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May 26 2019

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Thread Author: Raiken
Thread ID: 1161
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There are 30 posts in this thread, and it has been viewed 10338 times.
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Will wrote:
Raiken wrote:
Well scuse' me :| Your entitled to your opinion but you could stand to be a little less smug about it friend.

I for one like the idea of it using the NES style graphics. I tip my hat to Inafune for sticking with the true old school Megaman.

I never said I hated NES graphics, I'm perfecty content with the old graphics otherwise I'd never continuously make maps of them. I did maps of Megaman Board the monopoly game and I made no comment. I only said I preferred the Arcade graphics. I have absolutely no object to older graphics, but I have this opinion that may surprise you:

To me manga, comic style and chibi are all wrong and not very good, but when you put them togetherand mix them, they become right and excellent quality. Legendary Frog made such graphics. Try blending NES, SNES and GBA graphics all together and see what artwork you can come up with.

Actually that comment had nothing to do with your take on the graphics. I was referring to your comment about vgmaps Ninja
Comment about vgmaps? I don't know what you're talking about. I have not commented on the site anymore than made maps and discussed ideas. Have you visited the site recently? I'd like to see the first Wii game map appear on it any day.
Your comment about how vgmaps already heard it before.
I personally dislike your references to VGmaps even before you get into early/late news or other details on it. I find a lot of it is like self advertisement in a place where it doesn't belong. Make a topic somewhere sure, but you ALWAYS flaunt your website around, and its kind of annoying.

Still great news Raiken, and I may have heard it before but this is as good a place as any to discuss it.

As such, I think the throwback graphics are fantastic. They are much easier to jump into than something overly animated, and keep things simple as if to go along with the gameplay. I personally like the NES entries more than 7 or 8. That being said I like the X games better than the Megaman games. Other than 7 or 8... PATTERN!
"In this world, is the destiny of man kind controlled by some transcendental entity or law?
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Today announcing Nintendo Wii Megaman 9 Maps on The game hasn't yet been released and yet there they are. Cool Something you cannot afford to miss. I can sense everyone buzzing about this big news Thumbs Up Smile Thumbs Up
Will wrote:
I can sense everyone buzzing about this big news Thumbs Up Smile Thumbs Up


What sense are you using?
Finally a megaman with no relation to the that battle looks awesome this game
So does anyone own this yet? I think it's an excellent game and while the NES style is really nostalgic I must also point out that there's no friggin way an old NES cart could hold this massive amount of graphical data, making the game look suspiciously pretty. This is not a bad thing though, more like a suspension of disbelief thing.

I had a great time playing this game just to annoy and tease my "not so hardcore" friends in gaming. You know, the kind of people that are really into gaming but never really bothered with arcade machines (and thus never got on to the whole Neo Geo scene) and complain about how if you die, you go back. Some didn't make it through the one demo stage let alone the whole game, go figure.

I don't mean to sound elitist or anything though, I am just saying that this is a perfect example of a game that's so old school that it knows exactly which audience to target (you know the kind of player who loves being abused by cheap shots) and also allows younger games a chance to get a feel of what things used to be like and even provide those that work for it with the sense of satisfaction that says "oh yeah, I would have made it just fine back then too!" Blue Mary

It really is one of the harder Mega Man games (somewhere along the lines of MM2 on difficult and MM1) thanks to an unusual spike fetish on many of the stages but it's probably nothing that fans won't be able to handle. The extremely badass 8-bit music (especially Galaxy Man's and Splash Woman's themes) might distract you at first too Headbang

Here's to hoping it sells enough for another. Mega Man X9 next perhaps?
Asuka does not wait until after school, she will kick your ass right now!
I have never played a Mega Man game! - I have heard they are rock-hard though Andy I just watched the video that was posted earlier - its looks really good - I love the chip music too and old-style gfx - although its old its fresh at the same time. I am kind of against the Wii (for no good reason except predujice) so I probably won't get this though.

I remember everyone being very excited because Mega Man X on the Snes was going to have a special chip in the cartridge to do 'fantastic' graphical effects - and then being disappointed when all it could do draw some lasers and basic rotating polygons - thats all I know about Mega Man - I get the impression its huge in Japan though!
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Mega Man X is still one of my favorite games, and I think the graphics look great nonetheless. Mega Man 9 is pretty cool from what I've seen, but it's lame that you have to pay like 200 points I think if you want to play as Protoman.
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