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December 10 2019

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Thread Author: Goemon
Thread ID: 1046
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There are 5 posts in this thread, and it has been viewed 2661 times.
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Banjo-Kazooie fans?


Anyone else quite excited about a brand new Banjo-Kazooie game? Smile
I felt that Banjo-Kazooie for the N64 took everything that made Mario 64 great and improved it in every way. (Rare seems to be good about taking others idea's and elaborating on them for the better imo) I'm more excited for the new BK than MGS 4.

BK & Ninja Gaiden II now make 2 solid reasons for me wanting to get a 360 over a PS3.

I'm sure after Konami hooks the PS3 up with the new MGS game, a new Zone of Enders; a new Castlevania game, (maybe even, by the grace of god, a new Suikoden) folks are gonna be happy they purchased a PS3, but i'd much rather be playing Banjo-Kazooie & NG 2.
Edited by Goemon on 18. May 2008 03:42
Love Banjo Kazooie, not happy with what they are doing with this one:

"80% vechicles" according to Rare
It's an open world game
They've taken away Kazooie's moves.
Yeah, i'm a bit worried myself. Especially whenever i notice the devs. mention "broader audience" in interviews. I kind trust Rare so i'll probably check it out anyways when i get a 360.
Yeah, I used to play Banjo Kazooie alot but I haven't played it in years... I still own the game aswell.
I liked and still like the N64 game [ havent seriously played it in years though ]

As with most rehashed or continuations of games that were once great I dont expect a whole lot from the new installment but, that may only help me like the game more when its released.

This could be good or it could come out like the PS3 Ratchet game thats mediocre at best but now in "HD" ohhh ahhh Grin
Edited by candycab on 27. May 2008 08:38
I spent most of the eighties, most of my life, riding around in somebody else's car, in possession of, or ingested of, something illegal, on my way from something illegal to something illegal with many illegal things happening all around me.

James Newell Osterberg, Jr

"Last screw is hidden under a warranty-voiding sticker. Darn, cant return this thing to the store - guess Ill just have to make a laptop out of it!"

Ben Heck on PS3 Slim
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