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December 17 2018

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Thread Author: NeoStrayCat
Thread ID: 5304
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Game of the Month (#189) - Japanese Only Neo-Geo Games!
Author Note: Sorry for the long wait, there will be more GotW articles at the same time in a little while since the last GotM was in February, so there will be about a couple taking their places. (This one is the one for March, and its just a filler, since there's not much to talk about these anyways, lol. Since I can't read moonrunes.)

Either way...might as well mention a couple of these niche titles that no one would, if ever an NG collector would want them, know these JP only NG games existed, though maybe something like Quiz King Of Fighters, since its, you know, KOF, but as a quiz game, lol. (Which has already been mentioned in the past.)

Bakatonosama Mahjong Manyuki:

Players: 1 or 2
Size: 48 Megs

Minnasan No Okagesamadesu:

Players: 1
Size: 54 Megs

Mahjong Kyo Retsuden:

Players: 1
Size: 42 Megs

Quest of Jongmaster Jyanshin Densetsu:

Players: 1 or 2
Size: 82 Megs

Note: All 4 of these games are all Mahjong games.

Maruko's Deluxe Quiz:

Players: 1 or 2
Size: 118 Megs

Note: This quiz game is based on the "Chibi Maruko Chan"/"Little Maruko" anime that is still currently airing in Japan. There also has been other Maruko games in the past, but none of them were for Neo-Geo, currently, there has been one now released on mobile that is free-to-play, which is a matching game.

Master of Syougi:

Note: This is Japanese Chess!

Players: 1 or 2
Size: 58 Megs

Past 5 GotW/M Discussions:
#184 The King of Fighters Neowave -->
#185 Rockman: Battle & Fighters -->
#186 In The Hunt -->
#187 Neo XYZ -->
#188 King of Fighters XI -->
Edited by NeoStrayCat on 30. May 2016 05:06
I've never learned how to play Mahjong but sometimes thought about giving it a try. It does seem quite complicated. Quest of Jongmaster seems like the most appealing of the Neo Geo Mahjong games with some nice art and also RPG elements. Minnasan no okagesama desu looks a bit weird!

This is a good site for anyone wanting to learn how to play Mahjong arcade games:


I used to own Master of Syougi for NGCD. The rules of Shogi are quite easy to learn. Definitely worth giving it a try if you enjoy normal chess. I played it online once with another NGFL member but he won very easily every time. I'm not good at planning moves far enough in advance.
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