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March 31 2015

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Thread Author: Jak
Thread ID: 1201
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Metal Slug 7 mini review
Let's just say I found a copy of Slug 7, and let's also say that No$GBA is a great emulator...

With that out of the way, I have to say in my honest opinion that Metal Slug 7 is the best Slug game since 3. Yes, it is that good. The humor is not there, I've noticed few branching paths (just 1 so far), and it's single player only. But, this is the best game yet. It completely tramples the mediocre Metal Slug 6. Sure, I didn't notice any new sprites but for the bosses, but the bosses are great, unique, and require new ways to be killed. I've only gotten to level 4, so I cannot give a complete review just yet. I'm going to beat it first, and then mess around with alt paths and combat school.

But so far, I would HIGHLY recommend this game.
I liked 6 Pfft
broken harbours
i can't say i did. 4, 5, and 6 all seemed like thrashed out rehashed copy & paste jobs. dull dull and just er, dull. for that reason, and the change of format, i'm pretty optimistic about 7.
After beating the game now. This is what I liked and didn't like.

Didn't like:

Same old sprites. Would love to see some new ones, considering these have been used for just over a decade now. Hopefully if this, KOF12, and Samurai Shodown 6 are enough of a hit, SNKP can afford new sprites.

Lack of branching paths. Again, only 1 this time. Why is this so hard to enable? The only reason I can think of, is to shorten the development time of the title. A shame though.

Lack of Slugs. Yeah, there's not nearly as many Slugs in this one. Excluding the fantastic giant mech at the end of stage 6, there's nothing new here.

No multiplayer.

Where's the humor? Not once did I stumble upon a soldier in porto-potty or see a guy getting eaten by a killer whale.

What I liked:

It was about as chaotic as Slug 3. The enemies just pour on top of you, which can be fun and frustrating, mostly fun.

Some diversity. As mentioned, the giant mech slug was cool, and I liked the parachute stage. Nothing as radical in Slug 3, but they tried some new things that worked.

Great bosses. Slug 6 just had ridiculously easy bosses but for the very last one, and there one that was just cheap to begin with. The bosses are pretty unique, and two of which require some new ways to deal with.

Overall, I've give it 8 out of 10. Just to give you an idea, Metal Slug 3 would get 10, 1 and 2/x would get 9. Metal Slug 4 would get a 5, Metal Slug 5 would get a 7, and Slug 6 would get 6 out of 10.

I liked it, but SNKP really needs to inject the craziness and humor that made the first 4 games what they were. They should just throw everything at us, make us fight mutant flying chimps that shoot dildo missiles, let us kill an obese man who eats babies and flings poo, and etc and etc.
I'm liking it so far. Gonna have to get it a more thorough playtest later before I write up my review.
I'm glad to see that you like it overall Jak. I'm immensely excited. (games like this and Contra 4 are the reason i purchased a DS.

So, does anyone have an opinion on whether this game is more challenging than Contra 4 or not?

Jak wrote:
Slug 6 just had ridiculously easy bosses

Damn, i must suck. I remember thinking that the Robot Boss in the 3rd stage of MS 6 was the hardest boss i've played in a MS since 3. Of course, the 1st & 4th stage bosses were a joke in 6. I think i just need to play MS 4 and 5 again.
Edited by Goemon on 21. July 2008 23:55
The bosses in this one don't seem that hard imo. Even the end one wasn't too bad unlike 5's ridiculous final boss.
Agree with the comments made about the stage 3 boss from MS6 and the end of MS5, i also found some of the bosses in MS4 very cheap.
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