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February 22 2019

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Thread Author: Atomduck
Thread ID: 1164
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There are 8 posts in this thread, and it has been viewed 26108 times.
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For you Virtua Fighter Fans
Game Daily has their Babe of the week (I did a thread on this earlier with Mai Pfft) It's an interesting article if you want to know a little more about the characters and the sexiness that is Virtua Fighter xD.


Link to the Mai thread.

Though VF has pretty ladies it will never replace our Mai!!
Edited by Atomduck on 30. June 2008 13:54
nice pics atomduck Wink Thumbs Up
To me, Sarah's hotter than Pai, but meh, That's just me ! Pfft
Vexan wrote:
To me, Sarah's hotter than Pai, but meh, That's just me ! Pfft

YEAH... I'm with you there, SARAH all the way, but I guess a lot of it can come down to who you play as too.

I USED TO PLAY... a pretty tough Sarah... 'Instinctual' I tend to call it (i.e. when you naturally use a character and all their moves WITHOUT thinking about it!)

This was before SEGA decided to take my time honed Sarah from VF through VF4 and completely changed her in VF4Evo! I've never been so gutted in my gaming life (no, Kazuya in T3 was pretty tough loss too!) Real Sad

I had to learn Jacky from scratch as a result as they'd changed her sooo much... I just couldn't be effective with her anymore. They'd built this MASSIVE dependancy on her alterior stance based moves, which were a nice addition to VF4, but not essential. VF4 Evo... they built her on it! Never taken VF seriously since, as I just don't have time to learn characters in 3D fighters anymore... I simply depend on them being improved versions of their former selves for Pick-up and play purposes.

Would probably pick up VF5R if it made it to PS3 though... game looks good!

Edited by NeoGeoNinja on 05. April 2009 14:03
Sarah was the hottest pixels I'Ve ever seen in VF5 PS3 ! Pfft lol, she's the first VF Character I've Ever tried if I recall ^^ Grin
I love Virtua Fighter but it's all about DOA when it comes to chicks in fighting games. Kasumi FTW!!
THX-1138 wrote:
I love Virtua Fighter but it's all about DOA when it comes to chicks in fighting games. Kasumi FTW!!

YEAH... I'm a VFman through & through, well, I love all 3D fighters really ( EXCEPT SSBB )... but I'm definitely wth you there... DOA has always had the 'forced' female sex-appeal. Kasumi easily... hmm, but I also like Christie too!

Edited by NeoGeoNinja on 09. April 2009 18:20
If I want (3D) chicks in a fighting game then I play RUMBLE ROSES XX on the 360.


Used with the kind permission from their creator "Shiny"
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