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December 13 2018

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Thread Author: Gakman
Thread ID: 114
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There are 6 posts in this thread, and it has been viewed 2832 times.
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MVS with strange screen...

I've got a MV-2 SNK MVS slot., and it don't draw sprites... In Blazing Star I've gauges on the top nd bottom of the screen, score, but no ship or enemies. In Garou MotW I've a kind of enormous pixels instead of characters (4*5 pixels for each character). But games seems to run normally : sound is OK, gauge goes down when I it the other character in Garou, in Blazing the sounds seems to indicate that I kill enemies if I hit shot button...
Do you know thi problem ?
I've tried with another supegun, another power station, others games, and tried my games on another slot (OK), tried with another BIOS EEPROM (Razoola Univers BIOS 2.3)...

Plase help me !!! :(:(:(
Thank you.

Please excuse my english, I'm french.
Edited by Gakman on 19. January 2007 00:32
One thing that I could suggest is one of the most simple things of all: clean the cartridges and clean the actual slot on your MVS as well. MVS carts are notorious for being very flaky if they get a little dirty, and many carts don't exactly get stored very safely by arcade operators and even many of the people that sell them. If I was you I would try cleaning the connectors on the cartridges and then trying to blow out any dust that might be inside the connector on the MVS itself. These two projects at the website HardMVS might be of help:



Many games I purchased on eBay had similar graphical or sound problems to the ones you have mentioned, but when I cleaned them thoroughly they were OK.

Another trick I learnt from someone is to at first try pushing your cartridge all the way into the slot (gently). If it doesn't work properly, turn off the MVS and very carefully pull the cartridge back out of the slot by just a few millimeters, then try again. I know that might sound stupid, but it really did work on a few of the older carts I had, so it is definitely worth a try.

If you are still having problems there must be something wrong with the MVS itself. You could possibly try asking on the tech support forum at as someone there might be of more help when it comes to the technical side of things, but other than that I'm, not sure what to suggest. Where did you buy the MVS from?

Good luck in getting it working! Thumbs Up

Thank you for your answer, and your reception in the other topic.
Actually I've already tried to pull it off few millimeters, I know this because I've an old Genesis which don't do very good contacts. But It don't change anything.
For cleaning,I must try but I've exactly the same with the 2 slots and for all games I tried (about 10), which works very well on 2 other slots. I'll try to clean the slots but Idoubt it will change anything:(...
Edited by Gakman on 19. January 2007 09:02
First off check the +5 voltage with a multimeter at the Jamma connector where it meets the board, if its a bit low you will have these sort of problems, adjust the Power supply to be in a range from 4,9 to 5,1 Volt if you need too. This is without a doubt the most important thing to keeping an MVS board happy Wink

Look for broken tracers at the base of the slots where the solder joints are aswell as the rest of the board [ see if the slots are loose or twist in anyt way, they shouldnt move at all, if they do, fire up a game and givem a twist and see if theres any change ] , check any caps for corrosion and leakage.

This could be a dirt issue as these things are somewhat on the finicky side of PCBs [ good rule of thumb is too clean any new games very throughly before you play them the first time, it will save you alot of grief ] , alot of times 1 or 2 of the slots inner pins can get bent to where they dont make good contact and it almost always causes sprite issues so look hard there too.

Let us know what you find out Wink
My power deliver 5.00 and 12.00 (tested), and it's a new one.
For the bug I insist : I've exactly the same bug on the 2 slots with these games, and I can't see corrosion or dirt. The slots don't seems to be broken.
For the third party of your message I don't understand very well what you mean.

Thank you.
Edited by Gakman on 19. January 2007 18:13
Inside the of the slots where the cartridge boards themselves make contact with the inside of the slot. Sometimes those connections can get bent inward and stay that way causing a bad connection between the cart and the main board.

Hope thats a bit clearer than before Wink

Also I would adjust the voltage through its operating range and see if there is any noticable change ? [ at the board of course Smile ] My MV1-F likes more voltage than most MVS boards I have used in the past, so it can vary quite a bit from one board to another.

Other than that I cant really think of anything else to suggest, I would definitly ask over at the forums, as a few guys over there really know these boards inside and out Wink
Edited by candycab on 19. January 2007 19:28
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