specific theme? A common example would be Last Blade. Well Arc wanted Battle Fantasia to feel like an RPG and my God did they ever nail it! If you've ever played a Final Fantasy you'll instantly feel at home here. The character designs, the (beautiful) stages, the music, even the menus will all make you wish they'd make an RPG out of this game. The graphics are very crisp and even though it uses the SFIV method of 3D characters with 2D fighting it doesn't look at all like SFIV.

But how does it play? Would you know what I'm talking about if I say it's a bit like Asura Buster? If not, don't worry. Any fighting game fan should feel right at home here. The moves are your standard quarter circles and dragon punch motions with a few charge characters thrown in and all of them are easy to execute. I even had no problem pulling off super moves at all (typically double quarter circle forward motions). Keep in mind I'm saying I had no trouble at all and I'm using the notorious XBox 360 D-pad. There's a parrying system similar to SFIII:3S called Gachi parrying too. I haven't used it too much just yet, but it feels like it's going to add a huge layer of depth. It's activated by it's own button rather than pressing forward so it's a bit more like Last Blade's system than Third Strike's if you ask me. Also, I'm not sure what triggers it but sometimes certain specials will make your opponent bounce off the side of the screen and fly back at you allowing you to combo them. You can use your MP gauge for either super moves or heat mode which has different effects for each character (like enhancing your special moves or allowing your normals to combo into each other easily).

I've only played arcade mode so far but the story mode is apparently pretty detailed and allows you to unlock all sorts of stuff like alternate colors, artworks, and even alternate costumes. The alternate costumes are mostly for laughs as some of them don't fit the environment at all (Deathbringer and Marco both look like they belong in an episode of Power Rangers, for example). There's also Survival and Time Attack which is pretty standard now-a-days. You can play it online too but I haven't tried that just yet so I can't comment on the net code. I've heard it's fairly solid though with one guy on SRK saying that he lives on the East Coast USA and plays his friend in Japan with little problem.

The characters and story are what really set this game apart. Apparently around 20 years ago an RPG broke out and four legendary heroes saved the world from destruction (you know... the plot of all the earlier Final Fantasy games). People were living in peace, but now there's rumors of some sort of dark times ahead so new heroes emerge to stop it. Deathbringer is the reason for everyone's troubles and he needs to be stopped. Also, he's pretty much Nightmare from Soul Calibur mixed with a Judge from Final Fantasy XII. The other characters range from your typical RPG heroes (Urs and Marco) to characters you'd expect to meet along the way were this an RPG. A white mage, a princess, an assassin, a dwarf king, a pirate, a bunny wizard... wait, what? Props to Arc for creating Watson the Bunny Wizard, one of the most original fighting game characters ever. Also of note is Odile who was created by the evil Dokurod which is actually the possessed rod that she carries as a weapon. Urs (probably the main character) looks like a typical RPG hero but has one of the coolest weapons I've ever seen. It's like an energy sword with an engine on it that he holds like a chainsaw and can also ride on it like a scooter. Square-Enix is probably kicking themselves for not coming up with that one first.

So far I have nothing bad to say about this game. I've only tried playing as three characters (Coyori, Watson, and Urs) and I really liked all three. It's an original take on the fighting genre and quite a departure for Arc System Works. If you're on the fence about buying it I definitely recommend it. I had extremely high hopes and it lived up to all of them. It's out now in the UK for both XBox 360 and PS3 (it's 360 exclusive in the US).

One last thing, the arcade version had a few balancing issues (mostly due to infinites) which held it back from becoming too popular. That's probably why you didn't see it when you were in Japan, Merlin. These issues were fixed in the home release, but you can even switch it back to Original Mode if you feel like playing it as it once was.
Wow! Thanks for going into so much detail. Just reading that makes me want to play this game right now but unfortunately I haven't bought a PS3 yet. I'm definitely liking the fantasy rpg theme. It's quite an original idea for a fighting game and it's good to see Arc willing to try something a bit different.

I definitely like the style of the graphics and this coming from Arc I'm not surprised to hear the presentation is top notch as it always is in their games.

Is anyone else planning to get this game?
I went into so much detail because I really want other people to buy this game so that Arc will make a sequel! And if they'd make an RPG fleshing out the back story, well that'd be just perfect. After I spend more time with it I plan on writing a proper review for Gamefaqs, something I've never done. I'd love to write one that would be worthy of NG4L's Other Reviews section, going into detail about each character and background and including a bunch of screen shots like Kaz does in his bigger reviews. In fact, I'll probably do that and send it to Kaz so that if he wants to put it up he can.

EDIT: Story mode is amazing! There's a bunch of hand drawn art for each character that's semi-animated for the story segments. Each character has one fight in their story billed as a "Gachi Battle." When you see that you know that winning that fight in various different ways will open different story paths. For Urs it was winning by time out, but for other people it can be things like finishing off your opponent with a throw, taunting a certain amount of times, etc. This means each character has two main story paths for double the replay value.

Also I unlocked both of Urs' secret outfits (everyone has two, not just one like I originally thought!). One of his is a little futuristic and just for fun, but the other one is a knight's armor that he looks awesome in. I'm going to try playing online now and see how that works.

EDIT2: Online mode was great! On the negative side I played about 20 matches in ranked and they were all against the same guy. When he left I couldn't find a match. It was 1:30 AM, but still that's evidence that it's going to be hard to consistently find a match online. Our ping was 80 and lag was pretty minimal. For some matches lag was completely unnoticeable and for others it was nothing more than a minor inconvenience. The game feels really well balanced!
Edited by reelmojo on 05. April 2009 07:02
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