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April 24 2019

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Thread Author: boogiepop
Thread ID: 1059
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ebaying - the ins and outs?
So I want to unload a bunch of stuff on ebay but have never really gone about this before. Basically, I need all the little tips that a bit of selling on the bay brings. This includes disclaimers I should put on every page.
Thanks in advance guys.
If you don't know where you're going, any road will take you there.
Dude you have to put good pictures and lots of it...also you need a lots of transactions so people will bid on your stuff, i've used it a few times not really impressed though. Not too many snk fans around the us as everywhere else ....let me know how it goes thought ....
Dude you have to put good pictures and lots of it...also you need a lots of transactions so people will bid on your stuff, i've used it a few times not really impressed though. Not too many snk fans around the us as everywhere else ....let me know how it goes thought ....

I'm looking for some neo geo stuff...
Thanks dude! I've got a camera that can do the trick so I'll get working on that soon.
As far as neo-related stuff, I'm probably getting rid of my SS2, Pulstar, and Neo Cup 98 mvs carts, Last Blade 2 and MotW dreamcast ports, and the ps2 neo cd pad.
If you don't know where you're going, any road will take you there.
Generally, if you want to sell the items at maximum price, be sure to offer PayPal and international shipping.
I buy and sell quite a lot on eBay... I just broke the 1 000 feedback barrier Pfft All the advice you heard so far is good - offer Paypal, international postage, be clear and descriptive, and the items should sell for themselves. Let me know next time I see you and I'll try to help you out more.
I wasn't planning on offering international shipping but you guys have made me think twice. How should I work out shipping? I never know how people manage to get all those shipping quotes in advance unless they have some fancy scale lying around at home.
And I'll definitely take you up on that offer Carmen! Grin
If you don't know where you're going, any road will take you there.
As long as you're not sending really large, you should be able to get good figures from Thats probably the best method... I don't do that, haha Pfft I just kind of guess, if I over charge shipping I just refund the difference, if I underestimate it... well, I try not to underestimate it if possible Roll Eyes You get a good idea though after you've sold a lot. I would strongly recommend you to include your shipping price upfront, you can choose not to and say it will be decided the offer but since most people offer thiers upfront, it'll put you at a disadvantage.

Though, to be honest, as long as your listing is not TERRIBLE (I have seen some awful ones though and games and other times selling WAY less then they should have) the items should really sell themselves on thier own merit. Don't be afraid Thumbs Up
broken harbours
i agree with pretty much that's been already said, but i would also recommend

i. making sure the p&p charges are exactly what it actually costs for packing materials and postage. buyers can get miffed of you send them a game/dvd/cd which you charged them 4 postage for something that comes in a 60p jiffy and only cost 1.20 to send. they won't forget either. given the small profit made from this i imagine sellers do this as a means of ensuring that they at least break even on the cost of placing the ad, but you can do that far more honourably by setting the starting price of the auction to the amount you spent on placing the listing.

ii. when posting the goods, always ask for and keep receipts from the post office (with the buyer's name and item info written on the back). also, offer recorded delivery as an optional extra charging only the additional cost for this service. with recorded delivery, the buyer can claim on the insurance if the goods get lost/irreparably damaged in transit. if they choose not to take this option, you still have proof that you've posted the item if a buyer claims not to have received it or if it gets delayed due to industrial action/bad weather etc. its also nice to e-mail them to let them know you posted it on the same day that you have done so.

iii. if you're serious on selling but haven't bought anything on ebay, make your first purchase a set of postage/kitchen scales so you can wrap the item accordingly and work out the total postage costs before you set the price.

iv. if you offer to post it worldwide, be sure to insist that prospective buyers to contact you about this before they bid so you can quote them the correct cost for postage. also, while you're at it, remind them to check the customs/duty laws for their country and tell them only to bid if they're happy to incur any additional charges that may apply. some buyers may ask you to send the item "as a gift" to get out of this. however, do this at your own risk. although there's no guarantee you'll get caught, you will be liable for criminal charges if you do.

v. put your listing up in the late afternoon or early evening on a sunday and make sure it ends exactly seven days from then. this is the time when ebay gets the most visits so chances are, you're more likely to have people looking at your ad and increase the bidding potential. another good time to end you auction is the same time on public/bank holidays for the same reason.

vi. before you decide on how much you want to sell it for, check to see how much that item goes for on ebay first as well as second hand stores and places like amazon. if its neo stuff, check the price guide on if its any other game look up the pre-owned prices on gamestation or the equivalent in your country as price guide. not only does this tell you how much your goods are actually worth but also how much most people are prepared to pay; trust me, there can be quite a difference. you can use this to set a reserve price (i.e. if an item doesn't reach a certain amount, it won't get sold), although this can put some people off. if you want just get rid of something as a quick sale you can simply list it as a "buy it now" with a price that's slightly lower than the guide price. i've done this a fair few times when having a good clearout. while it won't be the same as getting the full amount once ebay/paypal fees kick in, the buyer gets a "bargain" and you'll still get more than you would if you traded it in at a shop.

vii. its been said before, but its well worth repeating, include plenty of pictures of all that is included, (disc, manual, case) and the condition they're in. if a case is badly cracked or the manual is a little tatty, show it in the pictures, and point it out in the description. if you think it's worth it, it might be a good idea to buy some replacement cases and change the broken ones before putting things up for sale. you can also get rid of ugly sticker scars on plastic cases with a little white spirit and a soft cloth. include screenshots too.

viii. last but not least, write a good description. generally, people like to buy from people who know what they're talking about. make it informative, make it entertaining. put a couple of snappy quotes from positive reviews, include some interesting facts about what you' re selling. make sure the spelling is good and that it makes grammatical sense. if you're not very good at this, perhaps get a friend or family member to proof read it first. Smile

this is all just common sense and courtesy really, but much like the real world you may be surprised as to how many people on ebay appear to lack these qualities. if you're listing appears confident, honest and well informed and you treat buyers as civil human beings, the chances are you'll do just fine, enjoy yourself, and learn something too.

hope this helps. Smile good luck! Thumbs Up
Edited by broken harbours on 26. May 2008 23:44
Wow, thanks for the info guys! And broken harbours, you again went above and betond the call of duty. Thanks! Grin
I just got back from a weekend spent at the summer home so I'll be aiming for next Sunday as my debut on ebay.
If you don't know where you're going, any road will take you there.
Yeah honestly, he put up all of the things I look for in an eBay page. Which is good. Also the grammar and spelling thing really makes a difference for me (unless it's international. I usually email them to see the reply and for info, which helps me know how much effort is being put in.)
I'm sure I'm being a pain in the ass by now but I still feel like I don't know what the hell I'm doing when it comes to shipping. What are all these different shipping options? Priority flat-rate, large flat-rate, parcel post... whaa??? I've been measuring boxes only to find out the weight of my package is too great like with first class mail (I don't want to buy a scale so I'm guessing) or left wondering if I can even use my own box at all with what shipping methods. I've been staring at the site for a while now and the fricken thing just doesn't answer the questions I want to ask.

So anyway, I'm going to try this angle. Let's say I wanted to ship a single mvs cart and have all the bubble wrap, peanuts, and tape I need. Am are my options for boxes along with shipping options? (I'll have a tough time fitting that size actually with what I have lying around) What am I asking for when I walk up to the post office clerk? I know I'm sounding like a retard but I feel like bashing my head across my desk at the moment and don't care if I come off as such. :|

Thanks again guys!
If you don't know where you're going, any road will take you there.
I only think the two you should have to worry about is Priority and normal (First class) mail. For Priority you can get a "Priority" marked box at the post office, or you can use one of your owns (and just say you want to send it priority). For first-class you NEED to supply your own box. You can buy a "readypost" box at the post office (I'm not sure if the ones in your area have them but they should) seperately, or just find/buy one somewhere. Yes Boogie, you can use your own box for any shipping method (as far as I know) Let me know if that helps Smile
It does help. Honestly, you answered everything so well in your email I felt like a dick asking again. But yeah, I'm cool now. I think the only thing I really need to figure out now is how to mail individual collectible cards. I'm thinking if I just tape them between two pieces of cardboard and toss them in a regular envelope, the receiving party might not be too happy.
If you don't know where you're going, any road will take you there.
I just wanted to let you guys know that my weekend of ebay sales has netted me about $80 (after fees) which brings me to about $200 in sales between the bay and
Thanks again for all the input guys! I couldn't have done it without you! Grin
If you don't know where you're going, any road will take you there.
Grin Happy to hear it!
Someone's trying to pay me with an unconfirmed shipping address. Should I inform them I cannot accept payment until that has changed? Also, I still have another nonpaying bidder. How long after the auction's end should I contact ebay about this?
Damn bidders. :evil:
If you don't know where you're going, any road will take you there.
I wouldn't worry about unconfirmed shipping addresses, personally. I've sent dozens of packages to people with unconfirmed shipping addresses with no problems on either side.

As for a NPB, how long has it been since the end of the auction? I'm assuming you've tried emailing him/her through eBay's 'contact bidder' system, I'd suggest doing that one more time. If you don't get a response you can file a non paying bidder alert, though I've honestly never had to do that myself. My guess is its probably some sort of micommunication since I rarely see non paying bidders.

Good luck, keep us informed Thumbs Up
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