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January 18 2019

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Thread Author: merlin
Thread ID: 1094
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World Heroes 2 vs World Heroes 2 Jet
I've always been curious as to why most people prefer World Heroes 2 Jet over World Heroes 2. Although I've spent a great deal of time playing WH2Jet and can appreciate the new characters, moves, more speed etc. I much prefer WH2.

!. Why did they get rid of the death match mode in Jet? That was always the really original feature of the WH series and a lot of fun. The 'seesaw' lifebar in WH2 was a neat idea. Electrocuting your opponent or impaling them on spikes is great fun!

2. The intro and overall presentation is a lot better in WH2. A truly great intro in fact. The parts in between fights in WH2Jet like Captain Kidd's ship are a little bit lame. Even small details like the way the lifebars and timer look are better in WH2.

3. Very disappointing generic endings in WH2Jet unlike the great and sometimes amusing endings in WH2.

4. Not that there is anything wrong with Zeus but Dio in WH2 is a much more impressive boss. People might complain about how tough he is but it's surely one of the Neo's most memorable boss encounters set in the ruins of the Colosseum and with some great music.

5. WH2 has better music especially the classic tunes for the stages of Erik, Janne and J. Carn.

I'd be really interested to know which game people here prefer out of the two. It might not sound like it but I do really like Jet as well.
Merlin, Thanks to your generosity I will now be able to compare them and let you know!! Grin
Go forward for make away as joystick. Push A button for approach of enemy. Break of enemy for A and B. Make high score for break get together - Neo Mr Do!
i agree i think that by taking away the death match mode there taking the real originality of world heroes, plus i know people have gripes with the speed of wh2 but generaly for a retro fighter the speed is ok enough imo, i only own wh2 and have only played jet a few times so its hard for me to realy compare but i generaly believe wh2 to be all round better
Mainly because the A.I. in WH2 is broken beyond belief. It is among the cheapest A.I. in a fighter. That, and without the Death Match mode it just feels generic. Jet improved on all of these things. Would love to see the Death Match mode return some day though.
You know Jak I have to disagree with you about the A.I. It seems ok to me. I don't think WH2 is 'broken'. When it comes to cheapness however well I guess you could certainly accuse Dio of that! In general though the opponents before you reach Dio provide a fair level of challenge. I'm sure other people would agree with you that the A.I. has been improved in World Heroes 2 Jet but I can't really see it myself.

Like you Jak I would also love to see a new World Heroes game with death matches restored but unfortunately I don't think it will ever happen because the WH series doesn't have the same popularity as Kof or SS so Snk Playmore might be taking a bit of a risk if they made World Heroes 3.
I do not like World Heroes Jet at all. With the Death Match mode gone, where's half the fun gone? Better still I prefer World Heroes 1 as the voices of Janne, Rasputin and the others are better. Furthermore why change Dragon's nationality from China to Korea. I thought Bruce Lee was Chinese. I think it would be better if Dragon were based on Jackie Chan instead of Bruce Lee. Although Jackie Chan wasn't and isn't a hero I admire him for his acting in well rated comedy and action films and his professional Chinese Martial Arts. I think ADK went too far trying to made the other last two World Heroes better. I really wish there were voices to read out what the characters say. The only voices that narrate a storyline in any Neo-Geo game so far was NAM-1975. For example I imagine that the voice of Geegus would be the same as Mister Sinister from X-men. World Heroes Jet I rate two thumbs down Thumbs Down Thumbs Down. If you want to know more about improves I want made for the games, go on the "suggestions/help area" section and select the "A new idea for new online game" topic. Dio is an excellent boss, made of elastic ice, he's like a mutant in X-men crossed with a Negaverse fiend from Sailor Moon. And finally I have maps of two World Heroes games on .
World Heroes 2 is the better game, though Jet is probably the best looking game in the whole series. Both great games if you ask me.

And, hang on, broken? WH2 is broken? Hahahaha!! No, no, stop it. Hahaha! Ah, breathe. The only part of WH2 I can see as being described as broken would be the incredibly difficult Dio confrontation. But even there, it can be done. I don't think that they improved the gameplay in WH2J so much as dumbed it down... I find 2 a much more rewarding playing experience.
i find the ai quite frustrating in wh2 as well but it gives a good challenge
ive been playing wh2 alot lately this thread got me interested in revisiting it, and i have been enjoying myself alot, although ive never completed it i find dio to frustrating and don't stick at it for long

but thanks merlin for sparking the fuze
I have only ever played WH2 (although I ordered Jet a little while ago)

I personally find WH2 very difficult. The C button always seems to only taunt, and never throw, regardless of the range and what I direction I am facing, whereas the CPU seems to be able to pick me up and throw me from impossible distances.

Also the CPU seems to have much greater attack priority than I do. fighting characters like Mudman and C.Kidd is a nightmare for me.

I've not really played much ADK fighting games before, but even after loads of practice I can hardly get anywhere.

Anyone share the same experiences?
Powerwave wrote:
ive been playing wh2 alot lately this thread got me interested in revisiting it, and i have been enjoying myself alot, although ive never completed it i find dio to frustrating and don't stick at it for long

but thanks merlin for sparking the fuze

Powerwave I'm glad my thread was of interest. Also glad to see that I'm not the only one who prefers WH2 over Jet but like Shiny said they are both great games.

I've played this game more than any other Neo title and while I'm not claiming to be the greatest WH2 expert I have beaten the game with a fair few characters and just thought I'd share a few Dio tips just in case it's of interest to anyone.

There are 3 characters in particular with whom it's fairly easy to defeat Dio:

Kim Dragon:
Just rapidly press the punch button the whole time. Do nothing else and you should win at least 50% of the time.

Erik is imo the easiest character to use in single player mode because if you press left or right when doing a heavy punch (axe swing) you have a very good reach and this is very effective against cpu opponents. (ice breath special move also very effective against cpu) Against Dio just do standing heavy punches while holding left or right. Dio might block you the first time but you often get him with the second attack. Dio might also try and rush you but because you're pressing left or right you might 'accidentally' throw him.

Just do axle spins repeatedly agianst Dio. He will block but it doesn't matter you will still get multiple blocked hits on him. I know it sounds a bit of a dodgy method but Dio doesn't exactly play fair so why should you?

jlz wrote:
Also the CPU seems to have much greater attack priority than I do. fighting characters like Mudman and C.Kidd is a nightmare for me.

I agree with you that Captain Kidd can be real pain. Mudman on the other hand is often vulnerable because he jumps around a lot. You can often just jump straight up and hit him in the air. You can also use anti-air special moves like Hanzou's Kou Ryu Ha or Janne's Justice Sword when Mudman jumps into the air.
I always play with all time favourite Janne. I've never had a problem with Janne and she can perform throws much better than other characters except for Ryoko (Judo good throwing!). Dragon, you could be right about being a match against Dio, he is very agile and his flying kicks are good. Do you think he could be a quasi-copy of Kim Kaphwan? Rasputin is fairly good against Dio but he is not as swift in his jumping as he was in WH1. Erik is too slow when he comes to hitting and midair kicking, plus his big waves are too easy to evade. The bigger they are the harder they fall. Perhaps not Muscle Power's case. Shura is not too bad, but has nowhere as good powers as his brother Joe Higashi. I wonder why Joe Higashi doesn't have Shura's powers. Could it be that Joe has outgrown Shura's powers? Compared to Joe, Shura's powers are somewhat like Beginners Meutai for dummies. How can you perform a tiger claw with a boxing glove on your hand? I doubt that using a certain character against Dio, gaurantees you'll win. It doesn't in the Megaman battle style Fireman beats Woodman or Iceman beats Fireman, beating Dio requires a lot of evasion and timing your moves correct or if you're in the Death Match stage, keep pushing him at the exploding spike barriers. I would call myself a semi-expert on World Heroes after mastering moves of half the characters.
Will wrote:Furthermore why change Dragon's nationality from China to Korea..

I assume that and Dragon's first name, Kim, are references to Kim Kap-hwan, the founder and president of SNK's Korean distributor Viccom, while ADK was a partner of SNK before fully merging in after their bankruptcy.
Edited by 1983parrothead on 15. December 2010 05:02
lee gray
I think world heroes 2 is great, jet would have been better if they had kept all the original backdrop music instead of being the same for all
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